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Why I Feel Sharp Stabbing Pain at The Right Side Of C-Section?


Sharp stabbing pain at the right side of C-Section
Sharp stabbing pain at the right side of C-Section

Over the past twenty years, birth through C-section has become routine, reducing many death rates of babies and mothers. It is now considered the safest and easiest way to deliver a baby instead of natural birth.

This century’s women think surgery would be less painful than natural birth-giving; however, mothers feel pain in both ways of delivery. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has been estimated that 21% of childbirth have taken place through c- the section.

However, it continues to rise; by 2030, a third of 29% of all births will happen with c- section delivery. C- section delivery technique is a blessing to save the life of the mother and a baby in a critical condition. On the opposite side, unneeded surgeries might be more harmful.

What is C-section delivery?

c section surgery
c section surgery

A C-section is a cesarean delivery technique of surgery. During this surgery, you won’t feel pain because of anaesthesia. Some mothers become awake at the time of this major surgery.

After the surgery, it is more likely that you will feel pressure near the area of the surgical cut. A mom feels a sharp stabbing pain on the right side of the C -section. The reason to feel Sharp stabbing pain at the right side of C-Section because It involves a surgical cut at the right side of the abdomen to deliver a baby.

A C-section delivery under normal conditions is planned at 39 weeks of pregnancy, so the baby takes its time in the womb. It has been observed that premature deliveries allow C-section before 36 or 37, but it won’t be safe.

Why C-Section surgery is used instead of normal delivery?

c section surgery baby
c section surgery baby

There are many possible reasons for cesarean delivery instead of vaginal. The first possible reason might be that a mother gives birth before its time, i.e., premature delivery, if, through the natural delivery, there is a high chance that the mother’s health is compromised.

Surgery is required if the baby’s health no longer supports the standard delivery. Also, a mother will give birth to more than one baby. And lastly, the baby’s position in the womb: Transverse lie, in this baby found crosswise, and it is more likely that at the time of normal birth, the shoulder would strike to mother’s pelvis.

The Size of the baby might also cause difficulties in the standard delivery. The reasons mentioned above become the cause of c- section delivery.

What risks are associated with the C-Section surgery?

The C-section is a relatively less painful process. Also, it decreases the chance of death of mother and baby. It is also safer to deliver a baby with less medial complexions.

However, there are some drawbacks to this major surgery. It leaves the mother susceptible to urine infections. Besides this, wound infection, blood clotting, heavy bleeding before and after the surgery, and complications in the future than natural birth.

The more surgeries at the birth of babies, the more the placenta would be near the uterine wall, and the risk of rupturing the wall becomes high.

Why sharp pain at the right side of the C-Section happens?

Sharp pain in c section
Sharp pain in c section

Sharp pain at the right side of the c- section is standard, whereas the damaged tissues will be repaired after surgery. Nevertheless, Doctors avoid damaging the nerve, but during C-section delivery, it is evident that the delivery is impossible without surgical cuts.

It is likely to expect that three nerves might get damaged during surgery. It includes the Ilioinguinal nerve, the Iliohypogastric nerve, and the Genitofemoral nerve.

When these nerves get damaged, you feel blazing pain, also termed hypersensitivity, which means that it hurts even at the lighter touch and at the touch of wind and water.

These nerves cause sharp pain and also cause itching and numbness around the scars. It causes blazing and tightness of the abdomen and near the stuff. During this pain, bending back in the setting, walking even resting would be difficult. It is normal to feel internal soreness and pain near the edges of the incision.

At the starting days of surgery, the pain is usual, and it takes a few days to get normal. It is because the uterus wall shrinks to its normal position and the damaged nerves start healing. If you feel numbness and pain, this condition is called anaesthesia Dolorosa. A hernia is a rare condition that might occur after a c-section. According to research, it might happen in every 2 cases of 1000 cesarean deliveries. Although it can be treated after surgery, it causes chronic pain after the c-section.

Sharp stabbing pain at the right side of the C- section was caused by the nerve damage mentioned earlier. Therefore, it can be treated with a nerve block. It includes the injections of anaesthetic and cortisone to eradicate the pain. Many types of anaesthesia doses might be used during the C-section. It has an Epidural block, which blocks the nerve from the waist part of the mother. Besides this, Spinal block, Combined spinal, epidural block, and general anaesthesia require to numb the nerve.


During recovery, you might expect a few conditions, which are customary in C-section delivery. For example, mild cramping during the wet-nursing of a baby, bleeding, wound pain, and numbness. Healing from the incision requires nearly 6 weeks.

Doctors recommend walking and slight back bending so tissues do not become dead. Also, it starts to heal and become normal. It also suggested that mothers stay at hospitals for three to four days after the C- section.

As per experts, the number of abdominoplasties would only grow as more obese patients undergo plastic procedures and experience rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery.

A waist tuck produces nerve trauma to the affected area, just like other surgeries. Before the nerves recover from temporary neuropraxia, this may produce numbness for several weeks to months. The settlement usually takes 6 to 12 weeks, but in some situations, it might take longer.

Therefore, if you or some of your acquaintances feel a sharp stabbing pain at the right side of the C- section, relax; it is normal. It will take a few weeks to become normal. However, proper pregnancy care must be required. It can be healed through care and medication. You must consult your doctor if this is a chronic pain that lasts longer than a few weeks.

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