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How To Sharpen Clipper Blades?

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If you want to keep your clippers in top condition, it's crucial that you know how to sharpen them. One of the most frequent questions we get at AA Clippers is "how do I sharpen my blades?"-and now you can find out for yourself!

How to sharpen clipper blades-a step by step guide

Your first step is to grab a pair of wire cutters. You can find these at your local hardware store, and they're very inexpensive. Now, cut off about four inches from the end of a paper towel roll or some other piece of cardboard. This will serve as your guide as you pull the blade through the wires, and it will allow for easy cleaning afterward.

Next, take a look at your clippers. The ones we sell come with their own sharpening stone designed specifically for your trimmer-but if yours didn't come with a similar product, don't worry! You can still sharpen your blades using a fine metal file or grinder. For this example, we'll use a metal file. Make sure that it's coarse enough to remove lots of material from the blade but not so harsh that it damages the teeth on them. If you're unsure about what might be too coarse or too fine, find somebody who works in a hardware store and ask him. He should know what to use.

Now, take your clippers outside and plug them in. The blades will heat up pretty quickly, so you'll want to get started right away! It doesn't matter which direction you move the file-it's not like sharpening a knife where it matters how long each side gets. Just keep moving it back and forth until the blade is dull again. When you're finished, turn off your clippers and unplug them. You can then remove the blade for cleaning or leave it in depending on how close it was when you finished sharpening it (if you left some bits of wire sticking out after sharpening, be sure to clean all of that off too).

Take your piece of cardboard or paper towel roll and insert it into the blade's opening. Now, turn on your clippers and run them against the cardboard a few times. This will get rid of any metal shavings or burrs that might have been created while sharpening. Ta-da! Your blade is now sharp again and ready to use!

There you have it! How to sharpen clipper blades in just a few easy steps. Be sure to keep an eye on your blades every so often and sharpen them when they start to look dull, otherwise, you'll end up with a blunt cut. Happy clipping!

Posted : 13/12/2021 6:24 pm