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8 Best Black Men’s Beards Styles In 2022

Getting the perfect styling for your hair can be difficult but when it comes to black men’s beards styles it can be even more challenging especially if you have short hair.

Combining a beard with short haircuts is possible and it looks really good but you need to have a little creativity to achieve a truly excellent look.

black men's beards styles

You don’t need to have a full head of hair to match any beard style.

Many are convinced by the fact that a long beard is better for those with longer hair instead, and ‘right here that many are wrong because you just need to know your face shape and understand the type of hair you have to get a match that goes to highlight our facial features.

So to help you always look and feel your best when it comes to both your beard and hair, I’ve created this guide covering the best and trendiest men’s beard styles to try as well as some helpful tips on how to maintain and style your beard. your beard.

If you already have a beard or are planning on growing it, you will have some decisions to make when it comes to deciding how best to style it with your hair.

8 Best Black Men’s Beards Styles In 2022

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The term natural is a bit deceptive but for all intents and purposes, this beard style is summed up in its name. A natural beard is a beard that is in no way designed to achieve a certain look, just let it grow and occasionally shorten it with an electric beard razor.
You should keep your beard relatively short but make sure your hair isn’t too thin. A very useful tip is to apply some gel on your beard to make it look more hydrated and shiny.

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There are many questions asked about the stubble beard, many do not describe it as a real beard but more than anything else they describe it with the term more or less shaved but I disagree.
When you keep a very short beard for good and it is tidy it can look really good and it is also very elegant, it goes perfectly with shorter haircuts.
Short side-parted cuts go great with this type of thin beard and if both the haircut and the beard are well cared for and maintained they can be a very professional look.
The only annoying thing is that to have this type of beard you have to keep it and thin it out very often.
For example, if you don’t keep your beard regularly, it can become patchy and give the impression of a rather messy look and that’s definitely what you don’t want to achieve.
However, you could try growing it a bit if you want a more raw style.

7 Best Smelling Beard Oil Reviews In 2022

The best smelling beard oil are indispensable products to take care of the beard because moisturizes and softens while making it denser and more healthy. They also help to comb it more easily and make it fragrant.

Viking Beard Styles for Black Men


The Viking beard style may seem quite intimidating, but that’s part of its appeal and why many men want to try it. However, the Vikings weren’t exactly known for having short hair, were they?
But men with short hair can still sport a Viking beard if they grow it the right way. This black men’s beards style shows how a long beard and short haircut make the perfect match.
A medium-long traditional Viking beard fits brilliantly with short, straight hair. It might seem like an odd pairing but it works very well and the contrast is incredibly effective.

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We know, there are many short hairstyles for men to choose from but one thing you need to know is that the classic back hair look is still very popular and on-trend.
The fact that it is still very popular is precisely because it can be a casual, formal look but also somewhere between the two.
There is a lot of variety in how short hair can be styled and it also goes perfectly with the traditional long beard. A traditional style long beard does not require any special techniques, you can only grow the beard and give it a cut and a comb now and then.
This isn’t a match that works for everyone, but more mature men prefer it to the more styled and well-groomed beard.
If you don’t want a long beard anyway, you can trim it a bit to opt for something a little shorter like a medium beard which will also make it easier to maintain.

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This beard doesn’t have the most attractive name but it is a beard style that can work quite well with short hair. Don’t let the name fool you, this beard is quite stylish and not something you see that often which makes it a little more unique nowadays.
So what is a short prickly beard then? This is what you get when you leave your beard for a few more days without shortening it to give you a more elegant look.
Yes, the hair might look a little pungent but with a little bit of care, the combination can truly be a perfect and trendy look.
You can also shorten your hair sideways so that it blends in with the beard.
This type of beard goes very well with different types of shortcuts such as the short cut with parting, hair pulled back, shaved sideways, etc … Just experiment a little and figure out which style suits you best.

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Well, this is a beard style that is difficult for many to achieve but not only that, many do not know what type of cut it looks best with.
A square beard is a full-length beard with straight, angled edges.
This beard can take some time to grow properly and it will take a little longer to achieve the perfect style.
When paired with a short hairstyle, it has an effective box-style look that can work very well. As the name might suggest to the square-shaped faces, in particular, this type of beard looks very good.
To achieve the optimal style, best and medium length, however, you could opt for a longer beard for a more rectangular look or even a shorter, squat-shaped beard for a more artistic hipster style.
It is a very versatile black men’s beards style that many men can use.

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With all the various beard styles we’ve talked about it seems odd that the traditional full, full beard hasn’t been named yet.
Let’s see how men with medium to short hair can still sport this classic beard style.
A full, thick beard doesn’t have to be too long, it can be a relatively short beard. When it comes to pairing a full, thick beard with shorter hair, it’s best to opt for a slightly shorter beard.
A full beard will surround half of the lower face and will usually have significant volume.

Messy Thick Beard For Black Guys


We talked a little bit about more natural beards, but what is a natural, scruffy beard?
Well, there are many different approaches to what a natural beard can look like, but this particular variation is ideal for men who want something that doesn’t take too long and a more relaxed look.
This beard pattern also works well with short hair, but how exactly do you modify it?
With this type of beard, let it grow naturally but make sure you keep it reasonably short. It will often be a bit uneven especially on the sides, but you should just let things grow naturally as the name suggests.
Do not shave your neckline too much and after a short time, you will get a short beard with a natural scruffy style. This is not a beard that will look stylish, but it will give you a relaxed, disheveled look that many men like.
I mean, even Keanu Reeves has had a beard like this for a while now and all his fans love it!

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I’ve already talked about how important your face shape is when it comes to growing a beard.

Some beard models will look better with some face shapes. Below, I’ve compiled the seven face shapes for men and listed some of the best beard designs for you to try out.


The diamond face shape features a narrower forehead and chin and strongly emphasizes the cheekbones. If you have this face shape, consider yourself lucky as it is very versatile and works with almost any black men’s beards style.


The heart face shape features a broad forehead with rounder cheeks that have a curve that goes down to a small chin. Longer beards work best with this face shape as they can make your chin appear more pronounced and larger.


An oblong face is taller and more rectangular your forehead will typically also be quite wide but will match your cheekbones and jawline. A longer, fuller beard will usually work best with this face shape.


Similar to the oblong, an oval face will have a broad forehead but the cheekbones will be narrower and you will usually have a tapered jaw. Longer beards work even better, but so do styles that help highlight the neck.


The circular or round face shape has wider cheekbones, a more pronounced forehead, and a tapered jaw. This face shape is more versatile than you think and can work well with a variety of different beard styles. Pointy, box-style beards in particular work very well.


The square face shape is quite broad with a wider forehead and an angular jaw. This is another versatile face shape that works well with a variety of beard patterns, especially medium to large beards like the pointed/square styles and the elongated goatee.


A smaller but still broad forehead along with a strong jaw and pointed chin are the most notable features of this face shape.

Typically, you will need to stick to larger or longer long beards or shorter beards. It is best to stick to long or short styles and avoid medium-length beards with the triangle face shape.


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