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What Causes ugly pinky toenails?

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Why Do Some People Have Odd Pinky Toenails?

There are several reasons why your pinky toenail may look distorted, so if you've noticed that it's changed over time or you've just become tired of looking at it, you shouldn't feel bad about seeking treatment.

There is a wide variety of pinky toenail sizes. They're either too short to prevent your other toes from touching the ground or lengthy and uncomfortable. Perhaps yours are slanting, getting thick and yellow, or even falling out.


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Form of distorted nails

Nail abnormalities come in a wide variety. Your toenails might curve inward, outward, or even grow straight up and down. Despite the obvious discomfort, this can cause, most people learn to live with their "strange toenails" instead of doing anything about it. That's likely partly because therapies take so long to show results that many patients lose interest in them.

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However, the methods for fixing a damaged toenail are universal. Multiple options exist, both medical and non-medical, to help you recover. Whether you like topical treatments developed in a lab or those made from natural ingredients, you're sure to find something that works for you.

Caused by fungi

An infection caused by fungi comes first. Most commonly, these infections manifest in the toes but can also extend to the skin and hair. At its worst, this causes the toenails to become thick, yellow, and crumbly due to damage and discoloration.


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Though fungal infections are difficult to cure, full recovery is achievable. It is recommended to begin by trying an OTC cream for symptom relief. Visit a podiatrist if this doesn't help. Once you've eliminated a toenail infection, you'll want to pay extra attention to your hygiene to prevent another outbreak before too much time has passed.


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Tripping, Falling, and Other Accidents Caused by Tight Shoes

If you tend to fall over your foot, you may find it comforting to know that repeated blows to the nail bed can also develop unsightly pinky toenails. If you accidentally smash your poor toes into enough table edges, you may cause permanent damage to the nail roots and have unusual nail growth.

Typical problems

There is no pinky toenail, or the nail is much shorter than the others.


A toenail peeling or about to peel indicates that the nail bed is becoming inflamed. Problematic ingrown toenails arise when the nail grows into the toe's skin. Toenail fungus causes discoloration, softness, and fragility.

Accidental denting or discoloration of the toenail Ski jump toenails, which are not a medical disease but the shape of the nail; therefore, Toenails with a horizontal ridge across them are called "ridged toenails."

Moreover, baby toes, or pinky toenails, are intended to be much smaller than big toenails. Inevitably, this also means that they have significantly less space to expand.

When your pinky toenail becomes so short that it is hardly visible, it is time to revaluate your footwear options. If you wear loafers and heels that are too small, your pinky toe will be constantly squished, which will slow the growth of your nails.


It's important to remember that filing down your nails weekly and using the prescription for at least six months are both necessary for the topical treatment to have any impact. Ugly toenails can be treated or cured with one of these three types of topical medications:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Drugs OTC Medications Requiring a Prescription
  • OTC Doctor Prescription Only Medications

A little nail bed is at fault when your pinky toenail points upwards.

The nail's natural growth pattern, poorly fitted shoes that cause the toenails to bend abnormally, and excessive foot moisture are further contributors. Proper footwear and short, well-filed nails are two ways to avoid this. The toenail problem or fungal infection can also cause ski jump toenails.


Posted : 31/10/2022 3:27 am