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Why All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly

Do you know, why all my teeth hurt suddenly? Toothache is a fairly common occurrence. But most often it appears in one tooth, but the pain in the entire jaw at once is a rather rare dental phenomenon. There can be many reasons for the development of unpleasant symptoms, so it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist as soon as possible.

all my teeth hurt suddenly

The main reasons include the following: pathological gum problems, neuralgia or severe hypothermia of the whole organism, phantom pains, trigeminal nerve diseases, severe stress, depression, apathy, etc. It is important to understand that such pains that last more than 2-3 days are not the norm.

Only a dentist will be able to conduct all the necessary examinations, take a picture of the jaw, and take tests. According to the results of the research, he will be able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the correct therapy.

Why there is pain in all teeth at once

If you look at the structure of our jaw, you can easily understand the cause of pain in several units of the dentition at once. The thing is that the teeth are interconnected by many nerve endings, while the nerves are located both in the lower jaw and in the upper.

Each alveolar nerve has several branches, which allows it to connect different types of teeth. To have a more visual representation, you can visually divide the branches of the nerve into anterior, middle and posterior. In this case, the front one will go to the frontal zone of the smile, the middle one – to the zone where the premolars are located, and the back one – to the molars.

In addition, there are smaller nerve endings in the oral cavity, on which the sensitivity of the crown part of the tooth depends. At the slightest damage to the enamel, gums or nerve of one tooth, discomfort quickly spreads throughout the jaw. At the same time, it seems that the whole row is whining at once.


Coming to the appointment with the dentist, the patient should immediately voice the symptoms he has. According to the sensations described, an experienced dentist can immediately determine the nature of pain. The pain can be aching in nature, as a rule, the sensations are the most vivid and unpleasant. If the entire lower or upper jaw aches, you should immediately contact the clinic.

However, most often the pain overtakes a person at night. In this case, you should not endure the pain, it is best to take a painkiller pill. Acute pain usually manifests itself in the presence of serious pathological processes, for example, developing pulpitis, deep caries or periodontitis. In this case, acute pain can be pulsating, can intensify with each new push.

To provoke the appearance of sharp pain can eat too hot or cold food. When it hits the surface of a diseased tooth, piercing pain can immediately cover the entire jaw. However, unpleasant sensations are usually short-term, they decrease in the absence of an irritant.

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Why do teeth hurt at the same time?

Why do teeth hurt not separately, but all at the same time and at once?

The causes of the condition when the entire jaw hurts are numerous and can be related:

  • with patients, when the apparatus holding the dentition is worn out);
  • the state of the oral cavity (pain can be reflected, when not all teeth actually hurt at once, but the periosteum, bone, gum, mucous membrane);
  • mental health of a person (the body is so exhausted that it is ready to “put” the owner to bed under any pretext, the throat, head, stomach, and the whole mouth can get sick too);
  • diseases of the nervous system (in the oral cavity there is not one nerve, but a huge nerve clot that nourishes its tissues, and if the entire system suffers, then the individual organs connected to it also hurt);
  • recent procedures age (more often the problem is observed in children during the period of bite change and age (nerve removed, bleaching or removal of a crushed root incorrectly).

Reasons why all teeth are concerned

As practice shows, when a person has all the teeth above and below, on the right and on the left, the reason most often lies:

  • in the gums (they hurt, and the pain is reflected in the dentition);
  • bones and jaw joints (trauma, inflammation, bone disease or arthritis, arthrosis);
  • increased atmospheric pressure (relevant if there are a lot of large fillings and dental crowns in the mouth);
  • acclimatization in a new place (sometimes patients have a toothache in the first few hours after arriving in a country with a fundamentally different climate from their usual one);
  • traumatic brain injury (often a symptom in which teeth ache due to a blow to the head is strongly delayed and manifests itself a few days after the blow).

A photo. Doctor dentist therapist Maslov M.A. conducts a consultation, dentistry Lumi-Dent.

Wheezing front teeth

Why do all the teeth hurt at once, figured out, but because of what the front teeth hurt from above and below, or (more often) only their upper row?

Common causes of this condition:

  • a cold (or rather, rhinitis or sinusitis);
  • fluorosis (it affects all rows, but the front ones suffer from it to a greater extent);
  • recent intervention (lightening or inept professional cleaning , in which soft tissues were damaged or gums were burned);
  • stomatitis of the upper and lower lips often leads to a feeling that the front teeth hurt;
  • tartar , which quickly accumulates on small lower front incisors, can also cause discomfort even before cavities begin because of them;
  • nasal congestion with allergies;
  • trauma;
  • periodontitis (although it feels like the front teeth are aching, in fact it is the gums that hurt);
  • with migraines, just before the attack, pronounced symptoms of an imminent headache appear, and among them are aching front teeth.

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Worn lower teeth

Understanding why the lower teeth hurt, it is worth considering everything that causes general discomfort.

But in this case, there are specific reasons that explain the discomfort in the bottom row.

These reasons include:

  • heart disease (due to angina pectoris or in a pre-infarction state, the teeth of the lower jaw often hurt, if this is accompanied by pain in the right or left hand, you should rush to a cardiologist or therapist);
  • conditions and diseases associated with a violation of blood pressure lead to the fact that the lower teeth hurt, this is especially evident during physical exertion;
  • SARS (flu, colds), in which the lymph nodes become inflamed, cause discomfort in the lower jaw (teeth hurt from the front from the bottom or the entire side from which the node has become inflamed);
  • enamel microcracks (the lower teeth, especially the front ones, take on serious loads, remaining the smallest in the row. Their damage is more common, and the teeth hurt very unpleasantly);
  • caries in the first stage (it can develop in the interdental spaces, and visually be completely invisible);
  • insufficient oral hygiene (food or a small fish bone has got into very tight interdental spaces, which presses on the gum, creating a feeling that the front teeth hurt from below);
  • if the jaw or neck muscles are injured, there may be a feeling that the lower teeth are aching.

All teeth hurt on the left

In some cases, the pain may be reflected, and then:

  • teeth hurt on the left, although otitis media on the right;
  • the right side (gum) is infected, and the teeth are aching on the left;
  • there is pinching of the trigeminal facial nerve.

Why can only one side hurt and whine (right or left area)?

The space for assumptions is quite large here, the teeth are whining on the left or right:

  • With a blockage of the salivary glands (salivary stone disease), all my teeth hurt suddenly on the left side, and severe dry mouth will help to suspect that it’s not about them at all.
  • If the lower teeth hurt on the left, the problem may not even be in the pathologies of the head, but in the neck.
  • A cold or injured muscle can cause a painful symptom, and the teeth hurt, although the doctor will not see anything in the picture.
  • The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic and analysis, when it is overloaded (it is not possible to solve a certain logical problem, as a result of general physical overwork), teeth can hurt.
  • If partial paralysis and muscle weakness are added to the sensations, the problem may be tumors localized on the left side of the body or head.
  • heart disease has aggravated (the teeth on the left are more often whining, but the right side may also suffer – no one has canceled the reflected pain).
  • toothpaste or other hygiene products contain components to which the patient is allergic (or is it an individual intolerance). In this case, right-handed people have teeth pain on the left side, since it is easier to clean it with the right hand. In left-handers, on the contrary, their teeth are aching on the right.
  • the toothbrush is too hard and constantly injures the gums (by analogy with the previous paragraph – on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handers, since the corresponding side has a greater load).

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What can you do if ‘all my teeth hurt suddenly’

It is important to understand that it is impossible to endure severe pain, especially in all teeth at once. If you experience discomfort, you should visit the nearest dental clinic as soon as possible and undergo an examination. In no case should you take strong painkillers for a long period of time, especially without a doctor’s prescription

If you neglect your health, the consequences can be irreversible and very serious. Experts do not recommend applying hot compresses to the sore spot, as increased blood circulation can lead to even more discomfort.

To alleviate your condition a little before going to the clinic, you can rinse your mouth with a solution of soda. It is also allowed to take 1-2 tablets of the most common pain reliever, for example, Analgin. Before buying, be sure to consult with the seller, most likely, he will be able to suggest the most suitable drug.


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