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6 Best Clippers For Black Men’s Hair – Reviews By Expert

Best clippers for black men’s hair are a very practical and versatile tool since today they also include tools for the care of other areas of the body and face.

The aesthetic aspect does not only help with the image we give to others and in social relationships, but also improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

best clippers for black men's hair

If you are worried about your image and want to remove hair and facial hair, the hair clipper can become your great ally.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know to buy the best hair clipper for your needs and compare some of the best products on the market.

6 best clippers for black men’s hair

This category contains hair clippers designed for home use. What does this mean? We obviously don’t need a lot of power to do a haircut periodically.

Moreover, such gadgets do not imply the creation of edging.

That is, they do not fulfill the tasks of a beard trimmer, since more productive solutions are needed to fulfill the set goal.

Nevertheless, we have taken care of the convenience of the readers. Therefore, we have collected gadgets that are lightweight and have an ergonomic bodies. 6 best clippers for black men’s hair are given below:

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1. Panasonic ER-GC71 model

The rating of professional hair clippers is replenished by the Panasonic ER-GC71 model, which can operate on battery power for 50 minutes.
The problem is that it takes about 8 hours to restore the battery.
This is definitely not an ideal solution for commercial use. But for home use, finding a more convenient device is extremely difficult.
The advantages of this line include support for 38 settings, the minimum step of which is 0.5 millimeters. The blades are made of stainless steel with excellent dusting.
The sharpening angle is 45 degrees. It is also worth noting the presence of light indication and adjustment of the gadget for any network voltage.

Main Features:

  • Hair clipper and beard trimmer for beard, hair, and body care
  • Water-resistant washable body
  • Can be used with or without cable
  • 38 cutting lengths from 1 to 20 mm (without accessory: 0.5 mm) for precision cutting
  • Japanese stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic design with easy grip
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2. Panasonic er1431 Hair Clipper

The Panasonic ER131 series model, like the previous household clipper, supports operation from the mains and the battery.
In the set, you can find 2 attachments, by means of which it is fashionable to adjust 4 lengths.
The design has an excellent charging indicator. The blades in this gadget are made of stainless steel. The model weighs around 130 grams.
Regarding autonomy, here it is necessary to note 40 minutes of work without charging the device. The long life of the blades is due to the use of a 45-degree sharpening angle.
If you decide to use the device without using attachments, the minimum cut level is 1 millimeter.
body of this gadget is made of high-quality materials, does not slip into the hand

Main Features:

  • Carbon and titanium coated blade adjustable for different cutting lengths
  • Battery charge indicator with three-level LED
  • Tapered X blade, to reduce residual short hair by about 40%
  • Length without comb from 0.8 to 2 mm with 5 rejects of 0.3 mm

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3. Cortapelos Braun HC5010

Higher class Hair Clip HC5010 from Braun. The stylish appliance has excellent detail quality. The sealed housing allows you to flush an inexpensive but good clipper right under tap water.
The advantages of the device include a special Memory Safetylock shaver system, which can memorize the last settings. It is convenient for home use.
Another plus is the DualBattery system, which guarantees stability in terms of rpm, making it easy to cut with your own hands.
A total of 8 hair length settings are implemented. There is a comb attachment.

Main Features:

  • Electric beard razor designed and manufactured in Germany by Braun
  • All-in-one men’s beard trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance compared to previous generations of Braun beard rule; and with 85% less plastic than the packaging of the previous range of trimmers
  • 6-in-1 men’s hair clipper and face trimmer for men’s shaving
  • NiMH battery that offers 40 minutes of trimming on an 8-hour charge; 25% improved battery compared to previous models
  • Hairbrush with long-lasting sharp blades and 13 length settings for optimal styling precision
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4. Panasonic ER-1611

The Panasonic ER-1611 hair clipper and beard trimmer is a tool with a classic, long-limbed, and practical design.
Thanks to the presence of linear motor technology, the cutting and shaving force is fast and always constant, without friction.
The X-taper Blade is coated in resistant materials suitable to guarantee efficiency and accuracy in cutting.
The possibility to choose between six selectable lengths allows you to guarantee versatility and satisfy everyone’s needs. It is a tool suitable to be carried even on the road thanks to its battery operation for considerable autonomy of use.

Main Features:

  • It cuts with constant force thanks to linear motor technology
  • X-taper Blade coated in carbon fiber and titanium
  • Cutting length adjustment with 5 levels from 0.8 to 2.0 mm
  • One hour of charging for approximately 50 minutes of cordless operation
  • short size from 3 to 4mm, medium size from 6 to 9mm, long size from 12 to 15mm
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5. Wahl Professional 5-Star

The Wahl Detailer 5 Star Series razor is a product of tradition and reliability. In fact, among the first producers, Wahl ranks among the best companies.
The Wahl hair clipper is in fact a professional product equipped with a 38 mm long blade with which it will be possible to move easily for a more accurate and defined shave.
It is also equipped with a Wahlt-Blade precision head, with the possibility of activating the Zero Overlap function for extremely shortcuts.
It is precise and ideal for trimming contours and for the most difficult cuts, finishing jobs.
The blade is specially developed to refine the contours and details of the beard, mustache, and to remove ear hair.
It is small and ergonomic. The Wahl Detailer 5 Star Series razor has a design designed to offer the best comfort and the best grip to the user. It is a light instrument, weighs just one hundred and ninety grams, and allows you to move quickly and quickly during the performance.

Main Features:

  • 5,000 rpm motor.
  • Cutting length 0.4 mm
  • Cutting width 10 mm
  • Blade width 32 mm
  • Mains voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • 3 combs of different sizes: 1.5 mm, 4.5 mm, and 3 6 mm
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6. Panasonic ER 1411 s Hair clipper

The ergonomic and rounded outer body of the Panasonic hair clipper allows for better handling.
Equipped with a chromed stainless steel blade, with rounded tips, it allows you to reach the most critical areas and not to irritate the skin.
Powerful and ultra-light, it is equipped with 3 combs for cuts of different lengths (up to 18 mm), a brush for cleaning and lubricating oil. The battery has an autonomy of 80 minutes.

Main Features:

  • Thanks to the rounded tips it particularly prevents skin irritation
  • Chrome / stainless steel blade with rounded tips, which prevents skin irritation and allows …
  • Rounded, ergonomic outer body for perfect handling

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If you have not yet made a conclusion for yourself on how to choose a hair clipper, we recommend that you pay attention to the following parameters:

Motor power . This parameter directly affects the performance and scope of the technique. So, for example, devices up to 10 W are suitable for fine, thin hair of children.

Up to 20W can be used for regular use by men. More than 20 W can be used, including for edging beards and mustaches, for trimming curly and split ends.

Knife material

Inexpensive models are equipped with knives that are quickly dull. More expensive models use powder-coated stainless knives, ceramics, and titanium.

The last option is the most durable and convenient. True, you will have to overpay for such a pleasure.

The number of adjustments

As practice shows, in a domestic environment, no more than 4 measurements are used. For professional use, the step can be up to 1 millimeter with several dozen-length settings.

Blade Shape

Major manufacturers offer fine-serrated blades in either W- or X-shape. Such devices cope with short hair.

Budget counterparts do not lift small hairs well enough, which is why they cope with the tasks posed worse.


The more often the machine is used, the more significant this factor becomes. Professionals know how quickly hands get tired from vibrating large models.

It is important that the gadget is lightweight and easy to use, and for this, it must have an ergonomic body with low weight.


There can be many of them, but this does not mean a wide scope of application of the technique. In some models, 2 attachments with a wide range of cutting length adjustment can replace counterparts with 5-6 accessories. The optimal range is from 3 to 35 millimeters.

Additional functions

Among the most useful options are automatic cleaning, Turbo mode, charging indicator and backlight.

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Power type

Budget models operate on the mains (regardless of their purpose). Expensive household and professional counterparts operate on battery power.

The second option involves the choice of one of two types of batteries. It should be borne in mind that lithium-ion batteries charge faster, they only hold a charge.

Nickel-metal hydride analogs are worse, but for some reason, many premium manufacturers do not refuse them.

Often two such batteries are installed. Unfortunately, we do not know the reason. As for the capacity, a lot depends on the power of the motor.

It’s easier to focus on the charging time and autonomy, which is necessarily indicated by the developer in the description.


Finding the best product is certainly not easy as Net Hair Clippers are sold by many brands But if you pay attention to the researched tests or trial reviews, you will make a good selection.

Because in the end, no one can decide for you which product yours should. So it is important to look at the ratings and reviews from different sources.

By the way, you can also check out the best lists of established trade magazines and their online presence, which are constantly updated.

There too there are many tips and information about Mesh Hair Clippers and the best test results. It is best to look at the current year rankings to make sure that the product is still available in the desired form.

Reputable magazine editors often run their own tests so you can benefit from their expertise.


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