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11 Best Shaving Cream For Electric Razor For Self Grooming

The best shaving cream for electric razor is a cosmetic used before the daily manual shaving that serves to soften the hair of the beard, in order to facilitate the sliding of the razor blade. This product has strong soothing properties, which allow you to deeply hydrate the skin and create a real protective barrier between the blade and the skin, avoiding small wounds, redness and irritation.

best shaving cream for electric razor

Compared to other similar cosmetics used for shaving, such as shaving foam, the gel has a lighter and more compact consistency, which makes it quicker to apply the product to the face. It is also ideal for men who have oily skin, as it does not clog pores. Some shaving gels are transparent, a feature that helps you to see how you are shaving and, consequently, to speed it up, obtaining more precise results.

11 Best shaving cream for electric razor For Self Grooming

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1. King C. Gillette Men’s Shaving Cream

The Gillette transparent shaving gel is a product of the King C. line of the brand, dedicated precisely to products for a professional and always flawless shave.
The semi-transparent texture makes it ideal for shaving in areas where you need to see. As for the ingredients, its composition includes white tea and argan oil, which make it great for softening the beard and actively protecting the skin while shaving.
The intense fragrance is certainly one of its main strengths. This is made with a blend of citrus, pink pepper, and mint, in order to obtain a fresh and unforgettable fragrance.
Its composition with white tea and argan oil guarantees a softening effect even on the hardest hairs and helps to effectively protect the skin.
The fresh and intense fragrance is made with citrus, pink pepper, and mint, making it particularly pleasant. The capacity of the 150ml tube is also excellent, making it an affordable product.

Main Features:

  • Removes dead skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Brand: King C. Gillette
  • Item Weight: 0.18 Kilograms
  • Skin Type: All
  • Dimensions: ‎ 3.07 x 1.9 x 5.87 inches; 6.32 Ounces

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2. AMERICAN CREW Fiber Cream

For a close shave, this American Crew fiber cream is undoubtedly the most suitable product. It is a “non-foaming” gel, which ensures a transparent consistency without producing any foam during application. This allows you to shave much more precisely and accurately than with common shaving cream.
The product contains bisabolol, which is an extract of the tea tree, and vitamin E, both ingredients that allow you to better soothe redness and irritation of the skin.
It is also an extremely refreshing product, thanks to the presence of aloe Vera, which helps to deeply hydrate the skin, restoring a pleasant sensation of freshness. affected areas, for a flawless shave.
It is a “non-foaming” gel or a completely transparent consistency, to ensure greater precision during shaving.
The product contains disable and vitamin E, two elements that contribute effectively to soothe redness and irritation due to the passage of the blade.
Moreover, thanks to the presence of aloe vera, it helps to hydrate the skin in depth.

Main Features:

  • It’s Perfect for dry skin
  • perfectly softens the beard
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Liquid Volume: 100 Milliliters
  • Material Type Free: Talcum Free
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3. Gillette PURE Soothing Shaving Cream

The gel Gillette PURE Soothing Shaving Cream is cost-effective because it softens the hair and leaves the skin perfectly smooth after shaving.
The Ultra Comfort Complex helps make shaving easier and protects the skin to avoid cuts and redness. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is delicate and refreshing.
The Ultra Comfort complex of this gel helps to protect the skin during shaving, in order to avoid wounds and irritation, making it a product suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
Despite the Gillette brand, one of the best known in the shaving world, it is an economic product that is certainly less professional than other creams.

Main Features:

  • Advanced glide technology
  • Clean. Close. Comfortable
  • Hydrates to soften hair
  • Helps protect your skin
  • Perfect for all skin
  • Brand: Gillette
  • Item Weight: 0.68 Pounds
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4. Bulldog Mens Skincare

Another interesting product, suitable for both manual and electric razors, is this Bulldog shaving gel . The formula contains aloe Vera, camellia oil and green tea, all ingredients that help soothe the skin after shaving and prevent irritation and redness.
The gel does not contain artificial colors or ingredients of animal origin, confirming itself as a product particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The consistency of the gel is transparent, so you can see the area to be shaved at any time and promote precision.
The bottle is 125ml and has a truly remarkable quality / price ratio.
A gel with a gentle formula that includes aloe Vera, camellia oil and green tea, ingredients that help soothe the skin after shaving. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it does not contain artificial colors and ingredients of animal origin. Constant use helps prevent irritation and redness effectively.

Main Features:

  • suitable for oily skin
  • softens facial hair
  • improves the passage of the razor blade on the skin
  • to be used with a brush
  • Dimensions: ‎ 7.48 x 9.37 x 2.4 inches; 1.37 Pounds
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5. Nivea for Men Mild Shaving Cream

The Nivea for men mild shaving cream is a gentle and refreshing product to use for a post-comfortable shave. Its formula with 0% alcohol is also ideal for sensitive skin, as it helps to prevent irritation and small cuts due to the passage of the blade.
Its texture allows softening the hair, for a close and comfortable shave at the right point. In its composition, there is chamomile extract, which has the benefit of calming the skin, and seaweed extracts, to make the face more resistant to external agents. A complete formula that hydrates protects, and simplifies shaving.
A delicate shaving cream that contains 0% alcohol, to avoid irritation and redness on the most sensitive skin. Thanks to the chamomile extract and sea algae present in its formula, it helps protect the face from external agents, while ensuring an excellent moisturizing and refreshing effect on the skin.
The consistency is slightly foamier than other products, while always ensuring a precise and comfortable shave.

Main Features:

  • Advanced glide technology
  • Clean. Close. Comfortable
  • Hydrates to soften hair
  • Brand: NIVEA
  • Skin Type: All

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6. JACK BLACK Supreme Cream

After shaving, is the skin irritated and red? Jack Black Moisturizing Shaving Cream is the perfect choice for you.
Its formula softens the beard and creates a special layer on the skin, thanks to which the razor glides easily over the face. As a result, irritation and abrasions are significantly reduced while the skin is protected from cuts. 
The cream contains many natural ingredients: macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil with emollient properties, hydrating glycerin and licorice root extract, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Their combination allows the razor to glide over the skin and provides proper regeneration after shaving.
This is definitely number one among all shaving creams.

Main Features:

  • prevents irritation
  • is suitable for sensitive skin
  • can be used with or without a brush
  • Dimensions: ‎ 2.44 x 1.5 x 5.88 inches; 3.04 Ounces
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7. Taylor of Old Bond having Cream

Old Bond Street Taylor Moisturizing Shaving Cream is a product of a well-known British brand with a century-old tradition. It is associated with the highest quality cosmetics for men. It is for a reason that the best English barbers have been using it for years and it is used by the royal family themselves.
After application, the cream changes consistency into a rich foam. Thanks to this, no area of ​​the face is left exposed to irritation or cuts caused by the razor.
The cream has a modern fresh fragrance of forger with lemon and lavender bergamot, supported by essential oil of neroli and amber resting on a firm base of musk, patchouli and vanilla.

Main Features:

  • creates a rich lather
  • is perfect for dry skin
  • it’s easy to use
  • use with a brush
  • Brand: Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Scent: Eton College
  • Item Weight: 150 Grams
  • Skin Type: All
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8. REUZEL Beard Balm

REUZEL beard balm shaving cream will be the perfect choice for daily shaving. The product contains quinoa, aloe and sorbitol – ingredients that ensure a close and comfortable shave, without cuts and rashes. The cream creates a special protective layer on the skin, which ensures maximum sliding of the razor. The blade glides smoothly over the face, protecting it from abrasions and cuts. Get a shaving brush, a bowl and discover the charm of traditional shaving.

Main Features:

  • ensures maximum sliding of the razor
  • low price
  • use with a brush
  • Scent: Original scent
  • Brand: REUZEL
  • Item Form: Balm
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9. Cella Milano Extra Creamy Shaving Cream

Cella Milano shaving cream is a historical product used by Italian barbers. The brand boasts the same recipe from 100 years ago with a super-concentrated formula that allows you to obtain a rich, soft and consistent foam with very little product.
The shaving cream deeply moisturizes and softens the hair making it easier to slide the razor. It protects the skin from irritation and helps remove even the toughest hair.
The almond fragrance that persists for many hours after application completes this wonderful cream.

Main Features:

  • super concentrated formula
  • luxurious and rich foam in moments
  • almond fragrance
  • to be used with the brush
  • Brand: Cella
  • Scent: Almond
  • Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Skin Type: All
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10. Bluebeards Original Beard Saver

This shaving cream is The Bluebeards Revenge brand’s first product. The creators have set themselves an ambitious goal: once you try it, you will never go back to buying shaving foam in supermarkets. Made with acids and moisturizing ingredients, on the one hand it removes dead skin and cleans pores, on the other hand, it hydrates and nourishes renewed skin. All you need is a small amount of cream (like a walnut), a few drops of hot water and after a minute of kneading with a brush you will see a very thick foam.

Main Features:

  • perfectly softens the beard
  • removes dead skin
  • suitable for all skin types
  • use with a brush
  • Brand: Bluebeards Original
  • Scent: Original
  • Liquid Volume: 4 Fluid Ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.35 Pounds
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Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

The pacific shaving cream is a usable product with electric razors. It is in fact a product that does not produce foam, making shaving easier and more precise even with electric devices. The gel is ideal for completely shaving the beard, but also for defining mustache, goatee, and lines.
The product, in addition to effectively softening the hair, favoring the passage of the blade, also helps to keep the skin hydrated, thanks to the presence of Aloe Vera.
This greatly reduces any wounds, irritation, and redness of the skin after shaving.
In its composition there is a good concentration of menthol, an ingredient that helps tone and refreshes the face, carrying out an effective aftershave effect.

Main Features:

  • Brand: Pacific Shaving Company
  • Item Weight: 0.32 Pounds
  • Skin Type: Sensitive

How to choose your shaving cream

You should choose your shaving cream based on the type of facial hair and skin, but you should also take into account your tastes in terms of perfume, texture or packaging of the product.


The basic question when choosing a shaving cream is what kind of beard do you have. If it’s hard and therefore difficult to remove, look for products that soften facial hair and increase the blade’s glide on the skin. On the other hand, if you have a soft and easy-to-shave beard, you can focus on other aspects of the cream.


It is very important to choose a shaving cream that is suitable for your skin. If you have dry skin, look for a moisturizer. Sensitive, irritated and red skin needs a cream with soothing properties. On the other hand, if you have combination or oily skin, give up creams with a rich and dense texture.

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The best smelling beard oil is the indispensable product to take care of the beard because it moisturizes and softens while making it denser and more healthy. They also help to comb it more easily and make it fragrant.


Shaving cream is not just a cosmetic that makes shaving easier. Many men also appreciate its scent. So choose according to your preferences, for example, you can search for the same trendy perfume as your favorite perfume line, the classic perfume of shaving cosmetics, or an odorless formula.


Shaving creams are available in various sizes and packs. The cream can be packaged in a tube, jar or can.

Cans and jars are convenient because they give you full control over the amount of product. If you take a little too much, you can always put it back in the jar.

The tube, on the other hand, is much more hygienic and the cream retains its properties longer. Choose the tube if you have sensitive skin and prone to irritation.


When choosing a cream, think about how often you will use it. If you shave every day, choose light, easy-to-apply creams. If, on the other hand, you shave your beard from time to time, look for a cream suitable for shaving a long beard with stiff hair.    


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