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How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Leaves Him

This is why a woman gets to the point of leaving the man she loves after countless efforts. How does a man feel when a woman leaves him (a man)?

A woman is said to be in love with love and therefore more interested in bringing happiness to the man she loves and making a successful marriage.

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Leaves Him

A woman uses all the means at her disposal to perfect her life as a couple: marriage consultations, marital advice books… Nothing is left to chance to save her union with the man of her life.

However, many women, despite innumerable efforts, if they are dissatisfied and disappointed by their spouse ‘s indifference to married life, they may go so far as to throw in the towel.

There are conflicts that inevitably result in separations and divorces. Frustrated and disappointed, most of these women prefer to leave and leave the marital home, leaving behind years of marriage, littered with memories that, after all, become too bitter.

All hopes and efforts to build a happy union evaporate in the face of nonchalance and the inability of their partners to make as many efforts to resolve any difficulties that arise; the woman is the main source of strength for the resolution of these conflicts.

Also, the reason most women distance themselves from the marital home is because of what is called mental cruelty.

Far from being physical, this cruelty is more like a partner’s indifference, his lack of communication, and his neglect which can be both physical and emotional.

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6 Reasons Why A Woman Can Break Up with A Man

How does a man feel when a woman leaves him (a man)? Now we discuss about 6 reasons why a woman can break up with a man. Let’s see…


Feel the weight of loneliness

Faced with her loneliness, the woman feels helpless; it is a loneliness of a completely different kind that could be described as psychological isolation. Even with the presence of her partner, she feels abandonment. The latter’s thoughts are elsewhere; his attention is focused on a different kind of attraction. His interests are not compatible with those of the woman who shares his life.


His efforts are not recognized

Despite all the hard work she is doing to save her marriage, her efforts are in vain. This woman feels transparent, she is neither noticed nor heard by her partner. Communication is almost non-existent within the couple, while all psychologists agree that communication is the basis for the success of a peaceful and happy relationship.


She does not feel desired and attractive

Contrary to popular belief, women also need to satisfy their need for sexuality, and the sexual routine is a silent killer of the couple. If a man makes no effort to introduce salt and romance into a couple’s life, his partner may perceive this as an abandonment on his part, a lack of sexual attraction towards him.

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He feels his needs are evolving

It is true that over time the needs and desires of both spouses evolve differently. When love is present, it transcends the dark phases of life that invade most couples. In the opposite case, the woman prefers to move forward rather than go through these destructive waves of life alone, without having a man by her side who can navigate with her through the deluge of complications of existence, which when there is love they are so simple to manage.


Spontaneity has no place in the couple

The lack of spontaneity in the character of the partners is as harmful as that of sexuality. A woman would like to be constantly surprised, not taken for granted. When a man finds himself consumed by the daily routine, he tends to put his partner aside which, however, could be of great help in many cases.


She no longer feels connected to her man

The 21st-century woman needs to feel connected to her man and that he invites her into her life and into every corner of her life. He wants to feel his trust, the emotional bond that binds her to him, a strong and uncompromising intimacy that nothing could disassemble. A woman does not leave a partner who solicits her and makes her participate in her own life. She just asks to be welcome in her man’s life. She just needs to be loved for who she is, respected for her values ​​, and considered an irreplaceable life partner.

How to behave when she leaves you

Relationships, unfortunately, don’t always work out or last. Even going through obstacles it is possible to build lasting relationships which then die out over time for different reasons.

When the relationships in which you have invested time and feelings end, you are left with a bitter note in the mouth and sadness that are difficult to bear even for those used to managing human relationships.

The important thing is that this does not only apply to women, but also to men.

When the relationship ends it seems like the world stops. Unless you have lived through a nightmare and therefore feel a sense of liberation, you will be dejected for a long time.

However, women are better able to overcome these problems, because they probably love to talk to each other about feelings and love affairs.

They are open to friends, they have the opportunity to discuss it at work, at university, at home, out for an aperitif.

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Not that they treat it superficially, far from it, it is that they are inclined to talk about it. Men, on the other hand, are very refractory: it is difficult to find support from friends, there is a total lack of empathy capable of raising the spirit, so it becomes almost impossible to talk about it with someone.

Men often prefer not to talk about it at all, to stay on the sidelines, they would also like to talk about it if they needed it, but almost immediately they realize that a) there is a barrier that prevents them from talking about such intimate stories, b) they have friends who they went through the same hell and did not turn to them for comfort.

So how to behave when she leaves you? If she leaves you, is it better not to be heard or instead insist?

Dealing with unexpected breakups is not easy. Women are much more resolute than men when it comes to breaking up.

If they do it is because they have basically calculated all the pros and cons and given ample room for compromise, given opportunities, and tested the partner.

Unless she is a bitch or a mentally disturbed one when the woman leaves it is because selfishly she does not see any advantage for herself (even in relation to any family, when you have children).


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