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7 Best Mini Tandoor Oven for Home Reviews In 2021

Are you interested in the best mini tandoor oven for home? In this article, you will find our reviews, opinions, and a guide to choose it!

mini tandoor oven for home

Small but full of surprises, the mini tandoor oven for home can prove to be a truly precious ally in the kitchen and full of advantages. True, it will never have a very large cooking chamber and will be especially suitable for singles and couples with few pretensions. On the other hand, it often has an affordable price and takes care to the point, so it is the best choice for those who do not need an expensive appliance with many “flourishes”. Personally, I have always used it in my apartment in the center, and I fell in love with it, as long as I understand that it often has limits in terms of functions and uses.

7 Best Mini Tandoor Oven for Home Reviews In 2021

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1. Betty Crocker BC-1664CB Toaster Oven

I state immediately that the 9-liter Betty Crocker is a really small oven, not suitable for special cooking but more suitable for heating food and for defrosting.
However, for cooking sandwiches and chips it behaves very well, considering its really affordable price, and has some interesting technical data.
The motor is 1000 watts and there are two knobs: the first is used to decide which of the 3 cooking modes to use, while the second to set the timer.
The timer can be set up to a maximum of 60 minutes, while the maximum temperature corresponds to 200 degrees.
However, this temperature cannot be managed according to the degree, but by choosing – as mentioned – one of the 3 power levels available: cooking from above, from below or from below and from above together.
There is no display but there is still an indicator light that tells you when it is in operation, and the design is quite classic, with a nice vintage tone.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Capacity: 9 liters
  • Timer: up to 60 min
  • Cooking levels: 3
  • Temperature management: 105 degree-450 Degree
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2. Dash Express Countertop Oven

Another round, another stroke, another mini electric oven in “Dash Express” format, therefore with a very limited cooking chamber capacity, equal to 12 liters in total.
As always, it mounts a 1200 watt motor and its dimensions are 11.8 x 15 x 8.9 inches.
Know that it does not heat up very much, but it is a limitation of all such small and Spartan ovens, and in fact, it does not give you the possibility to choose any particular function.
On the body of the oven, not surprisingly, you will find only two knobs.
The first will be useful for setting the cooking temperatures, up to a maximum of 450 degrees and starting from a minimum of 90 degrees.
The second knob, on the other hand, will serve you to set the classic timer, as always up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
As I mentioned earlier, you cannot select the cooking modes, and the only one available cooks by heating up and down.
There is the light that goes out when the oven reaches the selected temperature and, although obviously not a perfect appliance,
I must say that it can heat better than other more expensive ones.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Capacity: 12 liters
  • Timer: up to 60 min
  • Cooking levels: absent
  • Temperature management: 450°F
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3. COMFEE Toaster Oven

The power is 1000 W and the temperature is adjustable up to 150°F – 450°F using the knobs which also make it a very simple electric mini oven to use for those unfamiliar with technology.
Many users say they are satisfied with the speed with which it heats and that it cuts off the supply of energy once the desired degree of heat is reached.
Also important is the presence of the timer that allows you to move away from the kitchen but to know when the dish is ready.
Compactness is one of the fundamental qualities possessed by the Comfee product, together with a series of other specifications that have earned it positive opinions.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Timer: up to 30 min
  • Size: 4 Slice/9 Inch
  • Temperature management: 150°F – 450°F
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4. Megachef Multifunction Countertop Oven

In my opinion, the Megachef can be considered as the best small electric mini oven currently in circulation, even if it has a not cheap price.
However, it is a technologically advanced appliance, with a digital touch display and with the possibility of selecting as many as 10 different cooking programs.
In short, it is capable of French Fries, Chicken Wings, Steak, Pizza, Vegetables, Toast, Broil, Bake, Roast and Dehydrate and so much more. There is also the keep warm function, a real rarity in this sector!
Of course, being mini, it has a cooking chamber with a rather limited capacity, equal to 25 liters.
Also consider that it is shorter than medium but wider, which makes it great for baking pizza or air frying chips, or toasting your beloved bread in the morning.
Also, know that it heats up quickly (it takes about 60 seconds) and that in 20 minutes it is able to cook everything to perfection. Of course, you can also manually change both the temperature and the timer, with the two special keys.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1800 watts
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Hours: present
  • Cooking programs: 10
  • Size: 45 x 40 x 37.5 cm
  • Temperature: 100-450 Degrees Fahrenheit

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5. LUBY Large Toaster Oven

Let’s take a step forward, and discover together this mini electric oven from LUBY Large.
It will not be the best-known brand in the world, but I had the opportunity to try it and I assure you that it has little to envy to well-known brands.
First of all, it is larger than the previous models, due to the presence of a cooking chamber with a capacity of 55 liters.
Secondly, it is more technological as it allows you to choose between 6 different cooking modes.
Specifically, you will be able to select options such as grill, convection cooking, defrosting, and dessert mode.
There is even the rotisserie accessory, to be mounted on the side grooves and to be used with the appropriate mode that will make the chicken rotate on its own axis.
You can customize every possible aspect of your cooking.
The timer goes up to 60 minutes, the temperatures can be adjusted up to a maximum of 230 degrees, and the double glass prevents any risk of heat dispersion from the cooking chamber. Consider that this is a real oven, tabletop but very powerful, also due to the presence of a 1,800 watt motor.
It does not have a defect that it is one, and the price not only fits everything.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1,800 watts
  • Capacity: 55 liters
  • Dimensions: 22.04 x 16.14 x 14.37 inches
  • Cooking programs: 6
  • Extra: rotation with rotisserie
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6. COSORI CS130-AO Air Fryer Oven

Its small range but not mini electric oven, with a cooking chamber capacity of 30 liters. It is therefore a model suitable for those who need to heat or cook several portions, as in the case of a small family.
The value for money is excellent, considering its “exaggerated” size, but it is a classic product: it means that it does not have a display, but it can count on the presence of 3 knobs to set the various settings.
You can use the top knob to set the timer up to a maximum of 90 minutes, while the central one will serve you to adjust the temperature (from a minimum of 80°F to 450°F).
The only flaw is the violent closing of the door, which must be accompanied by the hand, to avoid causing damage.
For the rest, the cooking is always very homogeneous and the materials are of top quality, which guarantees you really high durability, and there is also the internal light.
In the package, you will find a grill, a drip pan, and tongs to extract the trays, while the double glass will protect the internal temperatures of the mini electric oven. In conclusion, a real bomb!

Main Features:

  • Power: 1,800 watts
  • Capacity: 30 liters
  • Timer: up to 220 degrees
  • Cooking programs: 12 Functions
  • Extras: rich equipment

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7. Comfee’ Retro Air Fryer Oven

Among our buying advice on which mini oven to buy there is this one from Whirlpool which is equipped with various functions to satisfy every desire in the kitchen.
It has an internal capacity of 13.6 liters but despite this, it is compact enough not to take up too much space.
The Crisp plate is very useful for preparing all the dishes you want to be crunchy in less time while the steam function allows you to create healthy and nutritious dishes.
Also indispensable is the grill that allows this mini microwave oven to cook meat thanks to its quartz lamp.
Finally, the defrosting function allows you to have ready-made foods in less time.
Inside the guide for choosing the best mini oven, we find the Whirlpool model, practical and versatile.
Below we summarize some valuable specifications and the considerations of those who have found some defects.

Main Features:

  • Power: 1250 watts
  • Capacity: 13.6 liters
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 15.26 x 15.25 inches
  • Temperature: 200°F to 450°F

How to choose a mini tandoor oven for home

Oven capacity

There is no a priori right measure, as it all depends on your needs. Of course, if you are looking for a small electric oven you probably do not intend to bring an “elephant” home, so the capacity will not exceed 40-42 liters.

The really small and compact ovens have a capacity that instead varies between 10 and 18 liters and clearly meets quite limited needs.

I remind you that the small models are not exceptional for cooking food “seriously”, and that they are useful more than anything else for heating food or for quick cooking, but without too many chef pretensions!

Programs and functions

Generally, inexpensive and compact ovens do not have particular cooking methods.

Let’s say that, at most, they offer you the possibility to change the temperatures thanks to the special knob, and to choose options such as cooking with the double coil (above and below) or single-coil (or above or below), or the ventilated mode.

And this option is not always present, so watch out.

The most advanced and technological models, on the other hand, go further and also offer you preset programs and special modes, as in the case of grilling, roasting, and air frying.

Timer e temperature

In most cases, even if you buy a low-cost mini electric oven, you will find the basic selectors. That is the knobs to adjust the cooking temperatures and the timer.

Generally the former starts from a minimum of about 80 degrees up to a maximum of around 220 degrees, but there are models with a minimum of 40 degrees and a maximum of 230.

The timer, on the other hand, rarely exceeds 60 minutes, but in smaller ovens. expensive it can be up to 90 or even 120 minutes.

Be careful, because some very basic products do not allow you to choose the temperatures, but replace them with some preset cooking levels.

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Rotisserie and accessories

The rotisserie hook is quite rare, and obviously, we only find it in mini electric ovens equipped with an internal motor for rotation on the axis.

As for the other accessories, it often happens to find in the pack from 1 to 3 grids or dripping pans, just as happens with the “big brothers” of mini tandoor oven for home .

Of course, the rotisserie is the real gem in the accessories sector, even if it is clear that the rotating system increases the final price of the appliance!

Other useful information

There is almost always a door with double glass, which has the task of insulating the cooking chamber, to prevent the internal heat from dispersing.

Closing the door is important since it does not always have a jerky “self-accompanying” movement. If it is not there, you will need to be careful not to let go of the door when it closes, as it could rattle and cause the glass to break.

As for the materials, I advise you to prefer the ovens with enameled coating inside, since this feature facilitates cleaning operations.


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