Weight Loss: How to lose weight using a vegan diet

vegan diet

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Following a vegan diet has proven to have less risk for diabetes and patients with heart conditions.

If you refrain yourself from consuming more than 1200 calories, you can lose up to 1 to 2 pounds each week.

A vegan diet or a plant-based diet is a healthy and delicious approach to losing weight.

Vegan food is a trusted approach to weight loss diet.

Withdrawing from the consumption of animal products and instead of eating more of pulses, vegetables, fruits and grains keeps you satisfied.

 Vegan meals offer nutritious and wholesome food.

Healthy Vegan Ketoweight loss Diet

A balanced vegetarian keto diet comprises of healthy fats, protein-rich diet, and non-starchy vegetables.

Foods that are recommended for consumption are spinach, broccoli, zucchini, and bell peppers.

Veggies like kale, lettuce and spinach are very vital and beneficial.

Healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil can also be consumed.

Snacking on almonds, walnuts, pistachios and Brazil nuts.Seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds are suggested for eating.

Almond, hazelnut, and peanut butter arebutters, which can be consumed. Full-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream, and yogurt are good vegan options.

Proteins such as eggs, tofu, nutritional yeast and low-carb fruits like berries, limes and lemons are suggested to be included in your vegan meal plan.

Adopt a low in calorie, high in fiber and rich in the nutrients diet plan.

Foods to avoid in a vegan keto diet

Meat and seafood diet should be strictly avoided in a vegetarian keto diet.

Foods with high carbohydrate content should be permissible in small quantities.

Meat, poultry, and fish should be banned completely.

Limiting and monitoring the consumption of starchy vegetables, sugar-sweetened beverages, grains, fruits, legumes and condiments is advisable.

If one continues the consumption of processed foods and alcoholic beverages the goal of losing weight at the end is not achieved.

Saturated fats are associated with the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and mortality rates.

Vegan Keto Meal Plan – Secrets of losing weight

The vegan keto meal planemphasizes on greens and vegetables.

The Vegan food pyramid stresses on curbing and monitoring the calorie intake and controlling portion size.

The secret is to eat more green vegetables and increase the consumption of proteins.

Proteins such as oats, beans, lentils and quinoa are ideal alternatives to carbohydrates and fats.

Opt for easy recipes and pre-measured diet plans for quick weight loss.

When healthy food is coupled with exercise and high levels of water consumption it leads to weight loss.

Right hydration will lead to greater fitness and overall health.

Restrict yourself from filling the void of the meatless diet with processed food.

Independently, vegetarian and keto diets promote blood sugar control, weight loss and other benefits.

Fiber intake is the key to weight loss as it keeps you full until the next meal.

It also regulates the blood sugar levels and helps in establishing low levels of cholesterol.

Processed vegan food items contain little nutritional content and are merely an indulgence.

The World Health Organization has reiterated on the fact that consume no more than 10% of calories from saturated fats.

As the body thrives best on carbohydrates, a healthy vegan diet leads to enhancing the overall energy levels.

Benefits of choosing a Vegan diet

Plant-based diet help in fighting flu symptoms.

They are rich in antioxidants and immunity-enhancing nutrients.

Making sound food choices is another added advantage when you opt for a vegan protein source and vegan keto diet.

Vegetarians are seen to have lower levels of body mass indexes compared to people who choose the Western style of diet.

Taking up an active hobby such as gardening can increase the time you devote to physical activity.

It will also improve the chances of losing weight.

Attention should be given to the amount of portion consumed and it is suggested to have frequent meals but in smaller proportions.

This attends to bloating and overeating habits of people.

Veganism is rising in popularity and it has led to large acceptance by the masses.

With the correct meal planning, a vegan diet will successfully boost the weight loss process.

At the same time, care should be taken to ensure adequate levels of iron, protein; Vitamin D and Vitamin B 12 are maintained.

One-week vegan keto meal plan


  • Breakfast (9am)– Porridge made using full-fat coconut milk and some chia and flax seeds
  • Lunch (1pm) – Zucchini noodles with vegan cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Stir fried tofu with freshly cooked cauliflower rice


  • Breakfast (9am)– Scrambled tofu with avocado and cheese
  • Lunch (1pm) – Rich and low-carb healthy vegetable soup
  • Dinner (8pm)– Sliced avocados with chili walnuts and mushrooms


  • Breakfast (9am)– coconut yogurt with walnuts and chia seeds
  • Lunch (1pm) – Full-fat tofu and hot and fresh coconut curry
  • Dinner (8pm)– Cauliflower crust pizza with green vegetables


  • Breakfast (9am)– Custom made chia seeds pudding using fresh and full-fat coconut milk and garnished with sliced almonds
  • Lunch (1pm) – Tofu and vegetables with some lemon juice and fresh herbs
  • Dinner (8pm)– Strawberries and lasagna made using vegan cheese


  • Breakfast (9am)– Brazil nuts and hemp seeds with sunflower butter
  • Lunch (1pm) – Green salad bowl with tofu, lettuce, avocado and vegan cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Shirataki noodles with mushrooms


  • Breakfast (9am)– Macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds with some almond butter
  • Lunch (1pm) – Tofu salad dressed with herbs and olive oil
  • Dinner (8pm)– Vegan mushroom mac and cheese


  • Breakfast (9am)– Vegan keto smoothie drink made using peanut butter, cocoa powder, and fat-enriched coconut milk
  • Lunch (1pm) – Cashew cheese and guacamole
  • Dinner (8pm)– Egg whites and blueberries

Suggested Vegan keto Snack items

  • Coconut milk and your favorite smoothies made without any sugar
  • Sliced cucumber with the popular vegan cream cheese
  • Coconut cream and raspberries
  • Sliced bell peppers with herbs and olive oil dressing
  • Roasted flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds
  • A well combined mix of nuts, seeds and coconut cream or yogurt
  • Cauliflower tater tots and sautéed mushroom

Practice a Healthy lifestyle for weight loss

A vegan plant-based diet is not the only governing factor for weight loss.

Adoption of the correct lifestyle habits which includes avoiding the consumption of alcohol and avoiding smoking.

Complying with a steady exercise routine and getting sufficient sleep is the key to attaining weight loss goals.

The Bottom Line

Daily sleep of 7-9 hours is instrumental in decreasing stress levels and improving overall health.

A sustainable approach to lifestyle and a vegan keto diet plan can together help you to meet the desired levels of weight loss.

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