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What Does Roach Droppings Look Like

The cockroaches are insects that create more disgust among those weeds. The reasons are very simple, these small animals, in fact, often live in the sewers and habitually frequent the garbage. For this reason, being infested with cockroaches is really unpleasant and, above all, harmful to the health of both humans and the pets that live in the house. Here we will give you a complete guide about, what does roach droppings look like & how to get rid of the cockroach.

What does roach droppings look like

What does roach droppings look like

Certainly, the first sign to take into consideration is the presence of cockroach droppings, which are Cockroach droppings are dark brown or dark black pellets. However, often confused (by inexperienced eyes) with the faces of other animals; in fact, it is very important not to confuse cockroach poop with mouse droppings or gecko feces (different only in the smallest details), so as to know with certainty which pest you are dealing with and which fighting strategy to undertake.

Cockroach Droppings: First Sign of Infestation

And if it happens that cockroaches also occur during the day, then the infestation is even more serious. Infected when the colony of cockroaches becomes excessive, the need for food also grows dramatically, forcing the cockroaches to expose themselves to find food and refresh themselves and the entire colony.

The presence of cockroaches can also be understood from the residues they leave in their nocturnal raids. The excrements are, for example, a clear sign of their presence.

Often, however, they are not recognized by those who are not used to seeing them as they resemble black powder that usually ends up cleaning without understanding where it comes from.

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How to ascertain the real presence of cockroaches?

If you suspect that you have been infested with cockroaches but want to be sure of their presence before calling the pest control professionals, there are several ways you can do it.

Cockroaches are nocturnal animals, so to see if they are in the kitchen or elsewhere, you can wait for the evening hours, leaving the room that is suspected of being haunted, empty and dark.

Suddenly you enter by turning on the light, and if there are cockroaches, you will see them running and hiding under the furniture or behind the appliances.

Another way to recognize the presence of cockroaches is to eliminate confessions of cocoa and coffee from the kitchen in order to be able to recognize the cockroach droppings in case any residues are found. This shrewdness in eliminating the two products serves not to get confused as the roach droppings of cockroaches are very similar to coffee and cocoa powder.

Therefore, carry out a thorough cleaning of the kitchen furniture and of the whole room. After carrying out this operation, if piles of black dust are found, we can say that there is a high probability of a cockroach infestation.

3 Methods to Recognize the Presence of Cockroaches


First Method

The first method of detecting cockroaches and also preventing others from forming is to check the walls, baseboards, and under doors. These checks are used to identify any hiding places for cockroaches and to seal off any possible access to the house.


Draft shield

Then you have to close each hole with silicone or plaster and place nets in the holes that serve as air intakes for the air conditioner or stoves. To close the cracks under doors and windows, simply apply an adhesive brush or another type of draft shield.


Safe Method

A safe method to recognize the presence of cockroaches is to leave a slice of orange or pear untouched on the floor or kitchen countertops if in the morning they are nibbled, and there may also be a pile of excrement next to them, there will be certain of the infestation of cockroaches, and professional pest control must be carried out as soon as possible.

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Cockroaches: here’s how to get rid of them

The most hated insects of the summer are back: fast, relentless, insatiable, the cockroaches returned on time to their appointment with the heat. In the perennial search for food, thanks to their extraordinary qualities as climbers, they enter the apartments with extreme ease, taking advantage of any cracks and crevices in the perimeter walls or passing comfortably under the entrance door or through a window or balcony left open, in particular in the evening.

There are different types of cockroaches, and on average, their length ranges from one and a half centimeters to just over seven. The most common are of three types: Blattella germanica, Periplaneta Americana, and Blatta orientalis. They are commonly referred to just as the Germanic, American or Oriental cockroach.

The different types of cockroaches are attracted to your house for several reasons. Knowing the type of cockroach you are dealing with can help you decide how to get rid of it. The most common one found in Italy is the German cockroach, and this type of parasite is generally attracted to water. Reducing access to water sources in your home can help fight a cockroach infestation.

To prevent an infestation of this type, there are also other methods such as daily cleaning of the rooms and the correct storage of food. However, how to eradicate cockroaches once they have already entered the house?

These parasites are attracted to homes because they can find what they are looking for: shelter, sources of water, and not least food. These parasites multiply very quickly and are dangerous to health in large numbers. The cockroaches can be carriers of bacteria, which in turn can contaminate the food, which, when consumed, can cause diseases and food poisoning with consequent problems of diarrhea, allergies, or skin rashes. In large numbers, cockroaches can also generate bad smells, making the environment they have infested even more unhealthy for humans.

Where they take refuge

These insects come out especially at night and hide in every corner of the house. It is important to always clean the kitchen and bathroom, taking care to sweep the floors from food and hair residues, as they represent their nourishment.

Especially active at night, they hide in

  • wooden furniture
  • kitchen drain pipes
  • bathroom pipes
  • gas systems
  • under electrical appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher
  • c Trash container.

To avoid an invasion in a big way, it is essential to always carefully clean the kitchen and bathroom, taking care to eliminate food and hair residues that are an irresistible attraction for them. But if, by now, cockroaches have entered the house, here are the best methods to eliminate them.

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How to get rid of cockroach eggs

If there are cockroaches in the house, the eggs must also be eliminated. Many do-it-yourself methods that can be found in the supermarket, in fact, are basically made for the elimination of the adult insect. Taking up what has been said about eggs and the reproductive speed of insects, it is easy to understand that these methods are not very effective. Using them substantially eliminates a few specimens, but the problem remains, and after a few days, just the time for the eggs to hatch, you are back at the starting point.

If you really want to try DIY, it is good to start with cockroach eggs, going to look for them and remove them. Once found, they must be physically removed and destroyed in the true sense of the word. If they are not destroyed, they could hatch where they are thrown away. Once the oothecae have been removed, it is advisable to disinfect and check the surrounding area well to make sure that there are no others. In general, however, it is advisable to contact professionals: in fact, it is not possible to know if there are ootheca in other places.

Eliminate cockroaches 

The fastest way to annihilate cockroaches, of course, is to resort to insecticides, preferably by relying on a specialized company. However, if you do not like chemicals and do not want to leave home for the time necessary for disinfestation and disposal of residues, there are 9 natural methods of proven effectiveness:



It is sufficient to distribute groups of fresh bay leaves in the furniture and near the cracks where we think the cockroaches are hiding and, therefore, take a stand to capture them with a broom and shovel as soon as they try to get away. In fact, the plant emits a smell that they cannot bear;



Its characteristic smell is unwelcome to cockroaches. As for the laurel, place some wedges (nick them, so that more smell comes out) inside the furniture where you think they hide, and in a few minutes, they will start to flee. To avoid new invasions, prepare a natural insecticide by putting 10 grams of minced garlic in a liter of water: let it soak for 24 hours, then spray it on windowsills, skirting boards, doors, inside the dustbin;



A plant on the windowsill or near the door and in the most critical points will not only give a nice touch of green but will keep cockroaches away;



Associated with powdered boric acid is one of the most effective remedies: chop one finely, adds half a cup of flour, a little beer or water, a teaspoon of sugar, and 4 of powdered boric acid. Knead to medium consistency and close cracks and crevices or place it in the points where you saw the cockroaches hiding;



Often used to produce laundry soaps, it is an effective remedy against cockroaches



 Loved by cats, cockroaches don’t like it: perfect on balconies and windowsills as well as at home;


Neem oil

Poorly tolerated by cockroaches, just a few drops on cotton balls placed in strategic points are enough;



Product with a thousand uses, it is lethal for cockroaches and cockroaches: mix it with sugar and leave it near their lair. The result will not belong in coming;


Marseille soap

Dipped in warm water and sprinkled on furniture or drains, it wards off cockroaches.


The sight of a disgusting black cockroach sliding over the kitchen peninsula, sink, or floor is enough to activate you to eliminate it. Cockroaches carry diseases, give off unpleasant odors, aggravate allergies (especially in children), and spoil food, in extreme cases, even bite! Unfortunately, our homes provide ideal conditions for cockroaches to thrive. Cockroaches have simple needs: food, heat, humidity, and shelter. Our homes have all of these things, from food-stocked pantries to many crevices and crevices where cockroaches can hide and lay their eggs.

Unlike other insects, cockroaches are a problem, which knows no seasons. That said, they are more prolific in summer, do poorly in the cold, but thrive in heat and humidity, which means you should be especially vigilant from now until the weather reaches colder temperatures. While having a dirty home can extend a cockroach’s stay, having a clean one will not guarantee immunity. Cockroaches and their eggs can enter your home in a number of ways, including through cracks, crevices, vents and pipes, and even on things like grocery bags, purses, boxes, and shoes.


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