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How To Slow Down Hair Growth On Head?

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Anshul Benjwal
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You should oil your scalp, massage it for a while, and then cover it with a hot cloth or towel. This will help lower the production of sebum that is constantly flowing through the scalp.

The next step after leaving the oil massage on for around 20 minutes is to use some styptic powder. You can find this in most pharmacies or drugstores, usually on the shelf with shaving supplies. A little bit of the fine white powder rubbed on your scalp will help stop any bleeding you experience while shaving and also help to slow down hair growth.

Another way to slow down hair growth on your head, which works particularly well if you don't want to use any potentially dangerous chemicals, is to simply cut off the part of the hair that is poking out above your ear or sticking up in the back. This will take care of the problem but won't be as proactive as some other methods so it won't help with unruly hairs all over your head. But for those noticeable areas, this method can work very well.

Posted : 25/12/2021 5:13 pm