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Which Description Best Defines Health?

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Anshul Benjwal
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The word "health" can be defined in many different ways. If you're looking for a more narrow definition, health is the extent to which someone or something is free from disease or injury. It's important to consider that there are many ways that people define health; their mental state, physicality, and surroundings all play a major role in what they believe constitutes healthy living. Some people may define their level of happiness as a factor in their overall health, while others view living with less stress as a key to wellbeing. For example, I would define health as follows:

Health is the mental and physical state that allows you to live your life to its fullest potential and makes you feel safe and secure. I believe this is the best definition because it has to do with how well you can live your life after taking so many factors into account. Of course, it's important to be physically healthy but without a good state of mind and peace of mind, your overall health is diminished.

Posted : 08/10/2021 9:17 am