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5 Best Primer For Big Pores And Oily Skin IN 2022

What is the best primer for big pores in 2022? Today we answer these questions, identifying the best face primers for each skin type and analyzing them both for effectiveness and for the quality of the ingredients.

best primer for big pores

5 Best Primer For Big Pores



NYX face primer is a professional, silicone-free product that prepares the skin for makeup by smoothing, hydrating, and protecting it. In addition to this, it fills in the lines and covers pimples and other imperfections, giving your face a young and fresh look. The light and soft finish absorb easily without leaving a trace. In addition, it adapts to your complexion making a natural look.
NYX mattifying face primer creates a thin layer on the skin that prepares it for use with other products, thus preventing makeup from penetrating the pores and dehydrating the cells.
It will help you fill in the fine lines that form around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. This is also why it has received so many positive reviews from users.
Contains skin-safe ingredients and is silicone-free. These are natural extracts that relieve redness and blemishes and give the skin shine.
Once applied, this clear face primer will adapt to your complexion. The finish will be matte, smooth, and natural.
Customer Satisfaction
Product Quality


Thanks to its features, it will allow you to show off perfect makeup all day long, without the need for retouching.
The primer absorbs very quickly and is not greasy. You can apply your make-up immediately after application, without wasting time.
The effect lasts very long: just one application is enough to enjoy flawless makeup all day long. Its quality, in addition to being confirmed by the thousands of positive reviews, is given by the fact that this is a professional product, also used by the models of the most famous magazines before a photoshoot.

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2. Benefit Cosmetics Professional Face Primer

Benefit Cosmetics is a California-based cosmetics company that includes skincare products, and cosmetics of various kinds.
Primer Benefit the Professional is one of the most famous face primers in the USA and is proposed as the perfect ally against pores and expression lines.
It promises optimal make-up resistance until the evening. The packaging is original and captivating and comes in the classic plastic tube on which we find retro images of great feminine appeal in the early 70s style.
The finish of this makeup primer is flesh-colored, light, and creamy, suitable for all complexions and even for slightly oily skin.
The ingredients are essentially similar to those of a foundation (we find several silicones) with a positive note in the presence of a derivative of vitamin E, effective to counteract the damage of free radicals. 
The fragrance is delicate and slightly citrusy. The primer can be used as a cream (absorbs quickly) and once applied to the face it is completely colorless, leaving the skin smooth for a long time, without drying.
The finish on the skin is imperceptibly satin since, on the one hand, the silicones allow the skin to be silky and fill the dilated pores, the coloring gives a luminous effect and the final sensation is of great softness.
This face primer is a 2 in 1, as it is used as a base before make-up, and as a retouch throughout the day.
I said that it is particularly valid for oily skin, and for those who have problems managing the T-zone, as it mattifies and tightens very dilated pores. Beware of dry skin, because it is a type of texture that tends to mark dry areas, and therefore should be used where it is needed.
The smoothing effect is there, and this is the typical smoothing primer and a lot of silicone, which not everyone likes. But overall it is a performing and effective face primer, ideal for solving and controlling all the small problems that tend to affect the final result of our make-up.

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3. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Pore Filler Blurring Primer

Give your makeup a perfect, long-lasting finish with NYX PORE FILLER professional face primer. Thanks to its light consistency, it is very easily absorbed, without greasing. Unlike others, it adapts to your complexion in the best way and makes the skin color uniform, hiding or alleviating wrinkles and various imperfections.
NYX primer effectively fixes makeup, keeping it perfect and intact for much longer, with no need to touch up over the course of the day. It will allow you to enjoy perfect makeup, able to resist your rhythms in the best way.
Vitamin E, contained in the formula of this primer, slows down the aging of cells, protects them from UV rays, and allows them to renew themselves. Using it, you will not only get perfect make-up that stays intact for a long time, but you will nourish the skin of your face in depth.
Its light color, practically neutral, does not interfere with the natural color of your skin. Makes the complexion uniform, maintaining a natural finish. Despite its affordable price, it performs like the best primer for big pores- its quality doesn’t disappoint.
since it regulates sebum production, it guarantees the perfect balance between the type of skin you have and the type of makeup you use. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy perfect make-up, which does not need retouching and lasts much longer. In addition, its ingredients fill and significantly reduce enlarged pores and its mattifying effect is truly exceptional.
Not only is it formulated to treat oily skin, but it is also a perfect primer for dry skin, thanks to the vitamin E and the hydration it ensures. You won’t find another cheap product that guarantees such good results.
This is the best budget face primer of 2022 that has already satisfied thousands of users, as the reviews show. Don’t hesitate to make it your final choice.

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4. Rimmel Lasting Matte Primer, 30 ml

The MATTER PRIMER hydrates your skin and effectively mitigates blemishes. You can use it and enjoy its benefits, even if you don’t intend to wear makeup after applying it. Its silicone-free formula, free of any other harmful ingredients, leaves a feeling of freshness after application. Thanks to its light consistency it is easily absorbed and leaves a matte effect on the skin, ideal for all skin types, even for oily ones.
It is a high-quality primer that gives the facial skin a uniform and smooth appearance before applying makeup. This effect will last for 9 hours straight: you won’t have to worry about retouching because the make-up will stay flawless all the time.
RIMMEL LONDON face primer can perfectly mask blemishes. It is a wrinkle filler and hides blemishes and various blemishes.
It will give you a fresh and silky look and the skin will have a nice matte finish. It is ideal for oily skin, as it helps block pore secretion, eliminates shine, and provides a cleansing sensation throughout the day.
Its formula helps the skin stay well hydrated and gives a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. You will always appear rested and vital.
Not only meant to be used before makeup but can also be applied alone. You will enjoy its filling, soothing and moisturizing qualities and you will look naturally beautiful even without makeup.
Whatever type of foundation or makeup you use, the final result will be excellent, as opinions also confirm. The effect lasts for 9 hours. It should be emphasized that it is the product with the most affordable quality-price ratio of 2022.

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5. e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer

Studio Primer Mineral Infused stands out for its formula very rich in beneficial minerals for the skin. These quickly reduce all facial skin blemishes with one simple application. It closes open pores, is a filler for fine wrinkles, and soothes redness caused by pimples or some skin reaction.
Thanks to this primer, you will be able to distribute the make-up evenly to obtain a professional and defined finish. Helps prepare your facial skin to extend the life of your makeup throughout the day.
Smoothes fine lines on the face and reduces enlarged pores to form a barrier against cracking and dryness. This makes your face appear soft and velvety.
Counteracts redness and smooths out the complexion. It will help you to effectively mitigate facial imperfections.
The formula includes calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and fruit extracts. These are ingredients that give you a smooth, uniform, and silky texture. It will be very easy to apply and will not leave any traces on the face. For this reason, it is one of the primers that has gotten the best reviews from its users.
Just press the top of the bottle to obtain a sufficient quantity of product to spread on the face, without waste.
It also reduces the production of sebum, which makes it a perfect primer even for oily skin, regardless of its pH. Not for nothing, it is one of the best primers for big pores of 2022.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Primer For Big Pores

Face primers are applied before makeup and serve both to protect the skin and to allow the makeup to set and last all day. The best product for you must be suitable for your complexion and skin type, but not only. There are many factors to consider before choosing a face primer that is perfect for you: we introduce them to you below.

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Skin type

It is important that you take your skin into account before choosing a primer so that you don’t have any nasty surprises. There are some face primers formulated to deeply moisturize and these are suitable for dry skin.

Others regulate the production of sebum, which risks interfering with make-up, causing it to dissolve over the course of the day, and are more suitable for oily skin.


In addition to being oily, combination, or dry, the skin can be light or dark. Some primers have a light or dark tone because they have to cover imperfections making the skin homogeneous. In this case, it is necessary to choose the color that is in line with your complexion, so that the result is as natural as possible. Alternatively, you can choose neutral face primers, which do not interfere with the complexion, relieve blemishes, and are good for any skin type.


Face primers can be available in cream, drops gel, and many other formats. You have to choose the ideal one for you not only based on your preferences but also based on your skin type. Gels, for example, have a liquid and very light consistency, are easily absorbed, and are non-greasy. They are suitable for oily skin precisely for these characteristics.

The creams have an oilier texture and are absorbed more slowly. This is why they are suitable for dry skin. The drops, in liquid format, are very easily absorbed and, usually, they are the primers that act at a deep level of the dermis, acting not only as a primer but also as an anti-aging, moisturizing, protective, stimulating cream, etc.


We advise you to prefer face primers with an applicator or dispenser. Those with a pump, those with a dropper, or all formats that allow you to take a certain amount of product at a time, are recommended because they form exactly the amount of primer you need to cover the whole face. This not only reduces waste but allows you to have a better result.

If, for example, you abound with a cream primer, you could find yourself with an oily layer on the skin, which is slow to absorb and which makes it impossible to apply a foundation that will be just as oily. In this case, you should rinse everything out, wasting time and product. Not quite ideal, is it?

Ready to look flawless?

These are the best primer for big pores of 2022, the ones that guarantee you quality, durability, safety, and 100% satisfaction. They are not only concerned with making your makeup look smooth but they are also concerned with your skin and this is a very good reason to prefer them to other products. Choose without fear: once you have tried one – whatever it is – you will never want to do without it.

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Should the face primer be used before makeup?

Yes, the primer should be used as a makeup base, so it is applied as a base for any makeup. However, it can be preceded by a moisturizer or wrinkle cream.

Thing contains a first glimpse?

Typically, the formula of a face primer contains elasticizing, revitalizing, filler, and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. To meet different skin needs, the cosmetics industry has created specific primers for each skin type and complexion.

Is the face primer tinted?

Some primers change the color of the complexion while others act only on the texture of the skin. Some formulations have both functions, but generally, the best primer for big pores that act on the complexion are ideal for skins that do not have major defects to correct and contain pigments that, due to an optical effect, rebalance the skin tones.

Is the face primer moisturizing?

The moisturizing primer like cream does not exist, however, we can find formulas capable of not drying the skin. In the list, we have seen at least a couple of primers perfectly suited to moisturize even the driest skin.

Can the face primer act as anti-aging?

As we have seen in the list, almost all primers try to insert antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients in the formula. However, the anti-aging effect is absolutely not comparable to a good level anti-wrinkle cream. Perhaps only 1 of the primers I mentioned in the ranking can be defined as a true anti-aging primer.


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