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5 Etiquette Tips for Women on the Go

Women want to be treated like ladies. But it’s not easy to keep up with etiquette rules and social skills.

For example, it’s rude to talk on your phone in public places, such as grocery stores, restaurants and waiting rooms. Also, it’s impolite to “reply all” on group emails.

Learn how to be polite as a woman from lluxxall adopt a more polished stance, develop poise, improve your communication skills, embrace elegance, and confidently express yourself.

1.   Be Prepared

In this fast-paced world, we may not be able to anticipate every situation that comes our way each day. But what we can do is make sure that we are prepared for the foreseeable ones.

For example, if you have an important meeting scheduled, try to arrive at least 20 minutes early so that you can get settled and prepare. This will help you avoid the stress of being late and it also allows you to be ready for any unexpected delays that might arise.

Additionally, if you are travelling for business and need to interact with associates from another country, make sure that you take the time to research their proper etiquette standards. This will help you respectfully represent your company and can lead to countless business opportunities!

2.   Be Polite

Polite 1

Being polite is about more than just showing respect to those around you. It’s about making people feel at ease. “Treat others the way you would like to be treated,” is a common saying that sums up the meaning of etiquette.

Avoid interrupting anyone when they are speaking, and don’t speak loudly in public places such as the grocery store or in a bathroom stall. Also, don’t use a speakerphone while driving or riding on a bus or train, as this could disturb others.

Finally, don’t start a conversation that is likely to wound the feelings of your companion for the sake of appearing witty or smart; this is ill-bred and cruel. True politeness is the language of a kind heart. It cannot exist where there is selfishness or brutality to warp its growth.

3.   Be Respectful

Respectful 1 1

Being respectful is about showing others that they matter. It means listening to their opinions, assuming good faith and refraining from insulting people or gossiping about them.

It also means recognizing when someone deserves special signs of respect, such as calling the principal “Sir” or bowing to the king. It also includes defending yourself against people who are downright rude and refusing to sink to their level.

It also means respecting personal space and not interrupting someone when they’re talking, even if you disagree with them.

Respecting differences between people is a huge part of being respectful and makes for a much more interesting world! It’s important to be respectful regardless of someone’s age, gender, social status or cultural background.

They all have their unique wisdom and experiences to share with the world!

Lluxxall grows its educational offer to provide a variety of learning opportunities through services, such as children etiquette classes.

4.   Be Honest

The smallest embellishment or half-truth can grow into a wild fantasy. It’s better to be open and honest in your relationships with friends and family so that people can truly get to know you.

If you tend to lie, think about the scenarios and emotions that trigger you to be dishonest. This will help you to find more constructive ways of coping with these triggers and being truthful instead.

Compulsive lying is a serious problem that requires professional intervention but you can start by focusing on reducing the number of lies you tell each day. The truth will set you free. Eventually, you will be honest for the day! It will feel good. And other people will respect you for it. So start today!

5.   Be Kind

Being kind means being generous with praise and attention. Whether it’s the barista who makes your coffee extra tasty or your coworker who helped you ace a project, compliment them today! People who are kinder also say “please” and “excuse me” often, and are comfortable thanking others for their help.

Show your kindness by making eye contact, asking about their day and listening to them. Kinder people are also more likely to give compliments, make room in their cars for other drivers and leave a note for the mail carrier.

Finally, a lady shows kindness by refusing to gossip and instead choosing to support those around her. She also understands that her worth doesn’t depend on her dress size or bank account and believes that she is worthy of being treated kindly.

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Wania Ahmed
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