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How Often To Shave Head?

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How much time should be spent on shaving your head, to avoid any in-grown hairs, unwanted bumps, and ingrown hairs? Properly shaving your head can make it look really smooth and shiny - but the length of time you spend doing it will depend on the density of your hair. You'll want to spend a little more time if you have thicker hair, or if you just prefer taking extra care with this area. This will help you get a nice, smooth shave that looks great.

People with lighter hair probably won't need to spend more than 10 minutes shaving their head - while those with darker hair might want to put in closer to 15-20 minutes. If your hair is very coarse and thick, you may want to consider going for a manual razor instead of an electric one. Those with sensitive skin should go the manual route too, if possible.

Posted : 25/12/2021 5:22 pm