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Why Am I Sexually Attracted To Older Men?

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Anshul Benjwal
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Why you are sexually attracted to older men. Why is it that so many women are drawn to men who are older than them?

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the main reason is that these men have had more time to mature and grow into themselves. They have a certain sense of power that draws women in. They are strong, confident, and decisive- qualities that women find attractive in a partner. Men, no matter how old they are, want to feel desired.

This is why so many young women date older men- because they make them feel wanted and sexy. Women tingle when an older man looks at them with l*st in his eyes. They crave the attention that comes along with dating someone who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

Older men tend to have more of a sense of adventure and fun, so even if they are married or in a serious relationship with someone their own age, they will seek out younger women to date on the side. This is because young girls seem less threatening than women their own age who know him better and might have certain expectations that he's not willing to meet.

Women like the thrill of dating a married man, knowing that if they get caught, he could lose his family and everything he has worked for over the years. Women who date older men are usually in it for one thing- money. They know that their sugar daddy can afford to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive, buy her a brand new car, or take her on lavish vacations.

Men tend to be more financially successful with age, and that is where the attraction comes from for women who want to enjoy the finer things in life without working hard for them themselves. Older men also have more experience when it comes to pleasuring women sexually.

Posted : 28/11/2021 2:49 pm