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11 Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men {Complete Buying Guide}

Here we will give you a complete guide about the best beard trimmer for black men in 2021. A beard trimmer is an indispensable tool for those who want to take care of the beard and mustache because it allows you to adjust them to the length you prefer, obtaining a professional effect even at home, without always having to go to the barber. Let’s find out which are the best this year, how to choose them and how to use them correctly.

best beard trimmer for black men

11 Best Beard Trimmer For Black Man

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1. Philips Series 5000 BT5200 / 16

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly beard trimmer, we recommend the Philips Series 5000 BT5200 / 16.
The minimum cut of this device is 0.4 mm, perfect for those who want the classic beard with a scruffy effect, as well as useful for emulating the razor effect if you want to completely shave your head.
In total, however, we have 17 cutting positions available with progressive steps of 0.2 mm. The maximum cut with the regulator comb inserted reaches 10 mm in length, a very common value for the latest generation beard trimmers.
The Philips Series 5000 BT5200 / 16 can also be used with a cable, although the cordless function is recommended for easier handling.
The battery of this product has an average duration of 60 minutes for a one-hour charge, an excellent value considering the low price of the product.
The blades do not require lubrication and, for a more accurate and faster cleaning, the beard trimmer is underwater.

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2. Braun BT5070 Men’s Beard Trimmer

The Braun BT5070 is the ideal product for those who want to speed up maintenance times. The blades of this beard trimmer, in fact, detach from the body with a simple click, allowing you to brush them more easily and with greater precision.
Furthermore, again to speed up cleaning operations, the blades of the Braun BT5070 are completely waterproof!
This beard trimmer has a cutting width of about 30 mm, on the average of this type of appliance, but is also equipped with a snap trimmer to define the contours.
Thanks to this function, therefore, the Braun BT5070it is an excellent solution for those who have to adjust and care for a goatee or a shaped beard.
The minimum cut without comb is 0.5 mm for a perfect regrowth effect, while with the supplied extensions, it is possible to adjust up to 20 mm (first comb 1-10 mm, second comb 10-20 mm).
The battery of the Braun BT5070 has an autonomy of 40 minutes but has the great advantage of completing the charge in just one hour. Not to mention that, even with a flat battery, this beard trimmer can be used as an alternative via a power outlet.

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3. Philips BT5200/16 Series 5000 Beardtrimmer

The Philips BT5206 / 16 beard trimmer is considered the model with the best quality/price ratio, an ideal example for those who wear a homogeneous and not too long beard.
Thanks to a closed lift comb, the Philips BT5206 / 16 allows you to quickly adjust the cut of the beard up to 7 mm in maximum length. The cutting range, however, is very wide and is adjusted in steps of 0.2 mm, to vary your look with different sizes.
The minimum cut, therefore without the comb inserted, starts from 0.4 mm, which is the minimum on the market, perfect for those looking for the regrowth effect of the day after.
The Philips BT5206 / 16 can be used both with cable and battery, which, thanks to the lithium-ion technology, allows you to have up to 50 minutes of autonomy for a single hour of recharging.
The Philips BT5206 / 16 is an easy-to-maintain beard trimmer: the blades do not need to be lubricated, and the product is completely waterproof.

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4. Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

The Remington MB4700 beard trimmer is the ideal product for those who love shades. This model has all the features offered by modern beard trimmers, but in addition to the others, it offers a wide choice of cutting sizes.
It has 175 different cutting lengths. This feature makes it suitable for cutting beards and mustaches, creating shades and styles that cannot be obtained with most of the models on the market.
As for the other features, the Remington MB4700 has a cutting length ranging from a minimum of 0.4 to a maximum of 18 mm.
In addition, this model turns on when it senses contact with the hand. The battery is of the best type of lithium and has an autonomy of 50 minutes, with a recharge of 4 hours.

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5. Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Trimmer

 The Wahl brand has developed a multifunctional electric razor for men, which allows you to obtain very variable results and customize your appearance down to the smallest detail.
With interchangeable heads and a sturdy structure, this Wahl 9818 shaver will allow you to achieve good results thanks to its lithium-ion battery and multiple regulating combs.
It includes many accessories and cutting elements, which guarantee impressive results that will allow you to change your appearance without any inconvenience.
It is a professional electric razor made of stainless steel, rechargeable, and cordless, offering incredible autonomy and good cutting power.
This Wahl 9818 is one of the most relevant professionals in the world of haircutting and personal care.
This trimmer demonstrates the reach level of the Wahl brand by providing a device whose interchangeable heads allow you to achieve different results when cutting.
Charges effectively in as little as 1 hour, with double the clipping power at all times. This Wahl 9818 shaver allows you to switch between 3 different heads, making your selection possibilities during your shaves really wide.

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6. Hatteker Beard Trimmer

Hatter beard and hair trimmer is a product that has a variety of features that can meet the needs of men.
If you are planning to shorten your hair and trim your beard with the utmost simplicity and efficiency, then this is the product for you.
Depending on the look you prefer, you can choose to adjust the length. In fact, it has a regulator that varies from 1 mm to 16 mm with 1mm steps.
You can also use it in combination with other products such as gels, foams, and conditioners. It is also resistant to wet, so you will also have the possibility to shave in the shower without the danger of compromising the product.
As for the battery, it also has excellent characteristics. In fact, it has an autonomy of 60 minutes for every 90 minutes of recharging.
Another thing not to be underestimated is the LCD display that allows you to support yourself by warning you when the battery is low, and therefore it’s time to put the beard and hair rule on charge.
It must be said that the value of money is very good. Just think that there are many alternatives that this product offers.
It guarantees the possibility of cutting the hair and adjusting the beard but also shaving in other parts of the body.

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7. Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7200

Anyone looking for a cutting experience like never before will greatly benefit from this device.
The Philips Norelco vacuum beard trimmer is designed to provide an incredibly clean trimming experience.
Now you can say goodbye to the clutter caused by most cutting devices. This one cuts perfectly without causing all of that.
Trust the final result to get back on your feet. The result is not the only fascinating thing here. It uses a very cultured finishing process.
Thanks to a built-in vacuum system, powerful suction technology is used here. It captures the hair that is clipped during the trimming process, thus eliminating the mess that usually accompanies grooming as a whole.
Then, thanks to its revolutionary lift and cut technology, this device simply guides the hair to the level of the blades themselves.
The result is a flawless and complete cut. There is no need to go over the same area multiple times to get that smooth look.
In addition, the blades are designed so that haircutting is efficient and effortless. They are also double-sharpened to cut more hair at one time and get a faster cut.

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8. Panasonic ER1611

If you are looking for a beard trimmer that also acts as a professional hair clipper, we recommend the Panasonic ER 1611 K, which we consider to be one of the best beard trimmers of this type ever.
This device stands out for its exceptional power: it reaches 10,000 rpm, practically double the average of the other beard trimmers on the market.
The blades have a particular carbon and titanium coating, and, in addition to being particularly sharp, they are also delicate on all skin types.
The cutting width of the Panasonic ER 1611 K is 46 mm, ideal for a quick cut of beard and hair but not very suitable for carefully finishing a goatee or a shaped beard.
The Panasonic ER 1611 K can be used with or without a comb: the blades have a cutting range of 0.8-2 mm in 5 positions, while the regulating combs offer the following sizes: 3-4 mm, 6-9 mm, 12-15 mm.
These combs are of the interlocking type, which guarantees fast work and a perfectly homogeneous cut. The Panasonic ER 1611 K can be used both with and without cable, and the autonomy/recharge ratio corresponds to 50 minutes of use for one hour of charging.

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9. Philips BG5020 / 15

The Philips BG5020 / 15 is an excellent body groom much chosen also for its competitive price.
This model only has one head which can be used with 3 different combs, one 3, one 5, and one 7mm.
In addition, this model is delivered, including an extension used to shave the most difficult areas of the back. With one hour of recharging, you have one hour of continuous shaving. Furthermore, we point out that this model uses a hypoallergenic head with blunt tips, particularly gentle on the skin.
The Philips BG502015 can also be used in the shower, a feature much appreciated by users.

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10. Braun CruZer 6 Precision

The Braun Cruzer 6 Precision trimmer is the best of the cheapest ones, an ideal accessory to define the contours of the beard or to create a goatee with extreme precision.
The camera body is very light and easy to handle, with a simple power button as the only function.
The Braun Cruzer 6 Precision runs on a supplied AAA battery, which can also be replaced with a rechargeable battery of your choice.
The Braun Cruzer 6 Precision not only defines but can also adjust to 5 and 8mmthanks to the two combs supplied.
Don’t think of it as a real beard trimmer, but it’s excellent for taking care of difficult details like the mustache, where a clipper often struggles.
The Braun Cruzer 6 Precision goes very well with a more voluminous hair clipper, which does not allow you to refine the details. The head can be removed and rinsed under the tap.

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11. Philips MG1100 / 16

Searching among the various finishers, we identified the Philips MG1100 / 16 as the one with the best quality/price ratio.
This device allows you to finish a beard with a shaped cut or a goatee with absolute precision.
It is, therefore, a perfect accessory to combine with a hair clipper. Included are two distinct heads: one with blades to define the contour and adjust the length of the beard, while the second consists of a real mini-razor to emulate the razor effect.
The beard is adjusted using three combs supplied, which respectively allow a length of 1, 3, and 5 mm.
The Philips NT3160 / 10 powers itself viaAA battery supplied, but you can also buy a rechargeable battery with an amperage of your choice.
For quicker and easier maintenance, the blades do not need to be lubricated, but above all, they can be rinsed under the tap.

How to choose the best beard trimmer for black men?

The comparison between ten models of beard trimmers from the best brands has already allowed us to have an idea of ​​the important features to keep an eye on when choosing the best beard trimmers for the different needs and types of facial hair.

Here is now the real buying guide, with the list and analysis of the elements to take into consideration before buying a beard trimmer online or in physical stores.


An element to definitely take into consideration before buying a beard trimmer is its structure, i.e., the size and weight of the different models.

Since this is a device that we will have to hold in our hands for a period that can also belong, the beard trimmer must be light and ergonomic.


Regarding the dimensions, the machine body can be rectangular or cylindrical, with a narrower base than the area where the blades and the cutting system are located; the presence of elements in rubber or other material can improve ergonomics, especially if you choose to use an anti-slip material.

This element can be particularly important if you choose a model to use in the shower, where it is easier for the trimmer to slip.

The cutting system that is the actual head of the various devices usually has a standard size of 30 mm. As we have seen in the comparison between models of the best brands, it is possible that a narrower head, also called a trimmer, is inserted inside the package, which is more easily able to reach small areas of the face.


As for the weight, it is always optimal to choose a model that oscillates between 100 and 200 grams so as not to become uncomfortable to maintain; weight information is always available in the technical data sheet of the beard trimmers.

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Together with the combs, the blades are the most important element of a beard trimmer: the material they are made determines their quality and durability, a fundamental characteristic when buying a mid-range beard trimmer or a professional beard trimmer.

In addition to being safer and more performing, superior quality blades are able to adjust the length of the beard more precisely and decisively, but also to be effective in points that are not always easy to reach.

In addition to the materials, it will also be necessary to take into account the shape and arrangement of the blades on the head, as well as their possible inclination.

The blades can be made with different materials: ceramic, stainless steel, carbon, and titanium. Of these four materials, ceramic can withstand high temperatures well, but it is the most delicate. Sturdy and resistant, on the other hand, is titanium, but also carbon and stainless steel; steel blades are also self-sharpening, so they can last longer than those made with other materials.

The cutting width of the blades instead means the width of the head and the space between one blade and the other inside the head: as we have already indicated when talking about the dimensions, usually the cutting width is standard and measures 30 mm, with the possibility of using smaller heads for more limited areas of the face. A few examples? Above or below the chin, around the goatee, or in the jaw area.

Cutting settings

Depending on the type of beard and the effect you want to achieve with the beard trimmer, you will need to take into account the cutting settings of the different models, both in consideration of the minimum and maximum length and in relation to the interval or range of values that it’s possible to use.

We have seen in the product comparison that most quality beard trimmers start from a minimum of 0.4mm to a maximum of 20mm, going through a series of intermediate lengths. While the minimum and maximum length is a fairly standard value for all models, the range of available lengths is instead a variable element.

Some beard trimmers have, in fact, a range of cutting lengths that includes only two or three options, while others can even have more than 50. It is not certain that a model with many options is better than a more “basic” one.

The difference is making the use you want to make of it. If, for example, you want to blend your beard or hair, you will certainly need a beard trimmer that includes many cut and length settings.


  • The type and number of combs included in the beard trimmer is a feature to be taken into consideration because different types of combs are available on the market, each with its pros and cons.
  • The combs can, in fact, be of four different types: fixed, snap, with open lift and closed lift.
  • The combs fixed are only good for a distance. They must be replaced each time the comb if we do nuance or use different lengths.
  • The snap combs are good for most lengths, and usually, they have adjusted thanks to a knob.
  • The combs to open the elevator have an amplitude of minor cut, are perfect for smaller areas, and prevent the hairs from getting trapped inside them.
  • The closed lift combs have the same mechanism as the previous ones, with the difference that the collected hairs risk getting stuck inside the head.

Control Panel

The choice of length and other settings in a beard trimmer is done through the control panel, which can be of different types.

As for the adjustments directly on the machine body, it is possible that there is a digital display with buttons or touch screen or a wheel that is located on the structure of the beard trimmer.

The snap-on and fixed combs, on the other hand, have a different adjustment system: in the first case, they have adjusted thanks to a knob located not on the machine body but directly on the comb. In the second case, that of the fixed combs, there is no real adjustment system because to change the cutting length, it will be necessary to change the comb directly.


As we could see in the comparison between the different models, not all beard trimmer batteries are the same, and not all use the same power mechanism. The first difference to make is between corded models, cordless ones, and those that can be used with both cord and cordless.

The second difference is given by the type of battery that the different beard trimmers mount: this feature makes the price variation fluctuate not so much because one type is absolutely better than the other, but because two batteries of the same type can be of higher or lower quality, and therefore vary the final cost of the device.

A good part of the beard trimmers uses lithium-ion batteries, which have the advantage of being small in size and not letting go of the charge when not in use.

The batteries to nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) fail to charge a higher energy value than lithium ions, but they are larger and heavier.

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This is not a structural feature of the beard trimmer, but surely there are additional functions that can be very useful and meet different needs. Here is a concise overview of all the additional features that can be found in the high-end and professional beard trimmers:

  • Turbo speed
  • Trimmer included in the machine body
  • Laser guide, as in the case of the Philips model
  • Beard trimmer with suction to avoid having to collect hair
  • More heads
  • Waterproofing and Wet & Dry function


Apart from the combs, which represent not so many accessories as essential elements for a beard trimmer, it must be said that the presence of accessory elements included in the package is not optional in the case of these models.

Apart from the travel case, which can be useful but which can be done without, some accessories are almost indispensable: we are mainly talking about the brush to remove the hairs cut with the beard trimmer and the lubricating oil, which must be used on the blades, during maintenance operations.


The list of the best beard trimmer for black men in 2021 that we have presented to you is quite short. That way, after reading it, you won’t be very confused about which model to choose. Know that all the models you find on this page have been purchased and used by many people who, in most cases, have been satisfied.

Whichever model you eventually decide to buy, you won’t make a mistake. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your needs.

You have to think about whether you need a model that also acts as a haircut or that serves the whole body.

The type of nutrition is also important. Think carefully about what you need, and then choose your new beard trimmer with complete peace of mind.


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