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What Are Tongue Piercing Pros And Cons?

What Are tongue piercing pros and cons? To be completely honest, piercing has become so popular at this time that few of the representatives of today’s youth do not have such a bright, but at the same time, not quite ordinary decoration of their own body. Most of all disputes and rumors are probably caused by the piercing of the genitals or nipples, but a puncture in the tongue is also a rather controversial issue.

tongue piercing pros and cons?

Moreover, if the first options, nevertheless, are most suitable for completely extreme types, then today many people do tongue piercing, and their reasons for this can be very diverse. It is worth understanding why people do tongue piercing at all, what they like about it, whether there are contraindications, before making such a rather important decision as piercing.

Original and defiant tongue piercing

It is worth understanding what a decoration of your own body is, it is far from simple, and you will have to make this decision if you want to have such an original accessory in your mouth as a stud bar. Moreover, few people realize that tongue piercing, the consequences of which may turn out to be, to put it mildly, not pleasant, also has a secret sacred meaning.

The first such punctures were invented by the ancient tribes of the American Indians, who, with its help, carried out special rituals to reunite their divine nature with the human one.

Tongue piercing surgery is almost painless and is most often performed without the use of anesthesia or any anesthetics. However, the healing process can be quite painful. For example, you will have to switch to liquid food for a while, give up a lot of what you are used to, so you should think carefully about everything in advance before agreeing to the procedure.

However, the secret meaning of this action has been completely lost for centuries, and modern fashionistas and women of fashion are already doing tongue piercing for completely different reasons.

Each of these reasons may have its own, but the most common can be called, of course, delivering special pleasure to a partner in terms of sex, and this is an important factor that, of course, must be taken into account.

Understanding how tongue piercing is done, the pros and cons of this process must be taken into account in the very first place. First of all, so as not to get serious consequences, and they really can appear soon. It should be understood that the puncture procedure can only be carried out by a real professional in the salon. You should not go to his house or invite the master to yourself, because it is quite difficult to provide decent conditions for this process.

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Minimum age to do a piercing

In the contemporary age, tongue piercing appeared around the 80s in America, precisely in Los Angeles. Here, a woman named Elayne Angel opened a piercing studio, which was a huge success.

A few years later, tongue piercing spread all over the world, especially in Europe.

Today, it is one of the most popular with teenagers, who consider it a symbol to show off or simply as a gesture of sensuality. It is unisex but according to statistics, it is chosen more by women.

Being a practice that could have a number of consequences, it is clear that it is not suitable for everyone freely. According to bill n.308 and in particular to article 4, concerning the piercings and the prohibitions, “it is forbidden to carry out tattoos and piercings on minors under the age of eighteen, without the consent of the parent or guardian”.

How do you do it?

Before performing a tongue piercing, the appropriate studio must be carefully selected.

This is because it is very important to contact expert, competent and experienced people. In addition, he must have a qualification and equipment in accordance with the law. The cost does not have to be significant: it is better to spend a little more with the certainty of obtaining a suitable service than to save money and face unpleasant consequences.

tongue Piercing

On the day of the appointment, it is preferable to arrive with a full stomach. This is because most likely following the procedure, you will be asked to only drink fluids for a couple of days (as small bits of solid food could infiltrate your tongue and cause infections).

Once you arrive in the studio, the piercer will ask you to sit down and do a little tongue check. For example, it will evaluate the position of the veins which obviously must not be affected in the slightest when you go to pierce.

Once the most suitable point has been identified, he will mark it with a felt-tip pen and will try to hold the tongue still through an open-end forceps (forceps). Next, he punches the hole through a cannula needle, which will be pulled out when he inserts the ball-free piercing. The latter will be fixed in the final phase.

How is it done and how long does a tongue piercing heal?

To begin with, let’s figure out how the procedure itself takes place in order to know in detail what to expect. Thorough preparation is what can guarantee a good result, as well as a proper healing process.

  • In the cabin, the master must use a special clamp, which has a puncture hole.
  • He clamps the tongue in the clamp and pierces it with a special sterile needle. Moreover, it is better if the needle is disposable, so there is much less chance of catching an infection, and this is very important.
  • Next, the master, through a special hole in the needle itself, threads the stud straight into the tongue, after which both the clamp and the needle are removed.
  • After the procedure, the mouth must be rinsed with any disinfectant solution. An excellent option would be “Chlorhexidine” diluted in a ratio of one to four with water.

Around evening, the tongue will definitely swell up and you will have to put up with such an inconvenience, as this is inevitable. In different people, and depending on the quality of the tongue piercing procedure, healing can occur at different speeds. It can end in five days, or it can heal in two weeks.

Moreover, for this entire period, you will have to completely abandon hot spices, acids, and indeed, solid food. Talking in the early days is also recommended to be smaller, as you can easily injure the wound.

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Beautiful tongue piercing: healing

After the procedure has been carried out, it is imperative to understand what kind of care is needed for the tongue piercing so that everything heals as soon as possible and without the occurrence of a wide variety of problems. It is clear that a puncture in the tongue damages the main muscle, so get ready for a rather unpleasant sensation.

In addition, you need to know that the puncture should be made exclusively in the central part of your tongue, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the arteries and capillaries, stopping the blood, after which, it is quite possible that you will have to suture only, and this will completely exclude wearing any earrings.

Most likely, even after complete healing, again the master simply does not want to take on such a difficult job as piercing the tongue after stitching.

  • First of all, it is worth figuring out how to handle tongue piercing at home, and the answer to this question is quite simple. Any disinfectant and wound healing agent will do than treat tongue piercing. For example, Listerine or the same notorious Chlorhexidine would be a good choice.
  • It is necessary to rinse several times a day, despite the discomfort that is sure to be. In addition, after each drink or meal, you will also need to rinse your mouth, but you will have to refrain from brushing your teeth, it is better to use oral care solutions.
  • Since it will take a long time to take care of a tongue piercing, it is worth getting special medical supplies in advance. If you want the process to proceed smoothly at all, it is worth observing all the subtleties and nuances.

After some time, as we have already said, it may be five days, or maybe all two weeks, you will need to go to your own master, who will replace your temporary barbell with the one that you will wear constantly. It should be understood that it is impossible to put this one right away since it is much shorter and can severely injure the swollen tongue.

Piercing Care

Immediately after the piercing procedure, you need to rinse your mouth again with chlorhexidine. Healing will take place over the next 2 weeks. The final hearing will occur in a month or two. But, nevertheless, it is not recommended to pull out the jewelry for more than a day because of the high ability of the tongue to regenerate – the puncture can be delayed by the evening.

tongue Piercing Care

For the next 4-7 days after the procedure, you must rinse your mouth 5 times a day (including every time after a meal, be sure!). For rinsing, you can use chlorhexidine (in proportions with water 1: 4), calendula decoction, foto kan, Listerine, potassium permanganate solution, soda solution. It is important to ensure that rinsing is not excessive: our saliva contains special enzymes that are involved not only in digestion, but also provide Ph-balance of saliva, and have an antimicrobial effect. So, due to excessive rinsing, these enzymes can be destroyed (this will manifest itself, for example, by staining the tongue in a different color, bad breath, etc.).

It is also necessary to refrain from hard, hot, sour, and spicy foods. It is recommended to drink yogurt, warm soups, cereals, a lot of ice cream. Ice cream (you can also use ice cubes) will help reduce swelling. You can use lollipops with sage or mint – they will help with inflammatory processes in the early days.

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Cons of tongue piercing

  • If you have visited a bad specialist who does not monitor the sterility of instruments, this may threaten the transmission of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, or herpes.
  • Also, if the master does not have a medical education or extensive experience in his work, then it is quite possible that the procedure can damage the muscles or nerves of the tongue. The glossopharyngeal nerve in its composition has several types of fibers – motor, sensory. If this nerve is damaged, the following symptoms may appear loss of sensation in the back of the tongue, disturbances in the process of swallowing saliva and food, impaired mobility of the tongue, dry mouth, specific pain syndrome, and so on.
  • Wearing a piercing for a long time is fraught with damage to tooth enamel, gum tissue, an increased risk of caries, and increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Violation of diction. Sometimes the so-called “lisp” appears only in the first days after the procedure. But most often it persists for a long time, and subsequently, it can affect the bite.
  • Often develops profuse salivation (hypersalivation).
  • In the process of wearing, you can swallow or inhale the jewelry or part of it.
  • If the size of the jewelry is chosen incorrectly, then the proliferation of tongue tissues may occur, which can only be treated with surgical intervention.

Pros of tongue piercing

  • Firstly, it can be psychologically useful – it helps to get out of the comfort zone, experience new sensations, and gain new experiences.
  • Secondly, this type of piercing, despite what it considers defiant, is very easy to hide from others if necessary due to any circumstances. Actually, it is not noticeable if you do not smile widely, cover your mouth with your hand while yawning, and so on.
  • Thirdly, if you do not hide the piercing in the tongue, it always excites others, especially men. They can be “played”, which will surely attract the attention of other people.
  • It is believed that piercing in the tongue helps to achieve additional pleasant sensations during oral sex. This is true, but everything is deeply individual and depends on the sensitivity of your partner.
  • And there is one small but nice bonus for girls – during the healing of the puncture, you have to eat certain foods, and as a result, several kilograms go away during this period.


Before deciding on a tongue piercing, weigh all the pros and cons. Consider also the characteristics of your body (the presence of contraindications, the level of immunity, etc.) and lifestyle. In any case, if you find a good master, you can always try. And if you realize that there are more minutes, then you can always remove the decoration and figure out how to decorate your body in a more suitable way for you.


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