No Tobacco Day 2020 – How to Say No to Tobacco

No Tobacco Day

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No Tobacco day is celebrated on last day of May.

Tobacco, one of the most significant addictive products consumed in the world, is now a violent threat to public health.

In recent years, even after multiple awareness programs and government initiatives to curb smoker rates, the numbers seem to have gone exponentially upwards.

No Tobacco Day
No Tobacco Day

This has triggered alarms at the World Health Organisation, and other related international medical agencies spread worldwide.

The World No Tobacco Day is marked as a symbol to raise awareness about the side-effects and hazards of smoking, and it’s direct impact on a person’s mental and physical state.

Not only do you spend exponentially high sums of money purchasing tobacco products, but the money you can save by prevention can also widen your eyes. 

Cigarette smoking is one of the primary forms of tobacco use.

Pipes and rolling tobacco, cigars are also very prevalent for consuming tobacco. Other types include tobacco-bags for oral consumption.

\These practices are subject to hyper levels of addiction and can create adverse reactions in your body.

These can include:

  • Cardiovascular problems, weakened immunity, and osteoporosis.
  • Chronic effects of smoking can lead to cancer,
  • Irreparable lung or kidney damage, tooth loss, and strokes.

There is no “controlled use” of tobacco that can prevent these issues as a single molecule of tobacco or nicotine can disrupt your physical system, all depending on your physical immunity.

In recent studies, doctors are strictly ordering people to refrain from smoking to avoid any effect of CoVID-19.

According to health experts, Coronavirus effects become worse for smokers with cardiovascular ailments.

Since CoVID has elements of pneumonia, viral infections, and malaria inside its molecules, it is best suggested to stay away from smoking practices for the time being.

Even statistics from China verify these statements. 60% of people who met with their deaths due to CoVID-19 were smokers, and 28% of them were chain smokers with excessive abuse of tobacco on a daily basis.

There are different strategies for saying no to tobacco.

You just need to try an approach that works for you.

A Firm and Negative Response not only on no tobacco day, every day

If your friend, colleague, or relative offers you a cigarette, a negative response will be enough to deny the gesture.

However, there are repercussions to that, and you need to tread in carefully.

Do not sound rude and explain that you have quit smoking.

Do not falter or eye the cigarette box longingly, which will not only weaken your spirit but also help the other person influence your decision.

Make sure that the person does not coax you extensively on taking the cigarette.

Walk away if you are being pressurized.

Remember that a well-wisher will never force you to smoke if you are trying to prevent it.

Avoid your daily smoke-place

You must be a frequenter to a designated place to smoke.

Some even make friends who sit together in the evening for a gossip session without their favorite brands of cigarettes.

However, if you are looking at giving up tobacco use, avoid those places so that your want for tobacco is cut short.

Try Cutting Down On Expenses

If you become thrifty and try calculating how much you spent on smokes regularly, it can instill in you a sense of financial trigger.

Average smokers end up paying $200 and above a month on smoking, and if you calculate it accurately across the year, the cumulative expenses can actually buy you your favorite watch.

Also, governments increase taxes and pricing on cigarettes every year to refrain and raise awareness on tobacco abuse, but the optimistic outputs are slim.

If you are one of the people who wish to save up money, no tobacco day 2020 can just be the right opportunity.

Go For Vapes, Nicotine Gums or Patches

Tobacco and Nicotine effects subside after some time, and people smoke just for the sake of it.

Try to remember the effect cigarettes had during your initial years and how it has lessened across the years.

This is because our body is now accustomed to tobacco use and will only show reactions after nicotine is completely detoxed from our body.

Vaping is one of the things that come into picture in this scenario.

It is just an ordeal to cheat our mind by using flavored water vapor to create a false notion of smoking, keeping our mind at ease but also detoxing nicotine in the process.

Health experts state that vaping does not have any adverse effects on the human body unless your lungs are sore to the extent that they get triggered by any contact with smoke.

Nicotine gums and patches are also helpful in battling tobacco use as they replenish the nicotine requirement in your body by acting as an alternative to tobacco.

After some time, you can move away from the gums and patches as well.

There are different types of vapes available:

  • Cigarette-resembling Vapes: These look exactly like cigarettes and act as an intermediary bridge from smoking to vaping.
  • Vaping Pens: These are basic vaping kits and just provide an introduction to vapers about the thoughts and feels of vaping.
  • Vaping Mods: These are the standard vaping equipment and look like advanced flash-lights or refurbished perfume bottles. They have bigger refills and mostly electronically charged for operation.

Take A Walk When You Feel An Urge

A healthy physical routine and a calm, relaxed, clear mind can work wonders.

If you meditate and exercise regularly, hormonal levels of your body are in check, and there will be no craving for a smoke as the body will start mentally repelling the substance.

Some people even go for rehabilitation to curb smoking habits, but self-rehab is the best possible solution there is.

Take a brisk walk round your locality or run a mile so that the blood flow to your brain remains adequate, cutting down your requirement of nicotine.

You may fail initially and pick up smoking again and again.

But, eventually, when you cut down on your stress and adopt a good routine, including a balanced diet and fitness regime,  things will take a turn.

Smokers tend to sensationalize the effects of smoking as an excuse to continue the practice, but it is not so complex to quit.

Strong will power, and an effort to keep away from cigarettes or any other kind of drug abuse can be the best possible solution.

Faltering Is Not A Solution, Starting Over Is The Motto

Keeping all the adverse effects of the harmful symptoms of tobacco in mind, refraining from it is what doctors and health organizations recommend.

Some people may not face any consequences or become victims of cancer, but tobacco practices harm you one way or the other.

The anti-tobacco day should not be symbolized as an anniversary occasion but a symbol of regular exercise.

If you make a resolution on this day, you must continue it until the next year and so forth.

This cyclic process will help you quit something that not only affects you but indirectly, your family and friends.

Try to attend anti-tobacco campaigns and meet similar people like you who are battling with themselves and their minds with a firm sense of spirit.

Survey them, interact with them, and it will instill a sense of confidence and compassion towards your resolve.

Your body may become volatile and restless for a short period of time when you cut down your smoking or tobacco urges.

This is because of a longing for nicotine to fill up for various mental or physical urges of the body. You may suffer from constipation, irregular bowel movements or irregular heartbeats.

These are very basic symptoms and chainsmokers can even see more complex changes.

However, these effects are present until the entire body is detoxed and within a week, you will start leading a tobacco-free life with a lot more discipline and lessened health consequences.

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