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How to Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery | 7 Quick Steps

grow your lips
grow your lips

A poet once compared the lips with the rose petals, and the trend continued forever!

A recent survey said that females with bigger lips look younger than their respective ages, and hence this reason is sufficient to develop the craving among females to have bigger lips. 

A common girl wishes to have the same, but they fail to afford the same. The question remains in mind, how to get bigger lips without surgery! 

Lips are one of the most significant parts of our body. Recent data shows that almost 80% of female celebrities have gone for big lips surgery, whereas 30% of the rich females have undergone the same.

How to Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery

Is it possible to Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery? Indeed it is! Let’s check some hacks that will educate you on how to get bigger lips naturally and permanently!

1. Applying Lemon and Sugar Mixture on your lips

Lemon juice is good for lips cell. It helps to grow lips bigger.

lemon with sugar 1
Lemon with sugar

Take half tea spoon of sugar and half of lemon in a bowl and make a mixture. Apply the mixture to your lips in the morning and keep it for 10 minutes daily. After that rub your face with that used lemon.

Practicing this technique in morning will help you to grow your lips and makes you attractive.

2. Applying Cinnamon Oil with Lip Balm

Cinnamon Oil 4

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon has several qualities, and if mixed with lip balm, it gives you the perfect pout you always wanted.
It creates inflammation and excess irritation on the upper lips by increasing the blood speed in that area. It makes your lip extremely red and fuller.
Overusing this step may cause harm, and do not try it without doing a patch test. Use it a maximum of two times a day. You can also scrub your lips with cinnamon powder to give them a bigger look.

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3. Lips Exfoliation

Lips Exfoliation

Dead skins develop everywhere, even on your lips. If you exfoliate it, then it turns pinky and fluffy. Do not forget to apply lip balm or lip gloss on it. It gives you a fresh look with that youthful look that you always wanted.

4. Applying Makeup


Through makeup doesn’t fall in the natural category, but it has immediate effect. There are various ways when after applying concealer to a broader area than your natural lips, lipstick is applied. It gives your lips a bigger appearance but remember, excess makeup may ruin your natural beauty, so do not practice it regularly.

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5. Apply Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

Remember that intense smell of peppermint that filled you every time with excitement when you were a kid.
It is the same peppermint oil that brings fluffiness to your lips. You may feel that some bee had sting you over there. The area of the lips gets numb, and the microcirculation in the lips accelerates, leaving it pink.
Due to their easy availability, it is common among maximum girls. Do not use it regularly as it may snatch the natural beauty of your lips.

How To Get Healthy Skin?

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6. Lips Exercise


Lip Exercise

There are specific exercises that make your lips bigger than usual. Try to whistle at least five times a day. It activates the blood circulation in the lips. Putting your lips in the pout way, more than ten times in a day, you can make them look plump. Several other exercises help you to make your lips plump. Just be careful with the number of times you practice it. Check The following Exercise.


Lip Kiss

Make a lip kiss in the palm for 10 times. Do this 3 Times


Lips Tighten

Tighten Lips together and then open it quickly 20 times. Do this 3 Times


Enlarge Lips

Place both index fingers on the upper lip and lower lips and bend your face. Gently pull your index fingers apart for 30 seconds. Do this 3 times.

7. Hydrate your Lips

hydrate your lips

Lips Hydration

Hydration of the lips from time to time make your lips fresh and plump. Apply them on the pout area, up and down, to witness the beauty of the bigger lips that you never thought about!

Wrapping up

Never overlook how you look, and lips are among the essential highlighted part of the face. Avoid dry, cut, and peeled lips. Proper nourishment gives it a soft, healthy, and bigger look that will surely fetch the attention of everyone, wherever you pass!



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