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11 Chances Of Finding Love After 30

Here we discuss the chances of finding love after 30. The first appointments are a problem at any age, but to know a potential partner for twenty years is a bit ‘different from knowing when you’ve already turned thirty: after 30 a woman definitely has more experience, but also emotional baggage greater, without forgetting the fact that the biological clock starts ticking faster …

Chances Of Finding Love After 30

In short, to look for love after the age of 30 it is important to find the right balance between knowing the other person thoroughly and learning to understand as soon as possible if there is room for action or if it is better to leave the boy in question alone because just not is for you.

Actually, dating new people after the age of thirty can be a lot of fun: after all, age is just a number, and love relationships don’t look at the date of birth but at very different things. You and you alone decide how much your age matters and in this article, you will find some useful tips to find love after 30.

11 chances of finding love after 30

Are you in the over 30 age group and are you struggling with new acquaintances? Here are some useful tips for finding love after 30.

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1. Know what you really want

If in your twenties the only thing you cared about was driving a nice car, now that you’re over 30 there will probably be other things you look for in the man in your life.
Knowing what you really want from a mate is the most important thing, so take some time to think about it and if necessary use this little trick: write on a piece of paper the names of the last two / three people you have dated and for each name list the top 5 things you liked about him and 5 things you just didn’t like.
Reread the lists after a few days and find items that repeat themselves, especially in the list of things you like – those are the qualities you should look for in your potential new mate.

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2. Leave the past behind

If you are in your thirties and single, it is likely that you have suffered a lot from love in the past: but to find a new love it is essential to leave the past behind and start living in the present, focusing on what is happening here. and now, albeit with an eye to your future.

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3. Let your guard down

Precisely because you have suffered so much in the past, the natural defense mechanism you have activated is to raise barriers: if you don’t let anyone in, you won’t suffer, right? At the same time, however, if you don’t let anyone in, you’ll never find the right mate for you: if you meet someone you like, let your guard down and get involved.

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4. The key is in communication

An effective communication is the basis for any satisfactory relationship: especially now that you are adults, you should be able to talk to the person in front of you in an open and sincere and he should do the same with you. Address any speech in the same way, including any discussions: in a sincere and above all timely manner.

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5. Do not waste time

After the age of 30, it is essential to learn that your time is precious – don’t waste it on someone you don’t care about. If after the first dates you realize that you just don’t like the other, stop hearing and seeing him and focus your attention elsewhere.

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6. Don’t settle for it, but remember that perfection doesn’t exist

Nobody should settle for a partner who doesn’t fully satisfy him: the relationship would not be healthy and probably would not last. However, we can’t expect Prince Charming to arrive riding a white horse either: you’re not perfect and neither will your partner. Be prepared to face compromise.

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7. The pluses of finding love at 30 age

In the 30s you can say that you have learned from your mistakes and therefore you are certainly more lucid both on the meaning to be given to the word love, and in understanding which type of person works best for you. You are more free, casual, able to recognize the “crap” from the substance. Less willing to compromise. You look with more benevolence towards yourself and you look more clearly at your needs and desires.

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8. You know how do expectations change

Normally we want to have a partner who enlightens and not who completes.  Our individuality is already structured, we are looking for someone with whom we can joyfully continue together, not a man who defines us. It is much clearer who you are, and what you are looking for.

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9. No shame

In bed you are imaginative and you like to experiment: if he does not share your way of being, on the contrary, he judges and criticizes you, making you feel inadequate, well maybe the time has come to give him the welcome.

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10. Listen to each other

If he listens to you and is genuinely interested in what you say, he is the one, hold on to it.

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11. Love is a give and take

Invest in the person who invested in you. If you feel that your energies are drying up without receiving anything in return, it is time to change mates.


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