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12 Best Shampoo for Permed Hair with Reviews, Pros, and Cons

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If you are here to find the best shampoo for curly permed hair, you are at the right place. For those who already have this but still can’t figure out what exactly a perm is - it’s the colloquial term that means permanent hair wave which is typically done in salons using chemical products by the hairstylists. Although perm products are usually safe to use, today all-natural solutions are also available that helps to achieve the same result if you are sensitive to chemical agents.

best shampoo for permed hair
best shampoo for permed hair

From bushy perms to relaxed perms, or perms that resemble beach waves to trendy mohawk-styled perm, any of these can turn you from the girl-next-door to a hot diva in no time, provided you have chosen the right style based on your face type and personality.

However, perms are pretty high-maintenance, and to ensure a long-lasting hairstyle and overall hair health, you need to use shampoos specially formulated to clean and nourish the same.

So, that’s what we decided to do. Our research team went ahead and started using all the popular shampoos being marketed as permed-hair friendly to find out if they really live up to their claims. Finally, below is the list we have curated to answer your long-searched question - what is the best shampoo for permed hair!

1. Billionx Repair by Vitruvian Beauty

Billionx Repair from Vitruvian Beauty is an excellent choice for permed hair, especially if your hair is damage-prone by using regular shampoos containing chemicals like parabens, sulfate, and silicone.


  1. All-natural ingredients.
  2. Prevents breakage and frizz.
  3. Keep hair voluminous without adding weight.


Continued use of 2 weeks is required to feel the result.

2. Advanced Hair Repair System by Arvazallia

If you are in search of the best shampoo for curly permed hair, Arvazallia’s Advanced Hair Repair System is a worthy one to look for.


  1. Not pricey compared to some of its competitions.
  2. Keeps permed hair moisturized.
  3. Zero frizz.
  4. 100% no question asked refund guarantee.


Some may not like its strong perfume.

3. Hydrating Shampoo by Christophe Robin

For those who love natural ingredients in their haircare products, yet don’t mind harnessing the damaged hair restoring properties of some safe-to-use chemicals,

Organically farmed ingredients

  1. Offers unmatched shine.
  2. Safe for regular use.


A little expensive.

4. Orchid Bliss by White Sands

Perms are undoubtedly gorgeous, but it can be daunting to maintain your hair health after such drastic styling. Here comes Orchid Bliss, a great shampoo from the stable of White Sands and it makes your life easier by offering amazing soft-cleansing formula while revitalizing your permed hair with a host of botanical ingredients.


  1. Protein-rich.
  2. Takes care of hair pH level.
  3. Color-safe shampoo to keep your highlighted or dyed hair safe.


Small container, requiring frequent buying.

5. Expert Curl Contour by L’Oreal


  1. Premium natural ingredients.
  2. Equally ideal for natural curls and perms made in the salon.
  3. Affordable product.
  4. Great scent.


Lacks anti-frizz properties.

6. Strictly Curls by Marc Anthony

March Anthony came with a winner this time and probably can end your search for the best shampoo for curly permed hair.


  1. Sulfate-free.
  2. Great no frizz performance.
  3. Prevents dry hair and split ends.
  4. Cost-effective.


Not an all-natural formula.

7. TruCurl by ColorProof

If you live in a humid environment, the very thought of having permed hair can be frightening. Excess humidity weighs down your curls, giving your hair an unwanted soggy appearance. In this case, this shampoo can save you!


  1. One of the best solutions for color-treated perms.
  2. Unique humid protection formula.
  3. High-quality natural ingredients.


Some users complained of damaged lids.

8. Pro V Curl Perfection by Pantene

Well, some may not like such regular shampoos that are available in supermarkets or drugstores. However, we recommend you try this,


  1. Affordable product.
  2. Great in reducing frizz.
  3. Replenishes lost moisture.


Contains chemicals.

9. Pro Fiber Recover by L’oreal

Dyeing and salon-made perms often cause damage and make your hair lifeless. Used in premium salons worldwide.


  1. Offers long-lasting professional effects.
  2. Restores hair damaged by various styling treatments.
  3. Gives a soft, hydrated, and luxurious look.


Not easily found.

10. Every Day by Playa

As the name suggests, one can use this shampoo daily without any adverse effect, thanks to its outstanding formula made by real coconut extract.


  1. No sulfate and paraben.
  2. Cruelty-free product.
  3. An ideal natural cleanser for hair requiring gentle treatment.


Bottle tends to leak.

11. Hydrate & Conquer by Original & Mineral

Unlike those who are blessed with natural perms, chemically treated permed hair often requires additional care and solutions.


  1. Increases hair pH level.
  2. Improves moisturizing effect.
  3. Comes with an impressive range of vitamins and other nutrients.


Costly product.

12. Recovery by Virtue Labs

If your hair endured multiple styling sessions using chemicals, Virtue Labs offers Recovery shampoo to replenish crucial nutrients in your hair and give it a new life.


  1. Requires a tiny amount.
  2. Restores hair protein.
  3. Ideal gentle wash for damaged hair.




This list is in no way conclusive and you may find other perm-friendly shampoos on the market that suits your needs and specific hairstyles better. However, our in-house experts have used plenty of products available in the market extensively and only included the ones that produced satisfactory results without causing any harm.

So if you are searching for the best shampoo for permed hair, we suggest you go through the article and choose one out of the given options according to your requirements. You are not going to regret your decision that’s something we can assure you.


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