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Things What To Wear To Bed With Your Boyfriend

Figuring out what to wear to bed with your boyfriend and to look good in bed is easy, but to stimulate sexual tension in your man you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

What To Wear To Bed With Your Boyfriend

Men might like a reserved woman in bed, but they certainly don’t appreciate an anxious, embarrassed, uncomfortable person.

What to wear to bed with your boyfriend

Here are the best clothes to wear in bed to poke him even before touching him:

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1. Loose, draped clothes

Almost always, the first synonym used to indicate baggy clothing is “the wrong size”. But that’s not always the case.
Loose clothing can be draped to look like a kimono or a sari, making it one of the sexiest dresses a woman can wear.
A short, soft dressing gown that drapes comfortably over your body is one of the sexiest things to wear in bed.
You are not very exposed unless you bend over or lift your knee. The occasional peeks are sure to distract your man even if he’s into television or video games.

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2. Sheer shirts

The art of seduction does not imply discovering everything, but knowing how to cover up makes you believe you have seen everything.
Next time you’re getting ready for bed, wear something that reveals everything without showing anything.
A thin T-shirt or a simple transparent white shirt can excite any man.
Although some girls, like Lindsay Lohan, love to wear them all the time, you can use them while watching a movie or just to spend some time with them.
Do you want to excite him even more?
Make your nipples pop out from under the fabric and highlight your beautiful curves. He won’t be able to hold back or explain his broad smile without taking you in his arms!

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3. Alluring lingerie and lace

Don’t you want to play games? Well, there’s nothing better to wear in bed to let him know you’re thinking of something sexy.
Choose sexy lingerie in strong colors, such as red or black. Men can’t take their eyes off a mannequin wearing lingerie, do you think it could resist you?
Lace or satin lingerie immediately excites any man, as long as you know how to bend over and what expressions to make when he looks at you. You are a bomb!

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4. Soft fabrics

One of the things men love most about women is the softness of their skin. Remember the first time your boyfriend touched your back or legs?
The soft, fluffy feel of a woman’s body is exciting for any man. Remind him of what your skin is like without letting him put his hands under the shirt.
Wear pajamas made from soft fabrics like silk or satin. Each time he touches you he will want more, especially if you let him slide his hands over your curves.

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5. Costumes for role-playing games

If you want to know what to wear to bed with your boyfriend and let your man’s imagination run wild, this is the right choice.
Does your boyfriend enjoy role-playing? Or does he like specific characters from TV series or cartoons? If so, you can definitely give him a crazy night of passion and orgasms.
There is nothing sexier than making a secret fantasy come true. Dress up as his favorite character and call him from the bed.
He’ll pop out of his clothes and straighten up before you can even explain to him what you’ve been thinking!

Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid (For Him)

The first night together, sleeping embraced, the warmth of the person you love, a magical moment to be fully experienced. Yet there are mistakes that some boys unwittingly, at least hopefully, commit that just don’t go unnoticed by women.

Yes, the most in love woman in this world will not say it for you but will notice and memorize it. What to do? Avoid falling into it! Let’s see them together.

Unkempt Pajamas

Let’s face it several men don’t even notice certain details, but you are with your other half and she will. Old, unstitched, shabby, or dirty pajamas immediately catch the eye.

It’s your presentation, you can’t fail. Opt to take me simple and not praise the child in you.

Jacket and trousers in cotton or soft flannel for the colder seasons, in the warm shades of red or burgundy, or in the cold ones of blue or blue.

Unwanted Odors

Sweating sometimes plays tricks on you. Take 5 minutes for yourself in the bathroom before getting under the covers.

Your loved one will rest her cheek right there, make sure you don’t leave a bad impression on her about your personal hygiene.

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Everything Has Its Moment

Eros must not be missing; you have the opportunity! Mix sweetness and passion to go to sleep with a smile but don’t overdo it!

During the night, don’t wake her up just for your needs, she might be unwelcome and will surely mark it on the memory notebook dedicated to you.

Wait in the morning for a smile, a kiss and breakfast, afterwards you never know …

The real secret is to be calm, sweet and shower her with attention, care, and affection.

Make her laugh and feel loved and you will see that she will not only appreciate but reciprocate!

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