Why no smoking is important and here’s the best way to quit

Stop smoking

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Often, we see no smoking written in many places like restaurant, hotel, hospital, bank and many other places.

Is it written just for the sake of it or it is to discourage you not to smoke at those places?

When you smoke in a public place, you only harm yourself but also others.

If a non-smoker is exposed to the smoke you release after taking a cigarette, he gets affected equally.

Here is a small story about the effect of smoking and the consequence of it.

Albert was a very creative and gifted child from San, Francisco.

When he was six years old, his father Martin and mother Sara got separated, and Sara was given his custody.

At the age of ten, when other children of his age were busy with games or television, he wrote a brilliant poem about unsustainable development.

The summary of the poem was how reckless development and ambition of people was wreaking havoc on nature that was leading to human-made disasters.

Everyone, including his parents, teachers were stunned at his genius.

He was awarded many times for his poem.

Over the years, Albert wrote many poems, fictions, articles, etc. on different subjects that touch our lives.

At the age of nineteen, he migrated to India with his mother and started living in a small town at the foot of Himalaya.

Within a couple of years, he wrote his first novel that beautifully depicted the life of an ancient Indian mo

It got tremendous response from across the world.

The book turned out to be the best-seller and both the Indian as well the US government honoured him for his outstanding work.

After a few years, he moved to the USA for getting his mother treated, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Unfortunately she died.

It was a massive blow to Albert and he went to depression.

He became careless about his life and started smoking and drinking.

He stopped talking to anyone and was living at his home with a caretaker.

A few years went this way. One day when he was smoking, he felt a terrible pain in his chest.

He was hospitalized. After all the tests, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

The mayor of San Francisco and even the president of the USA came forward to ensure he got the best treatment. The news spread across the world, and everyone knew him started praying for his life. There were yajnas in many places in India praying for his recovery. Albert was able to see this on television and newspapers from his bed. It is when he realized that so many people across the globe loved him. It was the first time after his mother’s death, he smiled. He implored to the doctors to save his life. Thank heavens, he recovered in a year.

Well, everyone is not as lucky as Albert who got the best treatment and millions of people prayed for him.

He quit smoking and drinking forever and vowed to stop smoking.

Many smokers in the world start with one or two cigarettes daily and then become chain smokers.

Every one of us must have seen the warning on the packet of cigarette that says smoking is injurious to health still so many people smoke it.

What will be the effects if you do not quit smoking?

Smoking has many adverse effects; it not only affects our health but destroys our wealth as well.Some people think they can negate or minimize their implications.

Here are few consequences of that you may face if you do not quit smoking.

The major effects of smoking on health

Mouth and Lung Cancer

  • This is the biggest threat of smoking.
  • Prolonged smoking deposits tarts in the lung.
  • You can develop lung cancer. Apart from this, there is a high risk of mouth cancer as well.

    Heart disease:
  • Smokers have relatively higher chances of suffering from heart diseases as nicotine tightens the blood vessels and restricts blood flow.
  • You can be affected with serious health issues like stroke or heart attack.
    Weakens immune system:
  • Smokers are prone to diseases because of a weak immune system.
  • Smoking lowers the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Persistent smoking weakens the respiratory tract, and people start to suffer from many respiratory diseases.

Coughing and bronchitis

  • Smoking damages the airways by causing inflammations and infections.
  • Smokers suffer from persistent coughing, and at times it leads to bronchitis as well.

Diabetes complications

  • Smoking increases the resistance to insulin in the human body.
  • So, if you have diabetes and you smoke, then there is a very high chance for the things to complicate that can lead to kidney, eye problems and heart attack.

Effects of smoking on your wealth

While smoking damages your health, it significantly destroys your wealth as well.

The followings are the ways how smoking can erase your wealth.

Cost of cigarette

With a very high tax on tobacco-related products, the price of cigarette is very high.

The smokers ignore how much money they spend on cigarettes every month and what the cumulative amount can be over the years.

Cost of treatment

Smokers often suffer from respiratory and other diseases because smoking weakens the immune system.

So, they have to visit the doctor frequently. It takes a toll on their wealth as well.

They spend a significant amount of money on doctor fees, medicines, diagnosis etc.

Health Insurance cost much

If a smoker wants to get a health insurance policy, it will cost him much more than a non-smoker.

Moreover, many insurance companies ask people to get a few tests done before taking their insurance policies.

Why should you stop smoking?

Imagine you are in your early forties and the only earning member in the family.

You have two kids who have just stepped into school, and on top of that, you have ailing and old parents and many other responsibilities.

In such a situation, if you are diagnosed with some severe complications because of smoking, will you feel good about it?

Diseases can happen to anyone anytime, but if you realize smoking is the reason behind your illness and it affecting your family badly, you will only curse yourself.

Even if you do not have anyone to take care of and you become seriously ill because of smoking, especially when you are quite young, you will only repent. So, you should stop smoking at the earliest.

How to quit the habit of smoking?

It is easy to start smoking but very difficult to quit it.

Many people often realize at some point in time that they need to stop smoking and they try hard as well, but their addition reached the point of no return, and they fail to quit smokingevenafter several attempts.

It is easy to say ‘no smoking’ but quite challenging to adhere to it.

These are the best ways to stop smoking.

Motivation to stop smoking

  • Everything we do or tend to do has a reason or motivation behind it.
  • If you are a smoker, you can’t wake up one fine morning and stop smoking.
  • It is impossible unless you have a strong reason behind that. So, you need to find a reason to quit smoking.
  • Often a smoker can’t do that, but if someone very close to his heart motivates him to do so, he will quit smoking

Prepare yourself

  • Before you resolve on ‘no smoking‘, you must prepare yourself mentally to stop smoking.
  • You should choose a date that is a few days away.
  • If you decide on a later date, you might change your mind, and that will ruin everything.

Use Nicotine replacement if required

  • The best way to quit smoking is not to use nicotine replacement or medicine, but only a few people can do that.
  • Many people get depressed quickly after they stop smoking, and they end up dragging on to a cigarette.
  • So, if you can’t quit smoking without a nicotine replacement, you should go for it rather than picking up a cigarette.

Seek help from a psychologist

  • To stop smoking, you need strong emotional support.
  • Someone close to you can motivate you always.
  • Apart from this, it is a great way to seek help from a psychologist who can understand your behaviour better than you and guide you accordingly.

The Bottom line

This article is to explain the ill effects of smoking and why should you stop smoking.

We have also talked about the best ways to stop smoking.

It needs resolve to quit a bad habit like smoking.

You can realize the benefits only after you quit smoking.

We hope the methods we have discussed help you to stop smoking, and you lead a healthy life.

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