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Does Facial Hair Make You Look Older?

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We all know that growing a full beard is a daunting task but it gives you an instant manly edge for those days when you just can't muster up the courage to stand out. But what effect does facial hair have on your age and appearance? It turns out if your facial hair has gray or white hairs in it-you may be looking older than you actually are.

A study done by Marlene L. Evans, Ph.D. of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center research suggests that white or gray facial hair can make men look older than they actually are. The study shows that certain melanin proteins found in the hair and skin tone are what affect how we age over time. Therefore, if you have any considerable amount of white or gray hairs in your facial hair-be prepared to look slightly older than your actual age! But don't worry too much about this finding, because it's a special case-not all men who have a full head of gray or white facial hair will look prematurely aged due to their outer appearance being so drastically affected by it.

Each person ages at a different pace depending on their genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, and even diet. Individuals with fair skin that contain more melanin look younger than those that do not. Melanin is responsible for producing color in the hair, eyes, and skin tone. This study reveals why gray has minimal effect on the overall age of individuals with a dark or tanned complexion. The older you get, the less amount of melanin your body produces which is why some people start to develop under-eye circles around age 35 (the anatomic area contains high concentrations of melanin).

If you are like most men who want to retain their youthful features as long as possible, it's important to understand what causes facial hair graying in the first place. When it comes down to it, growing a full beard is all about achieving the perfect balance of melanin in your facial hair. This does not mean that you should become completely obsessed with this factor because it's just one of several components to consider when growing out your facial hair.

Although it is important to understand what causes gray or white hairs to appear in your beard-you can also try some simple tricks at home to reduce their appearance of them altogether. For example, you can switch up your shampoos or perhaps even use a different moisturizer that will help delay the graying process over time. If you are too impatient for these natural remedies, there are tons of facial products on the market intended to temporarily remove any traces of gray from your facial fuzz! However, make sure not to use chemicals or bleaching agents on sensitive skin since it can lead to irritation and even rashes.

The bottom line is that you are not alone in your struggle with gray facial hair, but now at least you know the reason why it happens! If this information doesn't improve your day-then maybe some new beard products will do the trick? You can check out our latest product reviews here. Cheers!

Posted : 24/12/2021 2:53 pm
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