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What is microdermabrasion before and after

What is microdermabrasion before and after? Microdermabrasion is a technique used to rejuvenate the skin and make it smoother and cleaner. This procedure aims to naturally regenerate the skin, eliminate scars and reduce wrinkles.

microdermabrasion before and after

In fact, as we will see, the sessions take place on an outpatient basis and do not require any anesthesia. In any case, the goal of microdermabrasion is precisely to abrade the superficial layers of the epidermis. In this way, the skin will appear smoother, more compact, and toned. Furthermore, despite the optimal results, the deep layers of the dermis are not affected in the least. Although this treatment is not invasive, it is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the aesthetic doctor.

In this regard, we recall the importance of carrying out a first cognitive visit. During this meeting, the doctor will have the opportunity to evaluate the patient’s initial condition and to provide him with all the necessary information so that he can prepare himself in the best possible way for the microdermabrasion session. For example, it is good to know that before undergoing the treatment it is advisable to avoid sun exposure, carry out exfoliating treatments or depilatory treatments (waxing) in the area to be treated.

How it is done

Microdermabrasion is a rather simple procedure, more delicate, less invasive, and non-traumatic than dermabrasion, since it does not reach the deeper layers of the skin, but exerts a superficial smoothing action.

It is a technique that takes place in an outpatient setting and, generally, without anesthesia, although in the most sensitive individuals, local anesthesia can be performed if the doctor deems it appropriate.

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As mentioned, microdermabrasion makes use of particular materials – such as corundum crystals or aluminum hydroxide micro granules – which exert a delicate and smoothing abrasive action on the skin.

Microdermabrasion is performed using a special instrument equipped with a handpiece that conveys the abrasive particles directly onto the skin so that they can carry out their activities, and then aspirate them immediately afterward, thus also removing the dead cells that have been removed. by the action of crystals or micro granules.

The number of abrasive substances to be used, and the speed with which they are directed on the skin is determined by the doctor on the basis of various factors, such as the type of imperfection to be countered, the area of ​​the face or body to be treated and the general condition of the patient.

Microdermabrasion can be performed either alone, as the only treatment, or in association with), for example, alpha-hydroxyl acids.

Microdermabrasion before and after Surgery

Regardless of the type of blemish you want to treat, when you decide to resort to microdermabrasion, it is always good to ask for advice and contact a cosmetic surgeon and/or a dermatologist specialized in the subject, since – however safe – if microdermabrasion performed by inexperienced hands can cause serious damage to the skin and lead to results opposite to those you want to obtain.

After the consultation with the doctor, he will provide all the indications that the patient must strictly follow, both before and after the treatment, in order to avoid the onset of complications and side effects.

Also, you should tell your doctor if you are undergoing chemical peels or other cosmetic treatments that can increase skin sensitivity.

At the same time, the doctor should be informed if you are using topical medications or other products containing retinoids, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or other similar substances.

Furthermore, before undergoing the microdermabrasion session, it is essential:

  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreens with a high protection factor ;
  • Avoid waxing the area to be treated;
  • Avoid using exfoliating products of any kind on the area of ​​skin that needs to be abraded.

After the microdermabrasion treatment, on the other hand, masks with soothing action are usually applied and the patient will then have to take care of their skin, nourishing and moisturizing it properly. If necessary, anti-inflammatory compresses

can also be performed. Sun exposure must also be avoided after treatment, as in this phase the skin is very sensitive and has lost part of its barrier function. Therefore, it is also necessary to use sun filters with a high protection index.

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Usually, the results of microdermabrasion are excellent; even if it is not able to completely eliminate the imperfections, this treatment can still considerably attenuate them.

In general, to obtain meaningful results it is necessary to carry out several dermabrasion sessions at certain time intervals.

The number of sessions and the time interval that must elapse between one and the other depend on various factors, such as the extent of the area to be treated, the type of imperfection to be treated, and the patient’s general response to treatment.

In any case, indicatively, five to ten sessions are required to obtain appreciable results, to be performed at a distance of about 1-2 weeks from each other. Thereafter, maintenance sessions can then be carried out every 2-6 months.

However, it should be noted that, normally, microdermabrasion is only effective in the case of shallow imperfections (wrinkles, scars, etc.), while for more marked ones it is necessary to resort to more invasive procedures.

Complications and Side Effects

Usually, microdermabrasion is a gentle and painless procedure that does not cause major side effects.

However, although rare, side effects and complications can still occur following microdermabrasion treatment. Among these, we remember:

  • Bleeding;
  • Skin irritation and sensitization;
  • Redness;
  • Pain;
  • Excoriations;
  • Infections that will need to be treated with adequate antibiotic drugs ;

The appearance of hyperpigmented skin spots is usually caused by exposure to the sun immediately before or shortly after treatment.

How the treatment takes place

Microdermabrasion is a practice that, as anticipated, acts on a superficial level. The sessions have a rather limited duration and local anesthesia is performed only in patients with reduced pain tolerance. In fact, the treatment is practically painless.

The session involves the use of a special machine, equipped with a handpiece that is passed over the affected area. The latter can be an area of ​​the body or face since microdermabrasion is suitable for the treatment of the whole body.

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In any case, the abrasion of the skin occurs through the escape of particles from the handpiece, emitted at a rather high speed. This technique allows the removal of the superficial layers of the epidermis, which will undergo an exfoliating treatment.

The particles in question can be of different nature: aluminum hydroxide microgranules or corundum crystals. In this way, the treatment will respond in a specific and personalized way to the patient’s needs.

Furthermore, although these particles are very effective in their exfoliating action, they cannot cause any allergic reaction. That’s why, as we said, microdermabrasion is extremely safe. After the particles have come out of the handpiece they will be sucked by it.

In this way, the cells removed from the epidermis will also be aspirated. Regarding the number of particles emitted by the handpiece and the selected speed, the doctor will calibrate the treatment based on the imperfection to be eliminated. However, the action still remains rather superficial.

At the end of the session, the skin may appear slightly red and sensitive to the touch, two completely normal symptoms. To help the recovery phase, it will be advisable to apply nourishing creams or masks, according to the indications provided by the doctor. Finally, in order to avoid compromising the effectiveness of the treatment, sun exposure is not recommended.


Although microdermabrasion is a normally well-tolerated aesthetic treatment, this procedure may be contraindicated in some cases.

For example, it is not recommended to perform microdermabrasion treatments in individuals with inflamed skin and in individuals prone to developing Herpes virus infections.

For these reasons, it is always good to inform your doctor of your condition and ask for preventive advice before undergoing any type of aesthetic treatment, even if simple and safe such as microdermabrasion.


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