Top 5 Fruits To Fight High Blood Pressure

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Top 5 Fruits To Fight High Blood Pressure 3

High blood pressure is one of the topmost non-communicable diseases found in the world. Also, known as hypertension, the disease has made half the world its victim. It is a medical condition that refers to the high pressure of blood against the artery walls.

This high blood pressure in the span of time can cause damage to your blood vessels leading to heart diseases as well.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is often termed as the silent killer in medical science as it has no symptoms attached and can often go unnoticed.

However, some fruits that can help you to deal with hypertension or high blood pressure. Many health experts have called these said fruits to be the perfect solution to high blood pressure. Let us learn about these in detail.

Juicy berries are the healthiest one


Many studies have concluded that berries can definitely help you in dealing with high blood pressure. The reason is that these berries are highly rich in flavonoids, and these flavonoids are natural compounds helpful in decreasing high blood pressure.

Many health practitioners have termed these berries to be the perfect response to high blood pressure. Thus, it is advisable to include different berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries etc in your everyday diet.

You can add these berries in your cereal or can have smoothies made up of these berries. Even frozen berries can be helpful in getting that high level of blood pressure down to a balanced level.

top 5 fruit
Protein-nourished food


Another imperative fruit that can lend you a helping hand in lowering the blood pressure is banana. Since the banana is rich in potassium, it can be of great help in such instances when you need to reduce the high pressure.

It is much better than taking supplements for the purpose. Slice that banana and add it to your cereal bowl or oatmeal. Having a banana shake can also be of help.

You can take a banana along with a boiled egg for a snack or a quick delicious breakfast.

Pomegranate- deciduous shrub
Healing fruit


Pomegranate is another fruit that can come handy when you are taking care of your high blood pressure. This is a fruit which you can enjoy raw or as juice.

As per a recent study, drinking a glass of pomegranate juice once in a day can be helpful in getting that high blood pressure to a normal level. You can consume pomegranate juice as a part of your breakfast.

However, it is advisable not to go for packed pomegranate juices as they contain a high concentration of sugar. If you have no choice other than getting market juice, always check the sugar quotient written on the jar and then buy.

Healthy benefited fruit
Vitamin C, Vitamin k


Kiwi is another fruit that can be helpful in getting rid of high blood pressure. A study has mentioned that kiwis are helpful in situations when a person is suffering from mild levels of blood pressure. Health practitioners have found out that if you have kiwi for 8 regular weeks, you can surely witness a significant reduction in the blood pressure, be it systolic or diastolic pressure. Also, since kiwis are rich in vitamin C, it can lead to an improvement in blood pressure in people who consume 500 mg of the said vitamin every day.

wtermelon- West African fruit
favourite juicy fruit during summer


Watermelon is also known to have positive results for reducing high blood pressure. Watermelon consists of an amino acid by the name of Citrulline.

This amino acid is highly useful in managing the body’s blood pressure. Citrulline helps produce nitric oxide in bodies that can relax the blood vessels. Nitric oxide also leads to more flexibility in the arteries, which leads to lowering of blood pressure.

You can increase your watermelon intake by having the juice every day or having fruit slices in the morning. You can even enjoy it in salads or smoothies or as frozen fruits.

Fiber is known to flush out toxins and cholesterol from the body leading to balancing of blood pressure. Since all these fruits as mentioned above are rich in fibers, it is advisable to consume them in one way or the other.

These fruits can be best enjoyed at breakfast time, and you can try hundreds of recipes available online surrounding these fruits.

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