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How To Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out?

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Your beard is finally at the point where it's long enough, but now you've got another problem- your hairs are all sticking out in every direction! You should try trimming the hair that sticks out with shears, use a blow dryer to straighten it out, or just let it grow out for a while.

Get into the details of how to style your beard, and include some photos if possible. Let people know about any products you use, or special techniques that help keep your beard looking good. Include anything else you find helpful for beard care in general.

Please make sure to provide quotes from experts (if available) throughout the article. If there's no expert research available on this topic, please refrain from including an expert quote as it is not representative of the main idea behind writing content briefs.

About Beard Products

Beard oils are one tool that will definitely come in handy when learning how to keep beard hairs from sticking out. You can apply a little bit of oil that has been infused with natural scents like cedar and citrus to your beard and the nutrients will help keep your hairs nourished and healthy. This will prevent them from sticking out so much because healthy hair won't be as fragile and easy to break off.

You can also try using a beard conditioner which is applied after you shower or wash your beard. Apply it, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it out with cold water. This will help set the shape of your beard because the cold water closes up pores that have been opened during washing by increasing circulation in those areas. This helps hairs lay down more easily instead of sticking up like they normally do when dried naturally with hot air or towel-dried.

The kind of shampoo and conditioner that you use for your beard is important too. Beard hairs are coarser than the hair on your head, and they need a shampoo that will soften them up and make them more pliable instead of stiff and prickly. Look for products specially made for beards, or other similar types specifically meant for sensitive skin because these ingredients tend to be gentler on all types of skin.

Another way to care for your beard is to make sure it's completely dry before running a blow-dryer over it (assuming there's enough time). This can help set the shape by "setting" the base of the hairs in place while drying. Just don't hold the dryer too close or you'll risk burning yourself or singeing your beard!

If you have a particularly unruly beard, you might also want to invest in some beard shears. This is a special type of scissors that are meant for trimming facial hair. They have a specially shaped blade that helps you get in close and trim the hairs without accidentally cutting your skin. You can find these at most drugstores or online, and they're a great tool to keep in your grooming arsenal.

Beard Styles

There's no one perfect way to style a beard - it all depends on what looks good on your face and what makes you feel comfortable. However, there are a few basic styles that most guys start with when growing out their beards. Here are just a few:

The Goatee This beard style is one of the most popular, and it's easy to see why. A goatee consists of a full beard that goes around your mouth, but instead of letting everything grow out fully, your chin is shaved completely. Some guys shape their goatees into points for an even more stylish look, while others keep them rounded or squared off.

Grow it out without shaving any part of your face for about 4 weeks, then use trimmers to shave the sides so there are no lines between where your beard stops and your mustache begins.

Short Boxed Beard This isn't as short as the boxwood (which only covers the area under the lips), but not as long as a full beard. The boxed beard is just what it sounds like: a square shape that's trimmed evenly all the way around your face.

Again, let it grow for 4 weeks without shaving and then use trimmers to shape it into a square. You can leave it full or thin it out a bit - whatever you prefer.

Long Beard This one is just what it sounds like - a beard that's allowed to grow out fully and is shaped however you want. Some guys keep it neat and trimmed, while others let it go wild and bushy.

If you're going for the long beard style, just make sure you start growing it out at least 4 weeks before you want to trim it.

There are plenty of other beard styles to explore, but these are a few of the most popular ones to get you started. As you grow your beard and experiment with different looks, you'll find the one that's perfect for you.

Beard Maintenance

Once you've found the perfect style for your beard, it's important to keep up with the maintenance so it always looks its best. This includes regular trimming and shaving, using the right products, and keeping it hydrated.

Trimming and Shaving

trimming and shaving are probably the most important aspects of beard maintenance. If you don't keep everything trimmed and shaved evenly, your beard will quickly go from looking stylish to unruly.

When trimming or shaving your beard, always use a sharp blade and be careful not to cut yourself. You might also want to invest in a good beard trimmer - this will make it much easier to get the right shape and length.


There are a ton of different products out there specifically designed for beards. These can help keep your beard looking neat and tidy, while also keeping it healthy and hydrated. Look for products that contain natural ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, or shea butter. These ingredients will help

Beard shears are also a great tool to have on hand - they can help you trim any errant hairs that might be sticking out and make your beard look neater overall


Your beard needs hydration just like the rest of your skin does. This will keep it healthy and strong, which in turn will keep it looking full and thick. Hydrating beard oil is a great way to moisturize your beard, but you can also use natural oils that are found in most kitchens or round up some of your favorite hair products

Most guys neglect their beards when it comes to grooming simply because they don't know how to properly maintain them. Once they start growing out facial hair, many only focus on the important parts - trimming and shaving - without giving much thought about what else they need to do. If you want to grow out your beard, you'll need to learn how to style it correctly and keep it healthy and strong. Don’t let your facial hair sit in the corner - make it part of your style!

Posted : 11/12/2021 11:47 am