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What Are Pros And Cons Of Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is a type of body piercing that is done by piercing the nipple.

However, you need to know the pros and cons of nipple piercing and be aware that there can be a crust in your breasts. The perforation of the part is followed by the application of small jewels, such as rings or metal bars.

Pros And Cons Of Nipple Piercing

Given the position and sensitivity of the nipple, caring for the pierced area is important to avoid some unpleasant complications, including allergic reactions to the materials used, infections, irritation from friction and rejection.

What is piercing: origin story

As a result of archaeological excavations, it was found that since ancient times, people have decorated their bodies with metal chains, rings and earrings. The navel piercing originated from ancient Egypt, which showed a woman’s belonging to the upper class. Piercing of the ears, nose and mouth first appeared in American Indian men, who consider such jewelry to protect the body from evil spirits. Also, predominantly one earring could be found in men – sailors in tsarist Russia or Cossacks.

Modern piercing has become a fashion trend at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. It was made by creative personalities, the elite and people imitating their famous idols.

Nipple piercing cannot be called an ordinary way of self-expression, as it is in an intimate place. It is a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical longitudinal piercing into which an ornament is inserted – a ring or a bar.

Nipple Piercing: How Is It Done?

The nipple piercing is made by pinching the area to be pierced with forceps. Next, a sterile cannula needle (usually 1.5-2mm in diameter) is introduced through the nipple; the piercer leaves the tube in place and places the piercing at the end. Finally, the cannula is removed and the bar or ring will be in the desired position. Making the nipple piercing takes seconds.

The piercing can be practiced from any angle, but more commonly the nipple is pierced horizontally and, less often, following a vertical or diagonal direction.

Please Note:

In case of known allergies to nickel or to other materials, it is good to inform the piercer before proceeding and opt for alternative solutions or metals free of substances to which you are sensitized.

Inverted or Small Nipples: Is Piercing Possible?

Generally, nipples retracted inward, as well as small ones do not represent a limit for the piercing: it will be sufficient to opt for a necklace of reduced size. In any case, it is customary for the piercer (i.e. the professional who practices the piercing) to discuss the expected result with the client and, before carrying out the piercing, can discuss the actual feasibility, depending on the area to be pierced.

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Pros and cons of nipple piercing

Pros of nipple piercing

  • Attractive and sexy appearance of pierced nipples.
  • The sensitivity of the nipples increases, which helps to get more vivid sensations during sex.
  • The piercing can be used in BDSM by putting chains or special clothespins on it.
  • Visual breast augmentation, but you should not hope for a significant increase in it.
  • With the help of piercing, you can correct some breast imperfections, such as the bulge of the nipples or their concavity (jewelry will prevent them from retracting).
  • If it is necessary or desired to remove the jewelry, it can be put on again by a specialist, but not earlier than after six months.
  • Piercing is trendy. Perception of a person by others as an interesting and risky person.

Cons of nipple piercings

  • Nipples are quite sensitive part of the body, so it is very painful to pierce them. Also, pain, heaviness in the chest, burning sensation will accompany almost until healing.
  • The risk of infection is several times greater than with ear piercing.
  • The procedure can cause disgust in impressionable people who are afraid of the sight of blood.
  • Long healing: 2 – 12 months. It is due to the possible rejection of a foreign object by the body or turning the jewelry inside.
  • Careful hygiene care of these parts of the body: treatment with preparations recommended by a specialist, dressing for the first few days. the correct selection of underwear: the bra should be soft and not squeezing, without lace, or you should completely abandon it for the first time. sleepwear until fully healed: mostly loose, soft, not tight, preferably cotton or linen, otherwise infection may develop.
  • Possible violation of the milk ducts in women, which may complicate the future feeding of the child.
  • Nipple piercing is strictly forbidden for certain categories of people: pregnant women, those suffering from gastritis, hepatitis, heart defects, diabetes, skin diseases. The procedure is not allowed for those with colds – it is better to postpone a visit to a specialist until complete recovery. This modification is also prohibited for people undergoing or who have undergone chemotherapy.
  • For the period of lactation, the decoration must be removed, which is accompanied by pain.
  • In pierced nipples, sensitivity can either increase or decrease.

Tips & Tricks

  • After making the final decision to decorate the body with a piercing, you need to think through every stepso as not to endanger your own health. The first step is a mandatory consultation with a doctor. If there are no restrictions, you can safely go to the reception.
  • The second step is to find a good salon with professional craftsmen.
  • Decoration selection. For the fastest healing of the piercing, jewelry made of titanium or bioplastic is mainly used. First, individual measurements of the nipple are taken to calculate the free space of the future piercing. The bars or rings should be exactly in a free position, not in time, not to press and not to be too large, otherwise there is a risk of stretching the nipples. Also, when choosing jewelry from biopaste, you should understand the fragility of the material. Since it absorbs dirt and bacteria, and it is not possible to clean it, it is necessary to change jewelry for new ones every six months.
  • It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the master after the modification – carefully care for and handle, wear clothes that do not interfere with the healing of the piercing. If the wounds still fester or the pain does not go away for a long time, you should consult a doctor. Self-medication is contraindicated!
  • Until complete healing, you can not visit the pool, swim in open water for a month.
  • Everything has two sides of the coin – there are enough minuses, as well as pluses. But with a specific goal – to pierce the nipples – you need to carefully consider each step, because the price of an insufficiently responsible approach to business can be the most important thing – health. Beauty and fashion are important, but even more important are good feelings and well-being.

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Does it hurt?

Reviews of nipple piercing prove that this procedure is painful, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body (pain threshold, sensitivity).

If you use local anesthesia, then the pain during the puncture disappears. However, as soon as the effect of lidocaine disappears, unpleasant pain returns and will be present until the injured tissues heal.

It is very important that the master understands the human anatomy. With proper piercing, you can not feel any discomfort, no pain, no moment of puncture.

You need to understand that within 1-2 months the wounds will heal, and the body will adapt to the foreign body. Such unpleasant sensations as tingling, heaviness in the chest, aching pain, burning during processing are possible. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of nipple piercings.

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Nipple Piercing Care

To allow optimal healing of the pierced area and to prevent any infections, it is important to strictly follow the instructions provided by the piercer.

In general, it is very important to keep the part clean, avoid touching the jewel with dirty hands or tugging on it. During healing, the hygiene operations should be repeated at least twice a day, for the first three months and include cleaning with a sterile saline solution to be placed on the piercing for a couple of minutes, using a sterile gauze. Afterwards, you can use a mild cleanser in the shower once a day and let the piercing air dry.

Up to one year (at least) from the execution, the treatments must continue despite the fact that you are already well: neglecting the maintenance of the piercing of the nipple can lead to the onset of further problems.


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