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Are you interested in writing a guest post on our blog? Check the below-mentioned guidelines before submitting a guest blog on our website.

Why should you choose us for guest posting?

There are many reasons why you should publish your content with us, and we are discussing a few of the reasons below.

Content types

We allow only health and Wellness topics on our website. We write only fresh content not found anywhere on the internet, and our contents are not copied or written by any artificial intelligence. We provide our readers with only original and unique content which contains at least 1000 plus words. We do not provide duplicate content or copy content.

Website audience

Our website has an international presence. Visitors from more than 40 + countries regularly access our website, with over 90% of our website visitors coming from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom. We have a significant presence in European countries also.

Average session.

The average session a visitor spends on our website is more than 3 minutes, as per Google Analytics data. It indicates visitors love to communicate with our website for extended periods.

Instant indexing by search engines

Our published content gets instantly published by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and duckduckgo. It shows our website has good content that visitors and search engines love.

High domain authority

Our website has high domain authority as per Moz and high domain ranking as per Ahref. We are already working with many big companies, constantly motivating and collaborating to provide high-quality posts.

Guest blogging guidelines

Please read the rules carefully before submitting any guest post to our website. We will discard your post if your blog post does not meet our criteria.

Accepted topics

 we only accept the following categories for guest posting

  •  health-related topics
  •  fitness-related topics
  •  gym and yoga
  •  physical fitness and mental fitness
  •  human body parts related contents such as eyes, ear tooth, and so on
  •  Lifestyle-related topics
  •  beauty related topics
  •  pregnancy and baby care-related topics
  •  trending news that belongs to medical
  • Beauty products-related topic
  •  hospital and doctors-related information
  • Issues related to women’s health
  •  the matter about men’s health
  • Diet-related topics
  •  weight losing related topics
  • And all the other topics that cover health and Wellness

 Rejected topics

 the following categories of cases we do not allow on our website

  •  Any porn content
  • Casino and gambling contents
  •  illegal contents
  • Harassment and abusive materials
  • Any religious contents
  •  software downloads 

If your content belongs to the rejected topic, we will discard your content without a second thought.

Content criteria

  •  the content must be unique and has not been published on the internet
  •  the idea behind the content should be unique
  •  content is written using any artificial intelligence or using any rewrite will not be accepted
  • The content must be at least 1000 words
  • The content must be grammatical-error-free and spelling mistake-free 

If you accept the guidelines mentioned above, then you can contact us from the below-mentioned forms, or you can directly send us an email Here¬†[email protected]

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