How To Boost Your Immunity Power While Staying At Home

Boost Your Immunity

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We are all amid a mundane lock down period and have nothing to do but staring at our phone and pc all day, while we’re at it, why don’t we utilize this leisure in a proper manner and learn something that might get beneficial for us amid this pandemic.

As the malevolent virus covid-19 or sars-cov-2 is around the corner, disseminating faster than air and making everyone’s life miserable, all we could do right now is seclude ourselves and follow safety measures so we don’t get to be the next target.

Boost Your Immunity

While there’s no veracious vaccine to count on and impeachable treatment facilities around the globe have us worried, we couldn’t stop thinking about our chances of survival in this macabre scenario.

While there’s too less we can do after getting infected but there’s a raft of things we can do while we still have time and the most imperative step we need to take at this prevailing moment  is to increase our immunity power. Its the only way we can almost assure ourselves a sure win over this malady.

Now, increasing immunity is an easy thing to say but it’s rather an arduous task when put to work. Intermittent diet disorder and capricious activity will exacerbate your health condition and lower your immunity power at the same time.

Of course there’s supplements and medicines available in the market which claim to boost and increase immunity power but here i am suggesting you the easy and cost less ways to consolidate your body’s natural defenses and help you fight not only covid-19 but also other deadly pathogens.

How Can You Increase Immunity When Staying Inside Home?

Boost Your Immunity

1. Get Adequate Amount Of Sleep

Its no secret that sleep is directly connected to our immunity system. slumber is cumulatively the solution for all our problems. it regenerates our stamina and also helps our body to produce extra protein molecules which helps us to fight deadly afflictions. Enough sleep lowers your blood pressure and also attenuates your daily stress. Its recommended to get 8 hours of sleep daily but if for any inconvenience that’s not possible then at least 6-7 hours of daily unobtrusive sleep is mandatory.

Boost Your Immunity

Sleep might not feel like an active process but your body strives to create important infection fighting molecules without your acknowledgement when you’re asleep. Studies have proven that people who don’t get ample amount of sleep are more prone to malicious viruses when exposed. So, sleep is a prerequisite if you’re seeking to improve your system.For unruffled sleeping experience, you should choose a dark room, use a sleeping mask and adhere to a disciplined routine.

2.  Exercise On A Daily Basis

People has this perception of exercise being only linked to body muscle and stress reduction. While it is essential for a healthy lifestyle but you can’t evade its importance on building a healthy immune system.

Regular exercise ameliorates your immune system and increases immunity power by boosting your body’s overall circulation and facilitating cell flows so that immune cells and other infection fighting molecules can travel without much hindrance. It also helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways which curtails your chance of catching any disease.

Boost Your Immunity

Recent studies have proven that 30 min – 1 hour of daily physical exercise can stimulate your immune system in an inconceivable manner. So stick to a regular exercise routine.

3.  Meditation

We are familiar with the wonders meditation can provide to our daily lives.Its been known to augment certain brain regions and to commute stress, anxiety. It also works magically on reforming your mood and curing your depression. You may have heard about all these before but what you don’t know is how it can affects your immunity system and helps it spiral on a certain level.

Boost Your Immunity

Now, we still don’t know how it’s able to do what it do but some recent researches have come to this conclusion that when you’re attending a tranquil meditation and living into the prevailing moment without worrying about any inconvenience or your agitated life, your body naturally calms down and that enables your immune system to work on the essential tweaking that needs to be done to take care of your health.

So, from now on you might wanna meditate to give your immune system that extra boost.

4.  Eat Healthy Foods

There’s a famous adage that “you are what you eat”. You knew this yourself before you started reading this article.No matter how much you exercise or meditate, at the end of the day what will matter the most in increasing your immunity is what you inhale. The food that you eat or the diet plan you follow will reform your immunity strength or will make it worse.

A healthy diet in this case essentially means whole plant foods like : fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc and other foods which contain healthy fat and also fermented foods which include yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha etc.

Boost Your Immunity

Whole grain foods, especially fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and antioxidants which help in combating free radicals which can precipitate inflammation. Another rich source of anti-inflammatory properties can be found in healthy fats.Olive oil and salmon are great sources of healthy fat.It can boost the body’s immunity response towards dangerous pathogens.

Other foods include yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir etc which helps our immune cells to differentiate between healthy and detrimental organisms.  A balanced and premeditated diet plan can provide our immune system with sufficient micro nutrients which ensure that our immune system is well prepared to confront any detrimental pathogen.

5.   Keep Yourself Hydrated

And last but not least, the most essential ingredient is life itself or as we like to call it “Water”. I don’t want to squander your time telling you the benefits of water consumption, It’s pretty explicit and well known. Water is the solution of almost every health issue. It plays many major roles in our body which also include supporting our immune system.

Boost Your Immunity

Our body is losing water at every moment even if we’re doing nothing. So, keeping it as hydrated as we can is necessary in order to support our immune system. How?

Well, there’s a fluid called lymph in our immunity system which carries imperative infection fighting immune cells through our body and a major part of it is made of water. When it’s not getting provided with enough water, its movement slows down which can cause severe damage to our immunity power.

So, do your body a favor by keeping it always hydrated.

This concludes my list of the ways you can increase your immunity while staying at home.So, stop laying down all day and start implementing these in your daily lifestyle and soon you are gonna see distinguishable change mental and physical health.

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