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How To Put On A Durag With Long Curly Hair | With Braids

You’ve probably seen your favourite hip-hop artist or athlete with an unusual headband on more than one occasion. This accessory is called durag. But where did it come from, and how to put on a durag?

how to put on a durag

Duragh is a kind of bandana that is part of the cultural iconography of the black community. It is used to prevent the curls from becoming fluffy after combing.

As a result, the hair on the head takes the form of uniform waves. Duragh also prevents Afrokos from frizzing and keeps the curls clean.

However, this is far from the only and not the most important of its purpose – it acts as a symbol of street mentality and is a tribute to traditions.

A. Durag – a brief history of the accessory

The history of Duragh dates back to the 19th century. It was originally considered a headdress for slaves and poor African American workers, which also marked the lower class.

However, in the 1930s, during the Great Depression and Harlem Renaissance, people learned about the benefits of duragh and began to wear it to preserve their hair.

Later, in the 1960s, during the dawn of the Black Power movement, he became an unspoken symbol of blacks. They made the headdress not just an attribute necessary for practical purposes but also an adornment. Then representatives of almost all professions began to wear it.

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Over time, the durag lost its charm. But in 1979, the So Many Waves brand, founded by William Daudi, began to actively promote this accessory. And already in the 1990s and early 2000s, the bandage became widespread.

Rapper Cam’Ron performed at the Rap City music show in a pink duragh, wearing a Panama hat. Famous performers such as 50 Cent, Eminem and JAY-Z have also spread this look, combining durag with suits, jeans and knitwear, and wearing them under their caps. The varied ways in which they tied the durag were a testament to its versatility and functionality.

B. How to put on a Durag

In this article now we will give yoou a complete guide about how to put on a durag properly:

  1. First, you need to line up the durag properly on your head.
  2. Then Make sure the fabric covers your hairline.
  3. Ensure your durag tie behind your earline and not over them.
  4. Then if you feel comfortable, wrap durag Around your head.
  5. You must avoid super tight knots & make a loop that is easy to tie on your head.
  6. Pull down the durag to compress and protect your hair.

C. Durag’s popularity 

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1. Criminalization of Durag

In the years 1619-1865, during the dominance of the slavery system in the United States, most of the prisoners were black, forcibly taken out of Africa.
Black people stolen from their lands no longer had the rights to their body, identity, family and freedom and were criminalized.
Remnants of slavery laid the foundation for the acts of discrimination that black people still face today.
Thus, modern African American or black ghettos have become synonymous with crime, social problems, poverty and political powerlessness.
Simultaneously with the criminalization of blacks, attempts at their self-realization were suppressed in the form of suppression of civil protests, manifestations in music and fashion.
With the emergence of hip-hop as the core of black youth expression, durag has become a fashion statement.
Despite the obvious practical uses of the bandana, black men wearing a durag were and are still often perceived as criminals or lower class.

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2. Banning duragh in the NFL

Brian Joseph wrote that the history of the duragh bears a resemblance to the tignon worn by Creoles (descendants of African slaves).
In the late 1700s, a decree was issued in New Orleans requiring black women to cover their heads with headbands and not draw attention to their appearance.
Likewise, in 2001, the National Football League (NFL) banned players from wearing durags and bandanas under their helmets unless it was medically necessary.
Many NFL members resented this, especially African-American players, who took the ban as a blow to their interests and principles.
The NFL, in turn, argued that the main intention was to establish a uniform dress code. However, the decision seemed more racist, as the durag was mostly worn by black players.

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3. Duragh on social media and fashion

Despite the thorny path of introducing this accessory into popular culture, today, the legacy of the Durag still lives on.
In June 2018, Joseph Heden hosted the world’s first Durag Fest in Charlotte, North Carolina, organizing a special space where he collected durags of all colours and sizes.
Videos of young black guys and girls doing wave hairstyles have gone viral on the internet. Each participant demo untied his durag to the camera to show the waves lurking underneath. Thanks to social media, a space has emerged to showcase duragh as part of a black cultural tradition without any negative context.
A large number of brands producing durag appeared on Instagram. With a variety of designs, companies have reimagined the identity of black people.

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4. Popularization of durag among celebrities

Over the past few years, celebrities have also been contributing to the return of durag to fashion.
If earlier it was difficult to imagine the person who put on the durag in a secular company, now they can be found in those places where people in the durag were once unwelcome guests.
For the 2014 CFDA Awards, Rihanna wore a Swarovski-trimmed dyurag that matched the luxe Adam Selman gown.
That evening, she showed that this headpiece could look elegant. In addition, it was a beautiful detail to complete the now-iconic image.
Two years later, during her performance at the VMA, the performer again donned durag,


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