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All About Chipped Tooth Repair Kit You Should Know


Chipped tool repair kit
Chipped tool repair kit

Whenever your tooth cracks due to an accident or ordinary wear and tear, you may feel various symptoms ranging from sporadic discomfort to abrupt agony when exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions. The pain may come and go in many situations, and your dentist may have trouble pinpointing the tooth causing the agony. If you have these symptoms or suspect a fractured tooth, you should immediately consult an endodontist or you need a chipped tooth repair kit.

Chipped Tooth: Except if the chip is significant enough to expose the nerves in the tooth’s inner layer, you may not experience any tooth pain if you have a chipped tooth. Before knowing about chipped tooth repair kit lets understand about chipped tooth.

Chipped Tooth
Chipped Tooth

Suppose a chipped tooth exposes the nerves inside the tooth. Sometimes you can experience greater tooth sensitivity during biting, and it is exposed to the chipped tooth because of Cold or hot meals and drinks.

Fractured Cusp: A chip on the back teeth’ pointed chewing surfaces is a fractured cusp. Even though this chipped tooth rarely hurts, the dentist should examine it. You could need a crown to preserve the tooth’s shape, prevent a dental-only to preserve the tooth’s shape, and stop further decay or damage.

Cracked Tooth: A cracked tooth may cause damage to the enamel or perhaps the entire chewing, including the root. A broken tooth could only hurt when chewing or your mouth gets hot or chilly after consuming anything. 

Dental cap: A dental cap is a prosthesis that covers a tooth or part of an existing tooth to replicate the original tooth’s form and keep your mouth healthy. If you require a root canal, a tooth extracted, or a dental bridge installed, your dentist may use a cap to reinforce the tooth or the area where your tooth was. 

Teeth Capping: Teeth capping, which may be manufactured from various materials, has various applications. Each form and application of dental crowns have advantages and disadvantages. The cost is one of the considerations you and your dentist must consider.

Types of Chipped Teeth

Cracked teeth are classified into five primary categories, which are as follows:

1. Craze lines: These are tiny vertical fractures on the enamel. Although craze lines are typical as people age, they seldom cause significant or irreversible tooth damage.

2. Fractured cusps arise in teeth that have cavities or filings. They are classified as mild fractures since they do not reach deep into the sensitive areas of the tooth. As a result, they are typically not painful.

3. Cracked tooth (gumline): Cracks that reach the gumline may need extraction. However, in non-removable dental, a crown can use bonding treatments to repair subgingivally fractured teeth.

4. Some broken teeth are split entirely into two or more parts. (This is frequently due to poor oral hygiene and a lack of long-term dental treatment.) This crack is complicated to heal and nearly invariably necessitates an extraction.

5. Vertical root fractured: Injury to the teeth caused by repeated and recurrent stresses results in fractures that spread over time. Root surface injuries are more prevalent in those over the age of 50.

Causes of a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Below are some of the reasons for a chipped or broken tooth:

Cavities: These are holes in the teeth that can cause them to weaken and chip.

Lousy bite: Biting down on anything complicated, such as an ice cube, a piece of hard candy, or a bone, is a bad bite.

A hard hit is a brutal hit to the face or mouth, such as getting struck with a ball while playing sports.

Inadequate Hygiene: If your tooth enamel is already worn or thinner, poor oral hygiene can dramatically increase your risk of a chipped or broken tooth.

Bruxism: Excessive teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can result in a chipped or broken tooth or teeth.

Here are the types of chipped teeth given below.

Dental kit For Chipped tooth Repair

Dental Kit: Dental Kit or chipped tooth repair kit is a self-curing, highly filled, non-sticky hybrid anterior/posterior composite filling material. It is a simple universal shade and paste/paste mechanism. The treatment has high compressive strength (270 MPS) and low water sorption and solubility. 

Foundation Layer: As a foundation layer, the material can be condensed into the cavity preparation up to the enamel-dentinal junction or filled to the Cavo-surface edge for a complete self-cure composite repair. 

Symptoms: Whenever you break a tooth, you might not even notice. Instead, you may subsequently develop particular symptoms such as:

You will notice a rough or uneven surface if you run your tongue along the tooth.

● Do you have a jagged or sharp edge on your tooth?

● The gum line surrounding the damaged tooth is swollen.

● While biting into food, you may experience intermittent or intense discomfort.

● Eating and drinking cause pain.

● Something is trapped between my teeth.

Risk: A chipped tooth appears to be a cosmetic concern rather than a serious medical risk for most people. However, chipped teeth might cause more severe issues by exposing them.

Help From Dentist: Suppose you chip a tooth and attempt to keep the fragment if it is large enough and easy to discover. Then, as soon as possible, contact your dentist.

Treatment: Your dentist can treat your tooth to prevent the chip from growing larger. In addition, to safeguard your tooth, treatment may include placing a cover over the affected region.

Chipped tooth repair Kit

Mastermedi Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Dental Care Kit

Dental Care Kit

Mastermedi Dental Care Kit

It is an Easy mix rapid setting zinc oxide-eugenol cement for thermal insulation and a temporary restoration. This chipped tooth repair kit helps rebuild entire teeth.

About this item

  • Tooth Filling Kit
  • High Strength, Suitable for instant fillings, bridges & caps
  • Self Curing, self-adherent & Universal shade
  • 20 gm Powder + 10 ml Liquid + Mixing pad + Measuring Spoon + Mixing Pad + Leaflet for instructions
  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol


Useful Tips:

Quick setup reduces the need for time-consuming incremental installation of light cure materials.

1) Clean your teeth!

2) Some pharmacies provide emergency chipped tooth repair kit designed to smooth the edges of chipped teeth. They’re just paraffin wax wrapped over the jagged edges of a chipped tooth.

In a pinch, sugar-free chewing gum can serve the same function. It prevents a broken tooth’s sharp edge from cutting or scratching your lips, tongue, or mouth’s interior.

The most frequent dental injury is chipped teeth. You bite too firmly into something, you have a slight accident and bang your head, or there is a hidden issue and problem with your teeth that causes chipping.

Your dentist has numerous options for aesthetically correcting the problem. These treatments can assist in keeping your teeth healthy and preventing cracking or infection.

Chipped tooth Repair Video

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