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Why Do Women Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis?

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Women beach volleyball players wear bikinis. Beach volleyball is a fast and furious game that requires quick reactions and a lot of running around-not to mention jumping, diving, and spiking! You can't be weighed down by too many clothes or you'll end up dragging them on the sand as you try to run. Skirts are out of the question because they would twist around your legs as you jump. Shorts are also not the best idea because they're often restrictive and can restrict movement and circulation in your hamstrings and quadriceps (your thighs). And if you think wearing pants is a good idea, think again: pants will slow you down when you need to run for those shots! That leaves one option: the bikini.

Bikini bottoms are not only practical, but they also allow for easy movement through arm and leg action. They also allow you to hit the sand without worrying about losing your bottoms-a major advantage! Women's bikinis don't go up very high on their hips (and no one really wants to see that much hip, anyway). The best part of a bikini? No pockets to weigh you down! They also dry quickly so even if they get wet from all the diving and spiking you do during play, they won't weigh you down if your opponent hits a hard shot and water splashes up on your legs.

Bikini tops come in several different options: the triangle top, which has two triangular-shaped pieces that meet behind your neck; halter tops, which tie around the back of your neck; high cut (or V-neck) tops, which provide more coverage than bikini bottoms but less than tankinis; singlet tops like those worn by tennis players; bandeaux (banded) tops with shoulder straps; and tankinis, which combine the top of a bikini with the bottom of shorts. Many women's volleyball players also wear sports bras when they play because these bras provide support for your breasts without restricting your movement as traditional bras do.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has rules about what is allowed when it comes to beach volleyball uniforms. Bikini bottoms must cover at least the navel and two inches below it-so don't think you can show off that six-pack if you're in contention for making an Olympic team! But bikinis go much higher on male bodies, so be glad you're female! Female players must also wear tops in solid colors; stripes are not allowed unless they have a width of at least two centimeters.

The FIVB also has rules about apparel worn during training and practice, but the rules aren't as strict: bikinis are allowed for both men and women during practices! This rule helps players to learn to move in their uniforms and ultimately perform better during official games. Plus, wearing a bikini top and bottom isn't much different than wearing a swimsuit at the beach-it just has a higher chance of getting sand stuck in it!

Posted : 30/11/2021 6:52 pm