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How To Take Care Of Black Male Hair?

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How to properly care for Black male hair? The key is through proper conditioning. If you know your hair's porosity, begin by applying a deep conditioner on the scalp and then move down to the ends of your strands, where it is most vulnerable and prone to dryness. Deep conditioners will seal in moisture and give your hair a healthy look and feel. You can leave it on for ten minutes, but if you have the time, allow it to sit on your hair for hours. Doing so will replenish moisture and give your locks a healthy sheen.

When rinsing out the deep conditioner, run cool water over your head and massage the product into your scalp and moisturize throughout your ends. Once finished rinse thoroughly and move on to shampooing and conditioning as normal. Towel-dry or blow dry with a diffuser to prevent too much heat from damaging strands. After towel drying looks over your newly-hydrated mane and applies for any leave-in conditioners needed such as mousse or gel (gel is best for curly types of hair). Hydration is important because it actually repels water, so now you can wash your hair as often as needed without fear of over-drying because now it is able to maintain its moisture level.

If you take care of your hair and moisturize (especially during the winter), you will see a significant decrease in breakage and dryness. Also, consider deep conditioning once a week to increase hair growth and possibly combat thinning hair issues. Just remember that if you're using heat styling tools, do not apply products before blow drying or use the highest setting possible for each tool to avoid damage from too much friction loss.

Posted : 07/12/2021 3:25 pm