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How To Grow Eyelashes Overnight | 5 Quick & Easy Methods

Let me lost under your eyelashes

A lover

You must have heard the phrase about eyelashes and I am sure the lover was talking about the long eyelashes. 

Growing Long eyelashes enhances the your beauty and makes your eyes look beautiful. Getting impatient to grow your eyelashes if you have to for a party or once you see your friend’s long eyelashes is a common desire.

how to grow eyelashes
how to grow eyelashes

Long eyelashes are a piece of admiration, and everyone desires to have them. Every girl likes to reflect their beauty through long eyelashes. It compliments their makeup and makes you prettier than ever. 

The question is still the same, how to grow your eyelashes overnight, or is it possible to grow them overnight? Surprisingly some ways help you to grow your eyebrows overnight. Yes, you heard it correctly!

Using mascaras, other cosmetics, and eyelash extension is a common practice to create the impression of long eyelashes, but deep somewhere, we all crave to have long eyelashes naturally. Growing your eyelashes is possible through natural things overnight. You don’t have to be patient for months. 

How to grow eyelashes overnight?

Let’s learn to grow the eyelashes overnight step by step:


Using Latisse

It would help if you used Latisse or other growth serum on the eyelashes to grow them. Be very careful with the products that you choose. Never go for the copy products. Use the product in a smaller skin area to check whether it is suitable for your eyelashes or not! Never buy the products from any unknown portal as the products delivered may be fake. Buy only FDA-approved products for your eyelashes. The eyelashes grow in a shorter span with it.

You can check the following Product

Bella Vita Organic GrowBrow

Health.gd Review

Bella Vita Organic GrowBrow
MADE OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS EyeBrow and Lash Growth contains Castor oil, Onion oil, Amla oil, Brahmi oil, Bringraj oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower oil, Honey Vanila Fragrance
HOW TO USE Before applying the serum thoroughly clean your eyes. Make sure there are no traces of make-up or cream. Apply a thin layer of the product on the root-line of your lashes and eyebrows using the applicator brush. Leave it overnight. Use it every night before going to bed.
Top Selling Eyebrow & Lash Growth Serum for Voluminous Lashes & Eyebrows . Created By One Of Amazons Top Selling Brands In Natural Wellness & Personal Care Products – Bella Vita Organic
Easy to Use


MILD AND NATURAL EYE BROW & LASH GROWTH SERUM : It effectively Enhances Hair Growth, Strengthens Hair & Reduces Breakage, Fights Follicle Infection, Maintains voluminous eyelashes & eye brows.



Using Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is another beneficial ingredient that helps to grow eyelashes naturally. Use them over your eyelashes before going to bed every day and see the result. Apply it with cotton or fingers over your eyebrows. Apply it just before you go to sleep. You will start seeing the effects immediately. It nourishes the area and protects it from any possible external object present in the surrounding.

Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly

Health.Gd Review

petroleum jelly
It melts into the skin making it soft, smooth, and visibly healthy. This Petroleum Jelly is effective in healing dry skin, protecting minor cuts, & reducing appearance of fine lines.
Easy to Use


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly provides dry skin relief and protects minor cuts.



Using Castor and Olive Oil

Rubbing the combination of castor oil and olive all over the eyelashes gives it a thick look soon. It nourishes it and keeps the dryness away. It accelerates the growth of the eyelashes in the shortest period. Avoid using coconut or any thick oil as this oil makes the eyelashes follicles clogged.

Figaro Olive Oil Tin

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olive oil
Heart-Conscious Super-food – Boosts your health with antioxidants, MUFA and PUFA rich diet for lower cholesterol and a happier heart making it a great substitute for plain butter and ghee
Exquisite Flavour and Aroma – Experience the richness of meticulously, hand-picked olives straight from lovingly cultivated native orchards combined with the healthy goodness of Figaro olive oil
Durable, Sunlight-resistant Packaging – Metal tin packaging so you can enjoy your delicious cooking and not sweat it over broken glass hazards or sunlight spoiling your delicious olive oil
Ideal for All Types of Cooking – Figaro olive oil is an excellent all-purpose cooking oil suitable for sautéing, shallow frying or deep frying all your favourite Indian dishes
Brand Name


100 years of trusted service – Figaro as a brand has been celebrating the goodness of olive oil for over a century. You can rest assured that generations of grandparents since 1919 will vouch for the purity of Figaro



Using Egg with Oil

Mixing the oil with egg white and using it over the eyebrows make it thick. When combined with castor and olive oil, the egg white works wonders for the growth of eyelashes. You should take all three ingredients in equal amounts. Never apply it directly on the eyelashes but use it on lash lines. 


Massaging Eyelashes

Massage your eyelashes regularly with a smooth hand. Brush your eyelashes daily with the eyelash brush to give them that thick look!

What To Avoid To Grow Your Eyelashes Overnight?

Never use an eyelash curler as they break the eyelashes. Eyelash roots are fragile, and using eyelash curlers may damage them permanently.


Eyelashes make you look beautiful and, at the same time, protect your eyes from any external object. Take good care of them as natural flaunts always attract more than a fake look!

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  1. I have used dermal md eyelash serum for about 2 weeks now and I must say I am very surprised to see that it actually works! I have seen my eyelashes longer and fuller. I apply it as instructed 3-4 times a day and on clean skin (eyelids). This product is so AMAZING! even when I accidentally apply it to my eyes it does not burn or irritate. I won’t be needing fake lashes anymore!


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