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Does Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) really work?

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The Neurostructural Integration Approach (NST) is a fruitful multidimensional method to reduce pain and other dysfunctional physiological states by repairing the body's architecture.

Here we will discuss about

  • What is Neurostructural integration Technique?
  • Procedures of Neurostructural integration Technique
  • Does NST really work?


What is Neurostructural integration Technique?

Researchers devised a plan to stimulate the central and peripheral autonomic nervous systems to encourage the dynamic integration of structure and viscera.

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Neurostructural Integration Technique, or NST for short, is an advanced and expert method of treating soft tissues. It creates a window of opportunity for the body to heal and, in effect, "resets" the body. It has the potential to bring about speedy and long-lasting pain ease, increased liveliness, and overall wellness.


Procedures of Neurostructural integration Technique

When using the Neurostructural Integration Technique, the doctor moves the patient's body in a series of very subtle yet exactly directed motions. The first response is one of extreme relaxation, allowing various spinal, somatic, cranial, and autonomic reactions to occur.

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During this stage, the body deploys enormous energy flows toward restoring the body's optimal structural posture. Therefore, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems may have a profoundly positive effect on therapy. Auto-regulation is a similar term; it may take anywhere from one to five days to complete.

As part of the Method, the client is led through a sequence of gentle, slow motions on a regular basis. The musculoskeletal, nervous, visceral, and endocrine systems then make an immediate and unconscious readjustment.

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Do you think the Neurostructural Integration Technique works?

NST is an effective treatment for a wide variety of pain, including those induced by accidents and sports injuries, in the areas of the back, neck, shoulders, wrists, and ankles. Eighty-five percent of patients report feeling much better after just a few sessions.

-Relief from aches and pains, especially those brought on by stress and other lifestyle variables that "wound up" the central nervous system.

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In addition to the reduction in the "unpleasantness" of their pain, patients frequently report a reduction in the "unpleasantness" of their pain due to the deactivation of the limbic system, which leads to the decrease in negative emotional states.

Reducing cortisol levels and modulating the autonomic nervous system may improve pain sensitivity, muscle tension, and restorative sleep by dampening the "fight or flight" response.

By regulating the autonomic nervous system and reducing cortisol levels, the "fight or flight" response may be mitigated.

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The Neurostructural Integration Approach (NST) is a manual therapy approach developed by osteopath Michael Nixon-Livy as a reinterpretation of the Bowen method. The NST abbreviation is familiar with it.


As part of the treatment, the patient receives a series of individualized "moves" performed in a prescribed order. Instead of utilizing force, the therapist applies various pressure and incorporates resting times to facilitate the body's response as they go through the fibers of a muscle, tendon, ligament, or nerve. Treatment may be administered anywhere on the body, even underneath garments or directly on the skin. The receiver enters a state of deep relaxation throughout the session, opening up a "window of opportunity" for the body to reorganize itself holistically via the activation of numerous neuro-reflexes.


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