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9 Ways How To Get Big Hips If Your Skinny

Beautiful hips and firm buttocks are every woman’s dream. Many people often think about how to get big hips if your skinny at home. Now we will give you a complete guide about 9 Ways how to get big hips if your skinny.

how to get big hips if your skinny

Each body is unique and individual, and not all have ideal forms.

Someone has a flat butt, but the little ones are thin, others have everything radically the other way around – the lateral muscles are highly developed, and the excess weight in the lower area interferes with emphasizing the figure.

To achieve results in the shortest possible time, you need to choose an effective training program, delve into exercises that allow you to act specifically on the “fifth point” and at the same time not pump your legs, hone your technique, understand what you need to eat, etc.

Only an integrated approach will provide visible result, and will make you smile when looking in the mirror.

Why hip health is important

All the movements of the lower limbs depend on the hip and it is therefore a priority to take care of it, strengthen it and keep its mobility as fluid as possible, especially as the years go by and if you lead a mostly sedentary life.

Adding strength to that part of the body improves the ability to move during daily activities without hesitation, while avoiding stiffeners avoid the risk that the body weight in particular over the lower back or the joints of the knee, thus affecting posture and gait. Over time, this could also lead to major injuries and injuries.

The hip pain while walking is one of the most common and can be caused by several factors.

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Why you need to work on the hip area

The question of how to build hips at home or in the gym is the most frequently asked question among women.

If we take the average man aged 25 and over as an example, then the problem area is most often the stomach. Women, on the other hand, usually complain about sagging hips and buttocks.

This is no coincidence. Fat attacks these areas primarily for purely natural and physiological reasons. Nature is trying to fence off the female reproductive system from hypothermia, so any excess fat reserves are sent to the place where the genitals are located.

Thus, women and girls are most often interested in how to pump up the hips so that the skin is elastic, the muscles are toned, and there is no fat.

9 Ways how to get big hips if your skinny

Without dwelling too much on the different problems that can affect this joint, and for which it is always good to consult your doctor, here are the 9 Ways how to get big hips if your skinny:



With this exercise, you will work the abductor of the hip. Stand up, next to a step, and placing your left foot on it, lift your right foot, being careful to maintain an upright position. Slowly lower your right hip to its full range of motion, still keeping your left leg straight.



knee of your leg to the ground at a 90-degree angle. Keeping the other leg rotated inward at the hip to activate the abductors, lift it up to form a 45-degree angle with the ground. Slowly return to the starting position, using your abs to stabilize your pelvis.

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The hip adductors stabilize the knee and help your legs to move more efficiently: muscles are so fundamental for us runners.
To strengthen them, lie on your left side, with your body in line, and place your right leg on a chair so that it forms a 45-degree angle with the floor. At this point, raise your left leg until it reaches the floor of the chair, then return to the starting position.
Do two sets of 10 repetitions on each side – once the exercise is easier for you, you can add some weight to the ankle.



This exercise increases hip mobility, coordination, and flexibility. Lie on your stomach, with your arms straight out and legs together. Now lift one leg off the ground and bring it to the other side of your body, rotating your hips until your foot touches the floor. Make sure the movement focuses on the hips rather than the lower back. Maintain the position before returning to the starting position.



With this exercise, you activate your gluteus medius, which helps your hips push while running. Lie on your left side, in a fetal position, meaning with your legs together and knees bent. Contracting your lateral abs and squeezing your glutes, slowly raise your right knee, leaving your feet together. Keep the knee raised for about 5 seconds, then return to the starting position.



The exercise should be done while sitting. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs in front of you, fold your arms into the lock. Begin to move, pushing the left and right thighs forward, squeezing and unclenching the buttocks. If it doesn’t work right away, don’t be discouraged. Success will come, the main thing is not to stop practicing.



The name speaks for itself. After fatiguing your hamstrings on isolated exercises, plate presses can be a great way to build up your hamstrings. Make sure the plate is set high enough so that you can feel the muscles stretch at the lowest point.

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This exercise strengthens both the abductors and hip adductors and works on the core. The starting position is with feet apart, hip-width apart. From this position, jump to your left, landing with your left foot as you balance your right foot behind your left leg. As you make this jump, swing your arms simulating their movement while running. Then, jump to the other side with your right foot and continue the exercise focusing on speed, control and range of motion in the arms.



To the shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds, then lower your pelvis. To increase the difficulty, perform the exercise with one leg straight and raised. Do at least three repetitions of 30 seconds each. Do this exercise to strengthen your hips, but also to develop your gluteal and lower back muscles.


Now you can start practicing your exercises to keep the hip joint healthy: for the first few times, we advise you to do them in front of a mirror, in order to check the correctness of the movement, and therefore the effectiveness of the exercise. Good workout!


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