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3rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms You Must Know

Congratulations! At 3 weeks pregnant it’s official! You are pregnant and starting to feel different than usual. Here’s what happens in the 3rd week pregnancy symptoms.

We are in the third of forty weeks of pregnancy: you may begin to feel the first symptoms. You are pregnant and you begin to feel that something is happening to your body, maybe you feel different, a little more tired than usual.


In the third week of pregnancy, the expectant mother begins to feel decidedly different and to feel the first symptoms. The woman is now officially pregnant and feels that her body is changing and changing very quickly.

Inside, the process of “nesting” is taking place, through which the trophoblast, which was formed in the first weeks of pregnancy, adheres to the walls of the uterus, penetrating inside. The uterine mucosa responds to this “invasion” with what gynecologists call a “decidual reaction”, that is, thickening thanks to the proliferation of endometrial cells.

3rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

You may start to feel early pregnancy symptoms, such as mood swings, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, breast tension, morning sickness.

They are mainly caused by the hormonal changes taking place in your body that serve to prevent the embryo from being expelled from the uterus.

Small blood losses may occur: most likely they are normal losses, linked to the implantation of the embryo. But if the losses become more abundant it is good to contact the gynecologist, especially if the lower abdominal pain is also present: there may be an ectopic pregnancy in progress or a miscarriage.

You may have a ferocious appetite and feel the frequent need to urinate: this is completely normal because the body is slowly getting used to the big changes taking place.

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What are the causes that can lead to periods becoming more frequent? Often there is nothing to worry about, but it is just an organism’s response to small and large changes at every stage of life.

How does the expectant mother feel?

Week 3 is the very debut of an interesting position, therefore, at this time, the most objective criterion is the absence of another menstruation with a positive hCG.

The rest of the signs are subjective, and most often they are felt by women who are actively planning pregnancy and are looking forward to its onset. Many at the moment do not feel any changes at all.

Until recently, favorite scents can cause rejection and even rejection. A change in taste preferences is possible, a woman can become more selective in food.

In some patients, toxicosis begins, and heartburn and other dyspeptic phenomena are also observed. Proper nutrition will help to stop unpleasant symptoms, water with lemon and a light breakfast will relieve nausea.

How does the expectant mother feel?

In addition, the mammary glands can respond to a new condition with a feeling of fullness, engorgement, and even a slight excretion of colostrum.

The emotional background undergoes some changes. A pregnant woman, for no reason at all, becomes more whiny, vulnerable, and sentimental, sometimes irritated and upset over trifles. She tends to sleep more often, even in the middle of the working day.

However, all of the above are rather indirect symptoms. Most likely, pregnancy does not cause any discomfort during this period.

It is hardly possible to feel any significant changes in the uterus at this time. Some women may experience slight pulling, low-intensity pain in the lower abdomen. If the discomfort is not severe and acute, this situation does not require the intervention of a doctor.

Sometimes scanty spotting may appear at 3 weeks. Maria Prokhorova reassures that, most likely, this will be associated with the implantation of an embryo into the uterine cavity. Discharge at 3 obstetric weeks should normally be colorless and odorless.

A variant of the norm is a slight increase in temperature without other signs of respiratory diseases. If the numbers on the thermometer exceed 37.5, this is a reason to see a doctor. Self-medication and uncontrolled intake of even the most familiar and seemingly harmless drugs are unacceptable! The attending physician must be made aware of his situation so that the specialist can choose the appropriate treatment tactics that are safe for the fetus.

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How the body changes in the third week of pregnancy 

Most women may not feel any changes in their bodies, not least because in the 3rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms, conception has just occurred. You may have lost your appetite due to a bit of nausea and therefore you may have lost weight, or on the contrary, you may feel a little swollen or have slightly put on weight because you are in the grip of unbelievable hunger.

In any case, take note of your weight so that you can follow how you will gain weight over the nine months.

The breasts may be a little sore and tight and may increase in size.

Maintain a lifestyle as healthy as possible: the formation of the organs of the fetus takes place between the first and second month of pregnancy so relax and eat in a balanced way.

In the third week of pregnancy, how does the baby grow?

Your embryo is between 14 and 21 days old. It evolves very quickly and doubles its volume every day. In the 3rd week pregnancy symptoms, it appears as a small spot with a distinct head and tail. The nervous system, brain, and marrow begin to develop. The two blood vessels are fused and contracted: the heart originates there and begins to beat very slowly (about 40 beats per minute).

pregnancy week three

In this phase, the formation of eyes and ears also begins, and slowly they begin to become operative even if the embryo continues to feed on the substances present in the uterine lining.

Curiosities about the third week of pregnancy

Your diet affects the development of the fetus. An unbalanced diet can also increase the risk of miscarriage or cause low baby weight and premature birth. Furthermore, some studies have confirmed that dieting during pregnancy also affects the baby’s long-term health and increases his chances of suffering from obesity or hypertension.

The third week of pregnancy, what to do

After the positive pregnancy test, or in place of it, the test that almost all women at the beginning of a pregnancy decide to do, or are prescribed by the gynecologist, is precisely the dosage of beta HCG commonly called beta. If from blood tests, the value of this hormone increases daily, the pregnancy goes well and it is this hormone that determines the positivity of the pregnancy test.

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Recommendations and prohibitions

Once the test shows you are pregnant, your lifestyle may no longer be the same. The regime of the day, nutrition, physical activity are subject to adjustment.


Bad Habits

It is obvious to any sane woman that smoking and alcohol abuse and pregnancy are mutually exclusive things. Ideally, it is necessary to give up tobacco and alcohol at the planning stage, and for both partners, especially since addictions negatively affect not only the health of future offspring but also reproductive function in general.


Emotional Background

As already mentioned, under the influence of hormones, a woman becomes more sensitive. Any nervous shocks, stresses, and worries of a pregnant woman are contraindicated, therefore the task of relatives is to protect her as much as possible from negative influences from the outside.



A common myth that the expectant mother is supposed to eat for two can do a disservice in the form of a set of extra pounds, and at a later date – an increase in blood sugar, pressure, and edema. You need to eat in moderation, focusing on your own feelings, but at the same time try to adhere to traditional meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The diet should include plenty of fiber-rich vegetables to help avoid stool problems, and protein. For a snack, you can use pre-soaked nuts or fresh berries. Maria Prokhorova recommends completely eliminating white bread, sweet, fatty, smoked, semi-finished, and processed meat products (sausages, sausages). As for the intake of vitamin complexes, a doctor should prescribe them.


Excessive physical activity

Lifting weights and many kilometers of marathons of a pregnant woman is useless. But moderate exercise will only benefit. The ideal option is swimming, yoga, hiking.



There are no strict contraindications for sexual activity during this period, of course, in the presence of mutual attraction and the well-being of the partner.

Pregnancy is by no means a disease, however, the pregnant woman herself and her relatives should understand that the load on the body during this period increases significantly, therefore, for the health of the mother and baby, it is extremely important to respect the surrounding people and the woman herself.


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