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Can Having two Periods In One Month Mean Im Pregnant

What are the causes that can lead to periods becoming more frequent? Often there is nothing to worry about, but it is just an organism’s response to small and large changes at every stage of life.

In childbearing age, when the period does not return, and the thoughts often fly to a pregnancy. However, when it is more frequent than normal and even returns twice in the same month, it could become a source of concern of a decidedly different nature. And so, on the internet, it can happen to find the most disparate answers, which, in most cases, become a source of other anxiety.

This is why, in our opinion, it is important to clarify without frightening you.

Can Having Two Periods In One Month Mean Im Pregnant
Can Having Two Periods In One Month Mean Im Pregnant

Can having two periods in one month mean I’m pregnant? Simply answer is ‘No.’ Now we will give you a complete guide about having two periods in one month and what experts say?

Menstrual bleeding that recurs between 21 and 35 days is considered normal. If you have had your period on the 1st of the month and on the 26th, this does not mean that you have menstruation twice a month.

The important thing here is that at least 21 and at most 35 days must have passed from the day of your menstrual period to the day of the next period.

If you get your period again 10 or 15 days after your period, or if you get your period 45-50 days after your period, we recommend that you come to your nearest clinic and have a checkup.

What is the menstrual cycle, and why is it incompatible with pregnancy?

The menstrual cycle is the regular interlacing of events, lasting about 28 days, which prepares your body for a possible pregnancy. Under normal conditions, two consecutive cycles are separated by the onset of menstrual flow.

The menstrual cycle is divided into three phases. In the first, the action of the follicle-stimulating hormone FSH allows the growth and maturation of a follicle, which releases a mature oocyte in the next phase (ovulatory phase).

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The oocyte begins its journey in the fallopian tubes, remains viable for about 72 hours, and can be fertilized by a sperm (complete sexual intercourse must have taken place in the days following ovulation or in the days immediately preceding it).

This phase, called post-ovulatory, lasts about 14 days. The follicle, now empty, under the action of the luteinizing hormone LH, is transformed into a temporary endocrine gland capable of secreting progesterone. The latter causes another revolution in your body.

That is, it triggers a series of changes, including the thickening of the endometrium of the uterus: the ideal environment has been created for the implantation of the egg if it is fertilized. If this happens, pregnancy begins.

If, on the other hand, fertilization does not take place, the unused uterine structures fall apart and are expelled from the vagina with the menstrual flow. From this moment, a new cycle begins, which will lead to the maturation of another follicle.

The events described, in the absence of any pathological or pregnancy problems, recur in your body from month to month, from menarche (first menstruation) to menopause.

Based on what has been said, you will have realized that bleeding during pregnancy cannot be of a menstrual nature, since after the implantation of the egg on the endometrium of the uterus, the structures that have been created are used for the growth of the fetus and will then expelled only after childbirth (afterbirth).

Pregnancy: How To Get a Certain Diagnosis?

The absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) may indicate the onset of pregnancy, but it is not sufficient to make a certain diagnosis since there are numerous conditions, some of which are pathological, which cause even substantial variations in the duration of a single cycle (or interruption of the same for several months).

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There are easy-to-use pregnancy tests on the market based on chemical analysis of the urine: they are able to detect the presence of hormones typical of the first gestational phase.

These tests, even if repeated, have limited reliability, as it is possible that they give false positives and false negatives.

To have a certain diagnosis, you need to do blood tests, specifying to your doctor that you suspect you are pregnant (a simple blood count is not enough).

Even better, to be sure that the pregnancy has begun correctly and that everything is going well, it is advisable to book a specialist visit, during which a transvaginal ultrasound will be carried out, which can give indications on the status of the implant.

Of the embryo in the uterine endometrium. This first phase is the most delicate and is the one where spontaneous abortions occur most often.

In any case, for the diagnosis of pregnancy, it is necessary to wait for the right time: the presence of Beta hCG in the blood is detectable after 8-10 days from conception, in the urine after about 15; for the ultrasound diagnosis, it is advisable to wait for the implantation of the embryo.

Therefore, I advise you to wait for the absence of menstrual flow before starting the diagnostic procedure.

What Are Plant Losses?

Given that it is important that you go to a specialist to check for any abnormal event, modest bleeding during the implantation phase of the fertilized egg on the endometrium of the uterus is normal and not dangerous.

This loss of blood, certainly less than menstrual, can deceive you because it occurs 7 to 14 days after ovulation, just in the period in which you were waiting for the arrival of your period.

The blood probably comes out of the capillaries of the uterine endometrium, which are broken by the embryo in the nesting phase. This small hemorrhage hardly lasts for more than 48 hours and is usually asymptomatic otherwise.

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Remember, if you are pregnant, do not use tampons. The implant leaks are still fairly rare: only about 10% of the women are found in early gestation.

Small bleeding in the same days may also be due to premenstrual spotting: these are modest losses that anticipate the arrival of the more consistent flow.

The only method that allows you to distinguish with certainty the two situations is to carry out the pregnancy test, but since, as we have already said, the result of the urinalysis is not reliable before 15 days from conception, you should wait for any missed period, saving money for the purchase of a test which, carried out early, is not predictive.

Decidual Bleeding

In the first trimester of gestation, bleeding may occur that takes on a repetitive and rhythmic pattern. It is not yet clear what causes them.

However, we do know that evolution is benign. It is possible that they are due to the presence of small polyps in the cervical canal, or they could be a consequence of the rupture of avarice or some vessel of the uterine tissue.

The prognosis is favorable: bleeding does not necessarily lead to an impairment of pregnancy.

Sometimes, the cause of the discharge can be a slight injury caused by sexual intercourse; also, in this case, it is not dangerous for the fetus, and the resumption of intimate relationships is possible once the situation is resolved.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is also known by the name of ectopic pregnancy. It is a pathological condition incompatible with the survival of the fetus since the implantation of the embryo took place outside the uterus cavity (or inside it but in an unsuitable position), in a tissue that cannot guarantee it. Development.

In addition to causing the spontaneous termination of pregnancy, this situation is very dangerous due to the complications that can lead to the mother, who may need surgery ( curettage ) to resolve the situation.

Can Have Two Periods In One Month Mean I’m Pregnant? What Expert Say?

First of all, we seem to understand that the menstrual cycle has occurred twice within a month, arriving early. Keep in mind that the regularity of the cycle it can be influenced by factors such as seasonal changes, mood changes, and therefore stress and agitation can lead to an advance or a delay.

Can Have Two Periods In One Month Mean I'm Pregnant?

Let’s imagine that you are anxious about having had unprotected intercourse which, according to what you write, should have occurred around the 17th day of your period.

In a regular 28-day cycle, the fertility period falls between the 11th and 18th day, and for there to be conception, it is necessary to have unprotected intercourse with internal vaginal ejaculation.

In your case, it is true that there was unprotected intercourse, and this represents a risk factor, as coitus is interrupted it is not a safe and reliable method of contraception, but your period seems to have returned to you, albeit in advance.

So this suggests that pregnancy can be ruled out. If it really can be useful to reassure you, you could take a pregnancy test in order to remove any doubts.

However, for the next few times, we invite you to always use precautions in order to experience sexuality freer from anxieties and fears. We also suggest you, having noticed an irregularity of the cycle, monitor the trend and, if there is still an irregularity, contact a trusted gynecologist to investigate the causes together.

We hope to have reassured you, come back to write us if you have further concerns.


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