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5 Health benefits of Threptin biscuits


Threptin biscuits
Threptin biscuits

Threptin biscuits are healthy because of their nutrients, a protein in simple words. They almost provide nutrients to all group ages. Threptin biscuits are proteins in a solid biscuit with an efficient biological value. It is a biscuit used by all age groups, from children to adults and pregnant women especially prefer these protein-rich biscuits.

Moreover, Casein is the main protein used in Threptin biscuits and is easy to digest by the body. The Threptin biscuits are nutritious and can boost energy in the body. 

These biscuits have no side effects. However, anything in an excessive amount may cause harm to your body. Therefore, before having it, watch your diet routine; if you are willing to take it, ensure you have fewer proteins in other intakes. It causes digestion problems and gas issues after having an excessive amount. These biscuits are a good source of protein and will be an excellent and cheerful addition to your diet. The working class often uses it to have a rapid solution for their hunger. All age groups can have these biscuits in their diet. 

1. Principal ingredients used in Threptin biscuits

1. Casein: the protein from milk that helps your body digest and has essential amino acids.

2. Sucrose: known as table sugar, extracted from vegetables and fruits, and it is also used as a natural sweetener.

3. Fats from plants are used in these biscuits, and flour from pre-cooked rice is used in gluten-free products for its thicker texture. Also,

4. Malt is used to flavor and color the biscuits

Other ingredients are

  • Bengal gram,
  • preservatives, 
  • emulsifiers, and
  • natural colors.
  • carbohydrates
  • sugar
  • trans-free fat
  • Nicotinamide
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine Hydrochloride

In addition, these Threptin biscuits can relieve your hunger and provide protein and energy. It helps a person in gaining weight and muscles. You can have it twice or thrice daily with 2 or 3 servings. You can eat after, before, or even between meals. You can use one pack of Threptin biscuits for about two weeks.

Furthermore, Threptin biscuits must be kept in a safe and dry place. After unpacking the Threptin biscuits, you must need it to finish these biscuits within 2 to 3 weeks, not more than that. Also, if you are dieting, you must review the nutritional chart before using the Threptin biscuits. These are also called the Threptin diskettes. And are enriched with protein. These biscuits are pure vegan and have a primary and number 1 protein. Moreover, it is high in calories and vitamins. 

2. Nutrition value of Threptin biscuits

According to the nutritional chart, one biscuit contains almost (in 100 gm)

Protein: 30g,

Calories: 438,

Carbohydrates: 48g,

Sugar: 23g,

Fat: 14g,

Cholesterol: 0,

Nicotinamide (vitamin B3): 14mg, 

Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 1.26mg,

Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1): 1.06mg.

3. Five Benefits of Threptin biscuits

The benefits are they are proteins in an edible form that help you eat when there is no food available to you. It provides you with healthy nutrients and also relieves your hunger. 

1. Threptin biscuits are Enriched with protein 

These biscuits contain around 30 g of protein per 100 grams, meaning they have seventy-five percent protein. Threptin Biscuits fulfill protein needs. Besides, these biscuits are used for different purposes like pregnant women, lactating mothers, a person recovering from illness, etc. It provides nutrients to growing-age children, especially pregnant women or women who feed newborn babies. 

2. Threptin biscuits are Cholesterol free

Therpitn doesn’t contain cholesterol; it has no trans-fat, i.e., a type of unsaturated fat. Trans-fat helps make cholesterol in the body, and these biscuits contain trans-free fats. Threptin biscuits contain amino acids and mono-saturated fatty acids, which help your body to make good cholesterol that is helpful for your body and also lowers the risk of heart disease. 

3. Threptin biscuits are Vegetarian

As mentioned earlier, Threptin biscuits contain no extra fats, and it is pure vegan and contains alternative fats from plants and fruits, not animal fats. Mostly, vegetarians prefer these biscuits because they are vegetarian

4. Threptin biscuits can be Used as snack 

Despite its nutritional value, it also has good taste. You can also have it before or after the meal at your tea time. These biscuits serve as a protein supplement and snack at the same time. 

5. Threptin biscuits for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients often need to satisfy their taste buds; however, cholesterol patients also have the same concern. Therefore, Threptin biscuits not only relieve hunger but also do not spike sugar and cholesterol. Casein is the protein that takes time in digestion; therefore, the best choice for diabetes. The amount of carbohydrates in Threptin biscuits is significant. However, this issue has been addressed by a flavor of Threptin biscuits (Threptin light) explicitly designed for diabetic people.

Also, People who work out and make body and muscles require protein-rich intakes. Therefore, Threptin biscuits contain protein helpful for muscle building. 

According to research, casein protein increases mass, helps make muscles, boosts strength, and lowers body fat. 

How to Buy Threptin biscuits

Threptin Biscuits amazon

2 x Threptin Diskettes / Biscuits / Biscuit / Biscuity

Threptin Diskettes 275 gms.
Shelf Life is 18 month.
Ingredients: Protin, carbohydrate, sugar, fat,nicotinamide,riboflavin.
Type of Container: Heat Sealed.
Store in cool and dry place.
Delicious high calorie protein supplement fortified with b vitamins.
High Protins, Heat Sealed.

Final words

Threptin biscuits are protein and nutrients that help your body to energize. These biscuits are simple solid protein supplements. You can take it according to your diet. However, you must be careful about extravagant intake. It will cause gas bloating and digestion issues, limiting your intake to 5-6 Threptin biscuits daily. You choose to take it between meals or use it for your hunger solution. 

The above facts show that these biscuits are helpful and energy-rich. It is also suitable for the health of every age group. However, It is a healthy and gluten-free snack. People who are ill have to eat heavy food. Therefore these biscuits help them to recover. Also, these biscuits are the best solution for light intake. Bodybuilders and other athletes require protein-rich food.

Consequently, they have it for their snacks in between meals. These also make a person energized and physically active. It is helpful for children as well in their growing age they require protein. It would be an excellent intake for pregnant women and those who are feeding. 

Watch a video on Threptin Biscuits

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are threptin biscuits healthy?

    Threptin biscuits are healthy because they are low in calories and fat.

  2. How many threptin biscuits to eat in a day?

    You may eat 3 to 4 threptin biscuits in a day.

  3. Is threptin biscuits safe in pregnancy?

    The answer is yes. Threptin biscuits are safe in pregnancy.

  4. Are threptin biscuits good for diabetics?

    The answer is yes. Threptin biscuits are good for diabetics. Threptin biscuits contains casein and whey protein and all essential amino acids, fibre, B vitamins and antioxidants required for maintaining a good health.

  5. Does threptin biscuits increase weight?

    No, threptin biscuits will not make you gain weight. But it helps to grow body muscle.

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