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Should I Shave My Head If I Have A Receding Hairline?

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Anshul Benjwal
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Whether or not you should shave your head if you have a receding hairline. There are a lot of different opinions out there on this topic, and they all depend on what you're going for. If it's a look that you want, go for it! But many people shave their heads because they don't want to deal with the inevitable balding that comes with aging.

For example, you'll want to consider things like how much hair you have left on your head and if it's worth shaving off or not. If there are patches of hair, shaving might make it look worse. Maybe you've been losing hair for some time now and the only thing holding you back from shaving it all off is fear of all the exposed patches that might be created by shaving your head.

You should also consider what kind of shape your face is in. Is it more oval? Straight across? Either way, if you're confident with the way that your face looks then go ahead shave off what little hair remains! However, if you're insecure about certain parts of your face (your chin comes to mind!) then shaving your head might make those features stand out even more.

Posted : 25/12/2021 5:25 pm