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How Do Men And Women Compare In Their Physical Health After Age 85?

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Anshul Benjwal
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The physical health of men and women after age 85 differs. Men are more vulnerable to illness because they have a tendency to be less proactive with their health, engage in more unhealthy behaviors, have worse eating habits, and have less access to healthcare than women. Women on the other hand might experience greater vulnerability as they age due to the prevalence of osteoporosis and certain cancers such as breast cancer. After age 85, men's mortality rates begin to exceed those of women's by 10%. Based on the most recent data available, in 2008 men were more likely than women to die from ischemic heart disease and cancer. In addition to living longer than their male counterparts, female centenarians are commonly healthier than men.

Posted : 30/11/2021 7:01 pm