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In Which Stage Of Alcoholism Does The Drinker Face Serious Health Problems?

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Alcoholism is a chronic disease with no clear-cut cause, and usually happens in three stages over time: Early Stage (no major health problems), Middle Stage (serious health problems), and Late Stage (death). Alcoholism is also hereditary, meaning that if one of your parents or grandparents had it then there's a higher chance you'll develop it too. Alcoholism can lead to a number of health problems, including cirrhosis, pancreatitis, heart disease, and brain damage.

In the early stage, the drinker is able to hold a job and has a normal family life. They usually start drinking at parties or social events with friends. In the middle stage, they usually stop going to their normal social events after drink because they do not want to drive. The middle stage is also characterized by social and health problems such as:

-Loss of Memory and Concentration

-Poor Attention Span

-Withdrawal from Family and Friends 

-Mood Swings and Irritability


In the late stage, these problems only increase and include:

-Kidney and Liver Disease

-Pneumonia and Tuberculosis

-Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Attack)

-Strokes and Hemorrhages

In this stage, they usually stop eating because of the major health problems they face. Sadly, most people do not make it to the late stage.

Posted : 28/09/2021 2:42 pm