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What Happens To A Tattoo When You Lose Weight

What happens to a tattoo when you lose weight?

Before going to a tattoo parlor, many people wonder what will happen to the tattoo if they want to lose weight or, conversely, gain weight.

A change in body weight is a standard age-related change for every second person.
Experts say that you should not be afraid of this.

We should follow Some recommendations and rules for tattoos to remain a spectacular wearable decoration after losing weight.

what happens to a tattoo when you lose weight

What happens to a tattoo when you lose weight

What will happen to the tattoo?

We believe that the pattern can be severely deformed, provided that a person quickly gained 15–20% of their weight.

If your weight increases gradually, the visible changes will be minimal: plus a few millimetres will neither play any role nor spoil the appearance.

Why does it happen?

A sudden change in body weight is a stress for the body. If you quickly lose weight, stretch marks will undoubtedly appear in the most vulnerable places, which cause deformation of the tattoo.

If the fat is distributed evenly with a gradual weight gain, the skin does not suffer. Creases and sagging are also possible, which distort the symmetry and proportions. The pattern does not change for the better, and, following the skin, it shrinks in size.

Experienced tattooists say that compositions made in the style of realism or 3D technique suffer the most.

The slightest deviation from the original sketch shows that the tattoo on a thinner body looks unattractive and ridiculous.

It would be best if you were especially careful with portraits. You will lose weight, and the correct lines will eventually become zigzags, which will spoil the composition’s whole character.

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What happens to a tattoo when you lose weight

Preferred Place for tattoo

  • scapula;
  • wrist;
  • clavicle;
  • ankle;
  • forearm;
  • shoulder.

Girls are strongly discouraged from getting tattoos on the abdomen, chest, and buttocks because their skin will stretch in any case after childbirth. 

Guys who want to build biceps and triceps don’t have to worry. The increase in volume occurs due to increased muscles, while the skin does not suffer. Accordingly, the tattoo will remain safe and sound. Only small stretches in the armpit area are possible with very intense training.

Girls and guys who actively visit the gym should consider that they should give their skin some time to recover after applying a tattoo. 

The drawing will heal more slowly and worse if the body is exhausted with exhausting workouts in the first 10-15 days.

Sweat is one of the main enemies of a new tattoo. 

Secondly, the final result of the work depends on how you take care of the damaged area at first. The tattoo stays with you for life, so you should pay special attention to it at the healing stage.

In case of deformation of the tattoo, you can always correct or redo the sketch over time. 

To protect yourself from unpleasant changes with tattoos, choose sketches of small sizes. 

A complex composition is easier to spoil with one wrong move. 

Also, try not to draw on open areas of the body. Give preference to areas that you can hide under clothing in winter and summer. If you decide to lose weight, no one will notice what happened to your tattoo.

Deformation of a tattoo is a change in the pattern under the influence of any factors. 

And most often, time and physiological changes in the body act as these same factors. 

But be that as it may, in the end, you may experience the fact that the tattoo is no longer an ornament on your body but, on the contrary, becomes a “thorn”.

 In this case, fixing the tattoo, covering it up, or, in extreme cases, removing it will help. But don’t be afraid. Not everything is so scary. Such a problem may not affect someone, but for someone, the changes will be so insignificant that it will not be necessary to pay attention to such trifles.

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How will the tattoo change with a change in body weight

If your weight changes dramatically up or down, the probability of tattoo deformation is 90%, mainly if applied to the so-called risk zone.

What parts of the body belong to such zones? 

In women, these are the hips, abdomen and chest. 

And here, there is a significant risk that after giving birth, the tattoo will no longer be the same as before. 

Most likely, it will stretch or warp. If you lose or gain weight, the skin will have time to get into shape. Then there is no significant risk for the tattoo.

It is worth noting that certain tattoos are more susceptible to deformation. 

These are drawings made in the style of realism, which includes portraits and a large number of curved lines. 

Specialized craftsmen consider the most “safe” places: the wrist, head, ear and feet. 

Tattoos in these areas do not tolerate modifications, even with a sharp change in body weight.

How does a tattoo change over time?

Whether your tattoo will change after 5 or 10 years depends on several factors: the quality of the paint, the abundance of ultraviolet radiation, and, of course, the individual characteristics of the skin.

 As a rule, the pattern becomes paler over time, and thin stripes or lines may disappear altogether. It is due to the removal of paint from a thin layer of skin. 

In such a case, the deformation of the tattoo is quite simply eliminated. You can restore the tattoo in any salon where you will update the drawing. 

For many of us, tattoos and strength training go hand in hand.

They immediately bring to mind the image of a classic strongman, a kind of “badass” – a warrior. These concepts are brutal and demanding, but they have one common goal – to make your body the way you want it to be!

However, such a body transformation goes beyond physical aesthetics. When you play sports and get tattoos, it is always connected with something not visible. A powerful, muscular body can show health, strength, and attractiveness to others, but many of us see what is hidden: perseverance, struggle and dedication.

The tattooed body exhibits the same qualities and a few additional ones. Whether it’s a tattoo or a body like Vin Diesel, you pridefully show off your results, and you have earned them!

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