Keto Diet: Lose 5kgs in 30 days (Complete diet plan)

keto diet

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A Ketogenic diet is a low-carb and higher-fat diet with a moderate level of protein.

It offers manifold benefits such as weight loss diet and formula for good health.

Consumption of fewer carbohydrates helps in maintaining consistent levels of protein and relatively higher levels of fat.

Improvements in the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels soon follow.

After one week of religiously following this diet, the body starts channelizing fat as the primary fuel.

The reason being, there are low levels of glucose available from your diet. Keto diet aims at curtailing carbohydrate consumption to 20-50g a day.

keto diet
keto diet

What is anideal Ketogenic diet meal plan made up of?

Meats and seafood

Unprocessed meats are low in carbon concentration and organic meat is healthier.

Keto diet is supposed to have high-fat and not high protein levels.

Aiming for less than 5% carbs in processed meats and sausages is advisable.

Fish caught in the wild is the best when you are looking for a seafood diet.

Smaller fish like herrings are likely to have lesser mercury and toxin levels.

You can have eggs any way you wish. You can choose boiled eggs, eggs fried in butter, scrambled eggs, and omelets.

Opting for pastured eggs is not a healthy alternative though.

Eggs are proven to improve health if less than 36 eggs are consumed each day.

Natural fats and leafy vegetables

For them vegans, Keto doctors highly recommend natural fat sauces in cooking.

Use of butter, coconut oil and loads of olive oil for dressing your vegetables and salads is suggested.

The delicious béarnaise sauce and garlic butter add great flavors to your Keto food.

Fresh or frozen vegetables that grow above the ground including leafy greens are a good choice.

Vegetables such as broccoli, avocado, cabbage, zucchini and cauliflower add variety to your meal plans.

These vegetables are suitable alternatives to pasta, potatoes, rice and other starches.

Dairy and berries

The Keto Meal Plan comprises of butter, cream, cheese, and eggs, which are Keto-friendly and fat-rich.

Drinking milk should be avoided as it contains sugar.

Avoid having coffee and low-fat yogurts when you are following the Keto plan as it contains a lot of added sugars.

Berries and real whipping cream make a tasty dessert option for the Keto plan followers.

When had in moderation it does not harm.


Misusing nuts as snacks and not having it in moderation can result in a poorly implemented keto diet plan.

The higher-carb cashews and pistachios should be avoided.

Instead, having pecans and macadamias are better options.

Munching and snacking on flax seeds and chia seeds is not a problem.

To drink

Have water, still and sparkling, with or without ice.

You can choose to have it warm like tea with flavoring ingredients such as lemons, limes and sliced cucumbers with a tinge of salt.

Coffee and tea can also be consumed but without the slightest trace of sugar.

Food to avoid on keto

Sugar is strictly banned in the keto diet.

Be it, honey, maple syrup, fruit juices, sports drinks or soft drinks everything is advisable to refrain from consumption.

Consumption of cereal, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, and ice cream should be completely stopped.

To get the most from one week of following a keto diet say goodbye to your favorite dishes temporarily.

It is recommended to avoid the consumption of chips and legumes too.

All fruits (besides berries) cannot be consumed when complying with a keto diet.

Cocktails, beers and wines have a high percentage of carb content therefore they should be avoided.

The best option is clear spirits when on a keto diet.

The secret behind successfully losing 5kgs in 30 days following the keto diet is quite simple.

During the lockdown conditions accessing a fitness center is beyond means.

Therefore, devise a well-thought plan that does make you starve from hunger, increases your activity level and gives you some relaxing sleep.

It is recommended that a journal of calorie consumption is daily maintained.

While cutting down on processed food and sugar of all kinds is advisable, given a thought to how you eat is essential.

Your plate should have protein, healthy carbs and vegetables in the right proportion.

The following table shows the complete Keto Diet Plan

Monday – Total net carbs should be 20.7g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Scrambled eggs with some cheddar cheese and sautéed onions
  • Snacks, (11am) – Atkins fudge bar
  • Lunch (1pm) – Green leafy vegetables, avocado, ½ cup sliced cucumbers and 4 large black olives
  • Snacks (4pm) – ½ zucchini and 2 oz. cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Butter blended with herbs and catfish in baked form

Tuesday – Total net carbs should be 20.6g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Atkins sausage scramble
  • Snacks, (11am) – 1 cup of sliced bell peppers
  • Lunch (1pm) – Healthy and vegetables enriched cheddar cheese soup
  • Snacks (4pm) – Celery and cream cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Cauliflower cheddar mash

Wednesday – Total net carbs should be 19.7g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Cheese omelet with spinach flavor
  • Snacks, (11am) – Strawberry shake
  • Lunch (1pm) – Grilled tomato, spinach and avocado salad
  • Snacks (4pm) – Pickle spears and dash of cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Sautéed vegetables

Thursday– Total net carbs should be 19.3g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Cheese omelet topped with salsa and avocados
  • Snacks, (11am) – Atkins special vanilla shake
  • Lunch (1pm) – Atkins chicken pot pie in frozen form
  • Snacks (4pm) – Cheese and zucchini
  • Dinner (8pm)– Salad with bell peppers and avocado

Friday – Total net carbs should be 21.9g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – 2 large eggs with some cheddar cheese
  • Snacks, (11am) – Atkins caramel shake
  • Lunch (1pm) – Sautéed mixed vegetables with Italian dressing
  • Snacks (4pm) – Sliced red bell pepper
  • Dinner (8pm)– Lettuce leaves and one boiled tomato

Saturday – Total net carbs should be 20.7g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Bell peppers and spinach
  • Snacks, (11am) – Strawberry shake with no sugar
  • Lunch (1pm) – Vegetable salad topped with some mayonnaise
  • Snacks (4pm) – 1 Portobello mushroom
  • Dinner (8pm)– Spinach and mushroom topped with olive oil

Sunday – Total net carbs should be 20.8g approximately

  • Breakfast, (8am) – Pancakes in pumpkin flax flavor
  • Snacks, (11am) – Green leafy vegetables with mayonnaise
  • Lunch (1pm) – Hearty salad with bell peppers and avocado
  • Snacks (4pm) – Celery with cream cheese
  • Dinner (8pm)– Baked salmon with some spinach garnish and topped with olive oil

The Bottom Line

Choosing increased movement over hardcore exercise is strongly suggested for the keto diet followers.

Gardening, yoga and cleaning in addition to heightened movement levels has proven to be very energizing.

Another factor to consider is keeping you sufficiently hydrated.

Drinking more water has ended up in boosting metabolism and activates the human body’s waste elimination process.

Invest in a bathroom scale with enhanced features to lose weight.

Monitoring your weight religiously once in a month is suggested.

Daily monitoring only increases anxiousness and doesn’t reflect any significant result.

Lack of sound sleep is harmful as it damages your health.

Relaxing your body and muscles and comply with the suggested guidelines to see improved results.

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