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What Foods To Avoid With Calcific Tendonitis

The tendinitis is tendinopathy or a disease of the tendons or connected premises. Here we discuss what foods to avoid with calcific tendonitis?

It is an inflammatory-based disorder, triggered by an acute event (rarer) or chronic repetition of micro-stresses (more frequent).

What foods to avoid with calcific tendonitis

Tendon damage seen in tendonitis can resolve spontaneously; however, the repair process that characterizes healing involves forming a less resistant, less elastic, and almost always thinner tendon tissue.

The tendons most sensitive to the onset of tendonitis are those that reside near the joints: ankle, knee, elbow, and shoulder (in particular: sural triceps tendon, quadriceps hamstring tendon, forearm extensors, supraspinatus tendon).

Tendinitis presents with pain, swelling, and redness (where visible); very often, moreover, they also cause reduced elasticity, impaired mobility and stiffness, and increased risk of breakage.

The risk factors for tendonitis are environmental (work, hobbies, sports, etc.) and subjective (anatomical predispositions, muscle weakness, etc.).

Natural Cures and Remedies



Stretching can be static or dynamic, active or passive. In the case of tendinitis, it mainly serves to combat the resulting joint stiffness


Motor Exercises For Strengthening

Used both in conservative therapy and in rehabilitation after surgery. They are particularly useful in shoulder tendonitis. The triggering cause is a reduction in muscle tone, which causes the tendons to stretch and the consequent rubbing on some bone vertices.

ATTENTION! It is not advisable to force excessively with stretching and reinforcement gymnastics; in addition to generating pain, they could favor the rupture of a particularly thinned tendon.



Cold therapy is useful in reducing pain and inflammation. It should be done 2 or 3 times a day. Ice should not be applied directly; on the contrary. It should be placed in a containment bag with water and applied by interposing a woolen cloth to protect the skin.


Braces, Bandages, and Bandages

These are tools that are sometimes useful for the reduction of symptoms. They have the function of accompanying or limiting movements. In sports practice, they cannot be very tight; on the contrary, during work, it is possible to tighten them more vigorously, taking care not to compromise circulation.

Foods to avoid with calcific tendonitis

In case of obesity and tendinitis affecting the lower limbs, it is advisable to reduce weight by reducing the caloric intake by about 30% and leaving the balanced distribution of the diet unchanged:

  • It is advisable to eliminate junk foods and drinks, especially fast food and sweet or savory snacks.
  • It is also necessary to reduce the frequency of consumption and the portions of pasta, bread, pizza, potatoes, derivatives, fatty cheeses, fatty meats and fish, cured meats, sausages, and sweets.

The elimination of alcohol is decisive: these drinks favor overweight and compromise pharmacological metabolism.

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What to eat 

There is no suitable diet for treating tendonitis. However, the nutritional status can positively or negatively affect the onset and healing of the disease.

In the presence of obesity, especially in tendonitis affecting the lower limbs, it becomes essential to practice a slimming diet low in calories. The basic principles are:

1. Consume an adequate amount of calories, which is 70% of normal calories.

2. Choose foods with a suitable metabolic impact (whole foods and foods without refined carbohydrates), preventing spikes in blood sugar and insulin:

  • Achieve a good amount of dietary fiber: it helps to keep blood sugar under control, modulates fat absorption, and positively affects estrogen levels.
  • Keep the fraction of simple carbohydrates no more than 10-16% of total calories: it is usually sufficient to eliminate all sweet foods, keeping 4-6 servings of fruit and vegetables, as well as 1-3 servings of milk and yogurt.

3. Keep the fat fraction no more than 25-30% of total calories, preferring the “good” ones (raw vegetable oils and medium-fat bluefish) over the “bad” ones (saturated, hydrogenated, bi-fractionated, etc.).

Since tendonitis has an inflammatory basis, it could be useful to increase the supply of nutrients with a strong anti-inflammatory function:

  • Omega 3: they are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic (DHA) and alpha linolenic (ALA). They exert an anti-inflammatory role. The first two are biologically very active and are found primarily in Sardinian, mackerel, bonito, shad, herring, tunny, the belly of tuna, marlin, algae, krill, etc. The third is less active but constitutes a precursor of EPA; it is mainly contained in the fat fraction of certain plant foods or in oils: soybean, flaxseed, seed kiwi, grape seed, etc.

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  • Vitamin Treatments: The antioxidant vitamins are carotenoids ( provitamin A ), vitamin C, and vitamin E . Carotenoids are contained in vegetables and red or orange fruits (apricots, peppers, melons, peaches, carrots, squash, tomatoes, etc.); they are also present in crustaceans and milk. Vitamin C is typical of sour fruit and some vegetables (lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, kiwis, peppers, parsley, chicory, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.). Vitamin E can be found in the lipid portion of many seeds and related oils (wheat germ, corn germ, sesame, kiwi, grape seeds, etc.).
  • Minerals: zinc and selenium. The first is mainly liver, meat, milk, and derivatives, some bivalve mollusks (especially oysters). The second is mainly contained in meat, fish products, egg yolk, milk and derivatives, enriched foods (potatoes, etc.).
  • Polyphenols: simple phenols, flavonoids, tannins. They are very rich: vegetables (onion, garlic, citrus fruits, cherries, etc.), fruit and relative seeds (pomegranate, grapes, berries, etc.), wine, oilseeds, coffee, tea, cocoa, legumes, and whole grains, etc.


  • Pay attention to motor stimuli: this concerns both the position and the load. The circumstances most at risk concern: hobbies, sports, and work.
  • For tendinopathies of the upper limbs:
  • Use suitable tools or aids: weight, shape, and handling are involved (grip, bulk, etc.). They must not induce precarious articular excursions and excessively stress the tendons.
  • For lower limb tendinopathies:
    • Use appropriate footwear.
    • Running or jumping on even and possibly intermediate terrain.
  • Avoid slippery, too hard (asphalt) or too soft (sand) soils.
  • Correctly carry out the specific gestures or sports exercises involved.
  • Exclude the intake of anabolic drugs intended to increase muscle mass and strength (doping): they can create an imbalance between muscle strength and tendon resistance (especially of compromised tendons).
  • Do not abuse local corticosteroid-based injections: these drugs, although very effective in fighting inflammation, favor the thinning of the tendons.
  • Perform a warming proper before strenuous activity.
  • Observe proper recovery and practice prescribed therapies following a tendon injury.
  • Assume a correct posture.

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Tecar therapy: it is a therapeutic method that uses an electric capacitor to treat joint muscle injuries and tendinopathies. The mechanism of Tecartherapy is based on the restoration of the electrical charge in the injured cells to make them regenerate more quickly.

Medical Treatments


Laser Therapy

It is a treatment that uses electromagnetic rays directly on the affected area. The electron beam from the laser acts on the cell membrane and mitochondria by increasing metabolic activity, reducing pain and inflammation, creating vasodilation, and increasing lymphatic drainage.



This system uses high-frequency acoustic waves. It is very useful as an anti-inflammatory stimulant of edematous reabsorption and to dissolve the adhesions that form during healing. It produces heat and increases the permeability of cell membranes.


Shockwaves (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy)

Crumble the small calcifications of calcific tendonitis. They are based on the localized release of acoustic impulses.


Kinesio Taping

It is not particularly effective on tendonitis, but it can be used in milder forms. Take advantage of the traction of adhesive and elastic bandages, which sometimes contain small pharmacological concentrations of anti-inflammatories applied to the skin. They should have a draining, slightly pain-relieving- anti-inflammatory, and bracing function.



It is essential to repair the total rupture of the inflamed tendon and sometimes for the removal of calcifications.



Useful both before and after surgery. Optimizes the range of motion, avoids overloading the tendons, initiates muscle strengthening, prevents stiffness, and improves functional recovery.


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