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Foil Versus Rotary Shavers: Pros And Cons {Complete Guide}

Which is best for foil versus rotary shavers? Taking care of yourself with comfort has long been no longer a luxury. Modern shaving devices deliver a minimum of inconvenience, and the very procedure of combating vegetation is made much easier. The electric shaver makes shaving comfortable and accessible in any place. The choice of this technique can be difficult for many – there are many manufacturers, models, and each has its own characteristics. The task is complicated by the fact that electric shavers are rotary or mesh and it becomes very difficult for a man to determine which one is best for him. Determining the type of shaver can be easier if you know the features of both devices.

foil versus rotary shavers

The main function of any razor is to remove hair from the face and neck. The quality of the result obtained is largely individual.

Developing your own shaving technique, due to your own facial features, is possible only over time, through a series of trial and error.

It is objectively impossible to determine which electric shaver is better than a rotary or mesh shaver. Having got used to one shaving device, the choice of a new one will take place taking into account the previous experience.

Foil Versus Rotary Shavers: Complete guide

Electric foil shavers

Electric mesh shavers work due to an alternating magnetic field created inside, which sets the crank mechanism in motion. This engages the working part of the blade and it, in a reciprocating motion, cuts the hair.

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When shaving, the blade does not touch the skin, it is separated by a protective metal mesh. The hair is cut with a blade passing through a hole in the mesh.

The part where the blades are located in the shaver is called the head. The working part of the head is closed with a fine foil that eliminates contact with the shaving knife.

This eliminates the possibility of injury to the skin. Using the electric foil shaver can be irritating the first time you shave. But after the third session, the skin usually gets used to it and shaving does not cause discomfort.

What are electric foil shavers?

The shaving head in the electric foil shaver has varieties. It can contain from one to three blocks that are covered with a separate protective mesh.

Optionally, in addition to the blocks with blades, the electric shaver can be equipped with a trimmer to create a model haircut for the beard and mustache.

Models of foil shavers in the middle and high price range can have either the entire floating head or separate shaving units.

The floating mechanism allows the shaver to better contact the skin surface due to the ability to follow the contours of the face.

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Pros and cons of foil shavers

For men with sensitive skin types, it is better to choose an electric foil shaver. Foil shaves cannot boast of a perfectly clean shave, which is considered their main drawback.

The strength of such devices lies in the minimal effect on the skin without causing irritation on it. Men with very sensitive skin on their faces should pay attention to the models, the protective mesh of which has a platinum coating.

Rotary shavers

Rotary shavers outperform mesh shavers for a perfectly clean shave. Long hairs and short bristles are cut at the root with blades. This ability is not available to all foil shavers.

Rotary shavers

The device of rotary electric shavers differs from the mesh shaving head. The movable knife in it is located behind a round static blade, which is in contact with the skin when shaving.

Around the perimeter, the static blade has slots through which the rotating knife cuts the hairs. It is set in motion by an electric motor located in the shaver body.

What are rotary shavers?

In rotary shavers, the shaving head can have one or more shaving units. One block includes a pair of blades – movable and static.

In the 3-unit models, the round static blades are angled relative to each other and independently mounted inside the shaving head. This design provides better skin-to-razor contact and follows the contours of the face.

There are models in which there are four or five-blade blocks at once. This improves the shaving result and makes it more comfortable.

The pros and cons of a rotary shaver

Many modern models, like conventional shaving machines, have a double blade. It gives the best effect, making the skin smoother. One blade lifts the hairs up while the other shaves them off.

This mechanism allows you to remove more hairs in one pass with a razor, regardless of the direction of their growth. Particularly good results are given by models with blocks, in which, in addition to slots along the perimeter, there are holes on the most round blade.

Such blocks can simultaneously shave both long hairs and short bristles, which pass through the holes in a similar way to electric razors.

The disadvantage of a rotary razor is that it has a harsher effect on the skin than a mesh type. For men with sensitive skin, shaving with a rotary razor will cause irritation.

Models that can be used for wet shaving help partially solve this disadvantage. Rotary-type devices are also quite impressive in size. This can sometimes be inconvenient when using and storing the shaver.

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Accessories for additional functionality

Most electric shavers boast a range of additional options. They empower, create convenience and make shaving comfortable. The most common functions are:

  • set of nozzles;
  • trimmer;
  • battery operation;
  • information display reflecting the state of the shaver;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • automatic supply of moisturizing gel;
  • skin cooling system.

Modern models of electric mesh and rotary shavers are suitable for dry and wet shaving. The models are protected from moisture penetration inside, which allows not only to carry out the wet shaving procedure but also to conveniently take care of the equipment.

The blades can be cleaned under running water. Each type of electric shaver, depending on the model, can be powered by a rechargeable battery. Not being attached to an outlet and the absence of a wire makes self-care much more convenient.

It is convenient to take equipment with a battery with you on trips. Shaver batteries charge fairly quickly. The charging cycle will take just a few hours.

There are shavers that can recharge their batteries in a matter of minutes, usually in 10-15 minutes.

Most brands produce electric shavers with a range of different attachments. Some models may even have an attachment with which you can trim the hair on your head.

Most often, manufacturers complete a razor with a trimmer, which can be removable or built-in.

The amount of additional functionality is directly reflected in the cost of an electric shaver. Maximum functions – more price.

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When deciding for yourself which razor is better foil versus rotary shavers, you can proceed from practical considerations. Each type has its own characteristics, pros, and cons. Based on your shaving needs, you can choose the best razor.

If you want the maximum possibilities from the device, then you need to understand that you will have to pay more money for such razors. Most of the functions are unnecessary for everyday shaving.

When choosing an electric shaver, it is better for a man to take into account his skin type. Additional options and opportunities are optimally selected according to the same principle.

For sensitive skin, choose a razor that has a wet shave or a hydrating gel system. Those who like to wear a mustache and beard should pay attention to models with a trimmer.

Men who prefer clean-shaven skin should not expect the same result as the machine gives.


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