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One Cup Of This Product Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus

One Cup Of This Product Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus

One Cup Of This Product Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus
One Cup Of This Product Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus

If you read on the internet that one cup of this product will destroy your nail fungus, then you might be trapped by the marketers. Nail fungus is not easy to treat, and even proper medication for nail fungus might take some time to fix. 

It requires complete treatment, whether a home remedy or medical treatment. It takes a sufficient amount of time to vanish the fungus from the nail. It will make your nail, brickle, embrittled and contorted in shape Also stinking and smelly. 

Nail Fungus
Nail Fungus

Nail fungus called onychomycosis which is a corrosive infection. If white and yellow spots under the tip of your nail also become ticked, you have a nail fungus. It becomes crackly and likely to break easily. Athlete’s foot is when the infection is present in the areas between your toes and the skin of your feet.   

It can affect a person at any age, but older persons and women are more vulnerable to this condition. There is a high chance of infection on the toenail rather than the fingers. Toenail fungal infections can start from the athlete’s foot and grow from one to another. In many cases, toenail infections are contagious, i.e., they can spread from one person to another through contact. 

Why Are We affected by Nail-fungus?

If you are not suffering from pain, then no need to worry. If you are bothered with pain, you must visit a doctor rather than having products that often destroy your case to an extreme degree, which selling that line of having a cup of this product will eliminate your nail fungus. 

Many health issues make you vulnerable to nail- fungus. It includes 

  • Diabetes 
  • Heavy sweating 
  • Genetically found in a family
  • Injury over the skin or nail 
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis
  • Barefoot in the wet areas such as pool 
  • Lower circulation of blood, Weak immune system, and AIDS
  • Smoking 

How to prevent the Nail-fungus

Some preventions help you ward off nail infection, which leads to fungus.

  1. Take care of your nails with proper cutting and trimming once a week.
  2. If your nails are thin, you sweat more than usual, and you also have sensitive skin, then you must try medicated shoes. It will help you prevent fungus. 
  3. Do not wear socks if someone has an infection. If you have to wear the socks Then, change the socks throughout the day. 
  4. Use disinfectants or antifungals to wash and clean your shoes.
  5. Visit the salon which helps you to clean your nails with sterilized tools. 
  6. Do not use artificial products for your nails. Avoid nail paint and false nails on the infected nail. 
  7. Wash your hands and feet with medicated soap and use sanitizers. Wash your hands after touching the nail that is infected. 

Medical Treatment to Destroy Your Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus remove
Nail Fungus remove

Medical treatment of nail fungus will not give you a cup of magical products that will destroy your nail fungus. Primarily this treatment includes antifungal cream. The cream is recommended because it makes your nail soft, and you get rid of the infected nail. When the infection heals, a new nail grows.

You can also get antifungal tablets to discard infection. A doctor will prescribe it after the test, and the test verifies which type of infection is present. This tablet also has some side effects, including diarrhea, lack of taste in the mouth, headaches, sickness, and itching. There are certain conditions for taking antifungal tablets. The antifungal tablet includes fluconazole (Diflucan), terbinafine (Lamisil), and itraconazole (Sporanox).

Note: During pregnancy, it is not allowed to take this tablet. It has some side effects, i.e., liver damage, nail damage, etc.

Nail-fungus treatment is possible through laser, and this treatment will eradicate nail fungus, which is why it is a little expensive. 

Do Home Remedies Destroy the Nail Fungus Fast?

The answer is no because no cup of this will destroy your nail- fungus. Home remedies take time to heal the nail- fungus, and home remedies include using different oils to help prevent the infection.

1.     Using Lavender Oil

lavender oil for nail fungus
lavender oil for nail fungus

Lavender oil is best to remove the infection, and pure lavender oil will treat it. If you use lavender oil, consistency will help in growing new and shiny nails.

It contains antibacterial property, which helps to heal fast. It is inflammatory and does not harm the skin even though it has a good effect on the skin.

2.     Using Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil
tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains antifungal and antibacterial qualities that may be a beneficial therapy for nail fungus. Nail fungus can be difficult to cure since it does not always go away immediately. Tea tree oil should provide benefits if used consistently.

The study discovered that using tea tree oil directly to toenail fungus is just as effective as clotrimazole cream. Clotrimazole is an antifungal cream that a doctor prescribes. 

3.     Using Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil
Oregano Oil

Another excellent home cure for toenail fungus infection is oregano oil. It is a simple home fix for making essential oil. This antifungal property derives from an activity-specific that helps to cure nail fungus.

It has a good smell; it should be mixed with oil and applied such as olive oil before use. Direct application to the skin may cause inflammation. While the herb oregano is safe to consume, we do not advise using the oil for internal use. Use it with dilute oregano one part mix with six parts olive oil – the essential oil. Leave the diluted oil on the concerned nail portions for 20 minutes. Use it three times per day and then wash it out. Only ensure to use it carefully and in a controlled atmosphere. 

4.     Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Alcohol, like hydrogen peroxide, can benefit from eliminating fungus on the skin’s surface. You can apply it directly to the afflicted region or soak your feet for 30 minutes.

In its hydrating characteristics, coconut oil is excellent for repairing dry and cracked nails and damaged cuticles. A reasonable amount of warm coconut oil applied to the toes might help mend thick yellow toenails.

5.     Using Garlic


Garlic is a potent antifungal and antibacterial plant, and those who consume garlic daily are less vulnerable to fungal diseases. Make a paste with a couple of garlic cloves and olive oil. Apply for around thirty minutes to the affected area.

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The aforementioned home remedies are useful in treating nail fungus, although it usually takes months to complete. Medical treatment gives you the fastest result of getting rid of the infection. It is false to claim that “One Cup of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus.” Nail fungus is tough to treat and requires a lengthy recovery time. 

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